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2024 The Most Complete Eaton Micro Innovation Panel Accessories
Touchscreen & Protective Film & Display & Keypad

The Most Complete Eaton Micro Innovation Panel 2024

What is Eaton Micro Innovation?

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The Eaton Micro Innovation are a power management company made up of over 97,000 employees, doing business in more than 175 countries, began in 1911. Eaton energy-efficient products and services help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. By giving people tools to use power more efficiently.

The Eaton Micro Panel dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.

How to select the right Eaton Micro Panel Accessories parts?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Eaton Micro Innovation Panel. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Micro Eaton Panel Part No. Art No. Repair Parts Size
MC2-430-10TVB-1-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
MC2-430-12TSB-1-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 12.1"
XV-102-A0-35MQR-10 141759 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-A2-35MQR-10 141820 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-A3-35MQR-10 141821 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-A4-35MQR-10 141822 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-A5-35MQR-10 141823 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B0-35MQR-10-PLC 140012 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B0-35TQR-10 140007 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B0-35TQR-10-PLC 140018 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-B2-35TQR-10 140008 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B3-35MQR-10-PLC 140013 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B3-35TQR-10 140009 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-B3-35TQR-10-PLC 140019 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B3-35TQRG-10 148571 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B4-35MQR-10-PLC 140014 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B4-35TQR-10 140010 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B4-35TQR-10-PLC 140020 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-B4-35TQRG-10 148572 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B5-35MQR-10-PLC 140015 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B5-35TQR-10 140011 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B5-35TQR-10-PLC 140021 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B6-35MQR-10-PLC 140016 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-B6-35TQR-10-PLC 140022 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B6-35TQRC-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-B8-35MQR-10-PLC 140017 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 3.5"
XV-102-B8-35TQR-10-PLC 140023 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 3.5"
XV-102-B8-35TQRC-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-BE-35TQR-10   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-BE-35TQRC-10 153524 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-D0-57TVR-10 142530 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7"
XV-102-D0-70TWR-10 142535 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-102-D4-57TVR-10 150620 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-D4-57TVRG-10 148573 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7"
XV-102-D4-70TWR-10 150621 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-102-D4-70TWRG-10 148574 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-102-D6-57TVR-10 142531 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7"
XV-102-D6-57TVRC-10 142533 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-D6-70TWR-10 142536 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-102-D6-70TWRC-10 142538 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-102-D8-57TVR-10 142532 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-D8-57TVR-1E   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display  
XV-102-D8-57TVRC-10 142534 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-D8-70TWR-10 142537 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-102-D8-70TWRC-10 142539 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-102-E6-57TVR-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-E6-57TVRC-10 153525 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7"
XV-102-E6-70TWR-10   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-102-E6-70TWRC-10 153527 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-102-E8-57TVR-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7"
XV-102-E8-57TVRC-10 153526 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-E8-70TWR-10   Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-102-E8-70TWRC-10 153528 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-102-H3-35TQR-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-H3-35TQRL-10 171158 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-H3-57TVR-10   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-102-H3-57TVRL-10 171160 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7"
XV-102-H3-70TWR-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-102-H3-70TWRL-10 171162 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-102-H4-35TQR-10   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 3.5"
XV-102-H4-35TQRL-10 171159 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 3.5"
XV-102-H4-57TVR-10   Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7"
XV-102-H4-57TVRL-10 171161 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7"
XV-102-H4-70TWR-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-102-H4-70TWRL-10 171163 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-112-D6-57TVRC-00 153469 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7''
XV-112-DB-70TWRC-00 153470 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 7''
XV-152-D0-10TVR-10 150607 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 10.4"
XV-152-D0-57TVR-10 150525 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-D0-84TVR-10 150601 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 8.4"
XV-152-D4-10TVR-10 150608 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-152-D4-10TVRG-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10.4"
XV-152-D4-57TVR-10 150526 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7"
XV-152-D4-57TVRG-10   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-D4-84TVR-10 150602 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 8.4"
XV-152-D4-84TVRG-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 8.4"
XV-152-D6-10TVR-10 150609 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10.4"
XV-152-D6-10TVRC-10 150611 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 10.4"
XV-152-D6-57TVR-10 150527 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7"
XV-152-D6-57TVRC-10 150529 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-D6-84TVR-10 150603 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 8.4"
XV-152-D6-84TVRC-10 150605 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 8.4"
XV-152-D8-10TVR-10 150610 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 10.4"
XV-152-D8-10TVRC-10 150612 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-152-D8-57TVR-10 150528 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-D8-57TVRC-10 150600 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7"
