How to install touchscreen touch panel.

How to install touchscreen touch panel.

Update Time:2019/9/11
Six steps to quickly replace broken HMI touch screen

When your HMI touch screen is broken, do you know how to replace it properly?
The video share some experience on how to replace your broken HMI touchscreen.

  • First step: Remove the back cover and and then, remove the motherboard screws.

  • Step 2: Remove the front cover casing and blow the overlay with the hot air of the hair dryer

  • Step 3: Remove the film and take out the broken screen

  • Step 4: Apply double-sided tape to the touch screen frame and put a new touch screen

  • Step 5: Install the motherboard and the LCD screen,Don't forget to test whether the touch screen can be used normally.

  • Step 6: After the test is successful, attach a protective film, here, the replacement of the touch screen is completed.

  • Another touchscreen replacement tutorial

    How to install touchscreen touch panel membrane.

    Precautions and instructions to install The Vicpas touch screen panel that our company sold will take 12 months' Warranty base on non human damage. In order to keep our both benefit, please kindly follow below operating instructions. 

    Before install, please connect the panel to the machine and get through electricity to check it workable or not, Notice: do not take off Double-sided adhesive or protect film in the both sides of the panel when you testing the function, although we had testes and made sure it is working well before delivery.

    If workable, put your broken machine and panel in a large and clean desk, first of all, remove the front foil cove in the front of the panel, then remove the broken panel from the machine and clean the glue and dust of the install place, make sure the new panel can be installed in a good way. Be careful when you removing, the broken panel is very dangerous to hurt your fingers or somewhere, the most convenient way is damaged the broken panel to little piece then remove slowly and carefully.

    4. Everything is ready, take off the Double-sided adhesive we provide around the plastic cove of front, then remove the transparent protected film in the back side of the panel, stick it to the plastic cover which full with Double-sided adhesive little by little, please pay more attention in the connector of the panel when you installed, this is the very important thing, If this process in wrong operating, the function of the panel would be damage, even un-work any more, and this not in grantee of us, therefore it must be most carefully.

    5. After install the panel with the plastic, then connect the connector of the panel to the main-board of the machine to test, if everything goes well, them install the new front foil cover to the plastic to protect the panel when being touched or operated.

    Don’t worry, there is no so difficult to install, do remember patient and careful is enough. We believe you could solve everything and do a perfect job.

    If there has any question, please don’t hesitate to let Vicpas Touch know, we’ll try our best to help you as soon as possible.

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