XV-152-D8-84TVR-10 150604 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 8.4"
XV-152-D8-84TVRC-10 150606 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 8.4"
XV-152-E6-10TVRC-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-152-E6-57TVRC-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-E6-84TVRC-10   Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 8.4"
XV-152-E8-10TVRC-10   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-152-E8-57TVRC-10   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7"
XV-152-E8-84TVRC-10   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 8.4"
XV-230-57CNN-1-10 139951 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XV-230-57MPN-1-10 139952 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7”
XV-232-57BAS-1-10 139950 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7”
XV-252-57CNN-1-10 139956 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XV-252-57CNN-1-1K   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7”
XV-252-57MPN-1-10 139957 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XV-303-10-B00-A00-1C 179661 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 10"
XV-303-10-B02-A00-1C 179665 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10"
XV-303-10-BE0-A00-1C 179667 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10"
XV-303-10-C00-A00-1C 179662 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 10"
XV-303-10-C00-A00-1D 184579 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10"
XV-303-10-C00-A00-1E 184580 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10"
XV-303-10-CE0-A00-1C 179668 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 10"
XV-303-10-CE0-A00-1E 184581 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 10"
XV-303-70-B00-A00-1C 179649 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-303-70-B02-A00-1C 179653 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-303-70-BE0-A00-1C 179655 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-303-70-C00-A00-1C 179650 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 7"
XV-303-70-C00-A00-1D 184576 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-303-70-C00-A00-1E 184577 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-303-70-C02-A00-1C 179654 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 7"
XV-303-70-CE0-A00-1C 179656 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 7"
XV-303-70-CE0-A00-1E 184578 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 7"
XV-363-10-C00-A00-1B 197665 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-363-10-C02-A00-1B 197668 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10.4"
XV-363-12-C00-A00-1B 197666 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 12.1"
XV-363-12-C02-A00-1B 197669 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 12.1"
XV-363-57-C00-A00-1B 197664 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7”
XV-363-57-C00-B00-1B 199346 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7”
XV-363-57-C02-A00-1B 197667 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XV-430-10TVB-1-10 139902 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 10.4"
XV-430-12TSB-1-10 139909 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 12.1"
XV-432-57CQB-1-10 139890 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7”
XV-440-10TVB-1-10 139904 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 10.4"
XV-440-10TVB-1-50 139908 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10.4"
XV-440-10TVB-X-13-1 289799 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 10.4'
XV-440-12TSB-1-10 139911 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 12.1"
XV-440-12TSB-1-50 139915 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 12.1"
XV-440-12TSB-X-13-1 289831 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 12.1'
XV-442-57CQB-1-10 139892 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7'
XV-442-57CQB-1-50 139896 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7'
XV-442-57CQB-X-13-1 289797 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7'
XV-450-57TQB-1-10 139899 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XV-460-15TXB-1-10 139916 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 15"
XV-460-15TXB-1-50 139918 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 15"
XV-460-57TQB-1-10 139897 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7”
XV-460-57TQB-1-50 139898 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7”
XV-460-84MPI-1-10 139971 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 8.4"
XV-460-84TVB-1-10 139900 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 8.4"
XVC-101-C192K-K82 139929 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display  
XVH-330-57BAS-1-10 139866 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7''
XVH-330-57CAN-1-10 139867 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7''
XVH-330-57CAN-13-1   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7''
XVH-330-57MPI-1-10 139868 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7''
XVH-340-57BAS-1-10 139869 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7''
XVH-340-57CAN-1-10 139870 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7''
XVH-340-57CAN-13-1   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7''
XVH-340-57CAN-1-50 139872 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7''
XVH-340-57MPI-1-10 139871 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7''
XVH-342-57SKS-1-10 139873 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 5.7''
XVM-410-65TVB-1-11 139997 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 6.5''
XVM-430-65TVB-1-11 139996 Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 6.5''
XVM-450-65TVB-1-11 139998 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 6.5''
XVS-430-10MPI-1-10 139972 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 10.4"
XVS-430-12MPI-1-10 139974 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 12.1"
XVS-430-57MPI-1-10 139967 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XVS-440-10MPI-1-10 139973 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 10.4"
XVS-440-12MPI-1-10 139975 Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 12.1"
XVS-440-57MPI-1-10 139968 Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 5.7”
XVS-450-57MPI-1-10 139969 Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 5.7”
XVS-460-15MPI-1-10 139976 Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 15"
XVS-460-57MPI-1-10 139970 Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 5.7”
ELC-GP02   Membrane Keypad Switch  
ELC-GP04   Membrane Keyboard Keypad  
HMI04BU   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 4"
HMI04CU   Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 4"
HMI04GU   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 4"
HMI06BE   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 6"
HMI06CE   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 6"
HMI06CU   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 6"
HMI06GE   Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 6"
HMI08CE   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 8"
HMI10CE   Touchscreen,Film,LCD Display 10"
HMIVU04CUNBE   Touchscreen,Protective Film,Display 4"
HMIVU06CUNB1   Touch Screen,Protective Film,LCD 6"
HMIVU07CUNBE   Touch Panel,Front Overlay,Display 7"
HMIVU08CUNBE   Touch Panel,Protective Film,LCD 8"
HMIVU10WCUNBE   Touch Panel,Film,LCD Display 10"

What series does Eaton Micro Panel have?

Eaton Micro Panel HMI develops different series of HMIs for different industrial production scenarios. At present, include Micro Innovation XV100, Micro XV150 Panels, Mirco Innovation AG XV200, Mirco Panel XV300, Eaton XVS400 Panel, Eaton Micro XV400 HMI, XVM400 Mobile Panel.

The Eaton Micro Innovation XV100 HMI/PLC with touch display

  • Compact operator interface with lots of power

  • • Full graphical 3.5“, 5.7“ or 7“-Widescreen TFT display with resistive touch screen
  • • High performance 400MHz RISC-Processor for PLC applications
  • • Onboard memory of 128MB on demand expandable with a SD card
  • • Nominal installation depth
  • • Ethernet interface onboard, furthermore CAN, Profibus, RS232 or RS485 possible
  • • integrated gateway function
  • The 3 display sizes by comparison:In the display sizes 5.7“ and 7“ the XV100 devices are additionally equipped with an USB-Host and RS232 interface.

  • Eaton Micro XV150 HMI/PLC with touch display

  • Compact and rugged

  • The XV150 devices impress with the nominal installation depth, the rugged metal case and the comprehensive basic equipment:
  • • Display sizes 5,7“, 8,4“ and 10,4“
  • • Nominal installation depth
  • • Mounting compatible with XV400 devices
  • • USB-Host, Ethernet and RS232 interface onboard
  • • Communication interfaces onboard depending on the type: RS485, Profibus and CAN

  • • Rugged cast-aluminum housing for outdoor and indoor display
  • • Powerful protocol conversion with support for up to 20 simultaneous conversions across 300+ industrial protocols
  • • Real-time data logging provides historic visibility to support process improvements
  • • Web and FTP servers enable remote monitoring and control
  • • Variety of plug-in modules expand capabilities
  • • USB synchronization of database and log files
  • • Crimson 3.0 software for easy drag-and-drop programming

  • Micro Innovation AG XV200 HMI/PLC with touch display

    The new XV200 touch display device series offers either a fully graphical 5.7“ FSTN monochrome display with 256 grayscales or a fully graphical 5.7“ color display with 256 colors, industrial resistive touch technology as well as a wide range of communication and network options. The touch-sensitive display ensures intuitive operation and visualization. Language-neutral and self-explanatory touch switches can be created to provide clearly designed operating screens. PLC functionality can be implemented on the XV200 devices if required. All devices come with an Ethernet and USB Device interface. Depending on the device type, CAN, Profibus (MPI/PPI/DP) or RS232 can be provided as additional interfaces.

    Eaton XV300 HMI

    The XV300 HMIs enhances the field of automation with contemporary control interfaces and command methods common in today’s touchscreen devices. High system performance and a powerful graphic processor allow user interfaces to be implemented, meeting and exceeding expectations with features like fast screen changes and integrated, multimedia elements. XV300 devices are equally suitable for use as HMI operator panels and as HMI-PLC units with integrated PLC functionality.

    • • Sleek, tablet-like design with capacitive multi-touch technology (PCT)

    • • High-resolution widescreen display sizes 7” (1024x600), 10.1” (1024x600) and 15.6” (1366x768); can also be set up in portrait mode

    • • Heavy-duty, easy-to-clean front with toughened and anti-reflective glass

    • • Powerful CPU: 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A9 with high-performance graphics processing unit

    • • 1 GB internal memory, 120 KB retain memory for PLC, 512 MB RAM

    • • SD card slot for memory extension, system operation from removable memory or for easy install of system updates

    • • Two independent Ethernet interfaces to facilitate safe segregation of the control level and the function specific field level

    • • Comprehensive interfaces (depending on device version): one or two Ethernet ports, USB host and USB device, CAN, RS-232, RS-485, SmartWire-DT, PROFIBUS-DP/MPI/PPI

    • • XV300 devices 7” and 10.1” with rear mounting: control console mounting creates a flat surface with no edges, which meets strict hygienic requirements

    • • A variety of certifications: CE, cUL, cUL Class1 Div2, ATEX Zone 22; for 15” units cUL in preparation

    • • Maritime Classification Society: DNV-GL (Environmental Category C, EMC1); for 15” units DNV-GL in preparation

    • • Combined with powerful Eaton HMI/PLC software (Galileo, XSOFT-CODESYS-3, Visual Designer)

    • • PLC function with field bus interfaces such as CANopen, J1939, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus (TCP/RTU), SmartWire-DT and PROFIBUS-DP

    Eaton Micro XVS400 HMI/PLC with touch display

    Standard system with infra-red and resistive touch for worldwide use
    Thanks to the extensive range of interfaces available onboard, the XVS400 compact devices can be adapted to the world‘s leading automation systems. The Profibus Master interface provided and the robust infra-red touch make the XVS devices highly flexible alternatives for the visualization and automation world. With versatile Ethernet and USB interfaces as well, these products offer the most advanced networking options. Devices with color screens and a screen diagonal of 5.7“ to 12.1“ are available. The integral IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC supports all the programming languages of the standard including structured text and sequential function chart for the optimum implementation of the control task.

    XV400 HMI/PLC with touch display

    The devices of the XV400 series offer a wide range of communication options. One or two optional communication modules, enabling eight communications at the same time, as well as CAN, Ethernet 10/100Mbit, USB Host, USB Device, RS232 directly onboard ensure maximum flexibility, whether as HMI, HMI-PLC, panel with gateway function or as a connection via Ethernet TCP/ IP to the control level. Onboard functions such as WEB browser, FTP server, remote client/ server or OPC client offer not only new networking options and programming options, they also provide customers and users with a considerable innovation edge for their automation solution.

    Eaton XVM400 Mobile Panel

    The control panel XVM400 is a portable display and operation panel for industrial applications. Already included in the delivery is the Galileo runtime. With this industrial proven visualization tool you can create in shortest time considerable sized and complex applications. Galileo is designed to work in every market segment and acts as an universal projecting environment for all Eaton Automation products. The Ethernet interface offers a high number of protocols to established control systems. Also the hardware is designed to cover any eventuality that comes up: A robust concept of the panel and patented display guarantees a save fall from a height of up to 1.5 m. Operation with the left and right hand, a good readable display, variable cable output, different holding possibilities, three-step acknowledgement button, integrated emergency stop and a further 31 buttons that can be accessed directly in Galileo guarantees a maximum of possibilities.

    Eaton XVC100 HMI-PLC with text display

    The XVC100 compact display PLC integrates an operator panel with text display and a powerful compact PLC in one device.

    This device concept offers a wide range of automation and networking options. A fully-fledged compact PLC with digital and analog inputs and outputs is integrated behind the membrane keyboard with an 8 x 20 character display. The integrated CAN bus allows the connection of remote peripheral devices. All connectors can be accessed from the rear. The PLC is programmed in compliance with the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard, thus turning the XVC100 display PLC into a universal device for automation applications. A user-friendly PLC function library is available for the simple and efficient programming of visualization functions.

    HMi Operator Interface

    Positioned between the ELC graphics panels and the XV series of operator interfaces, HMi is the workhorse of the industry. Ideal for machinery OEMs, the HMi series provides the most value with the latest technology and advanced feature set in an economical hardware and software package. All units offer RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 communications. The 4-, 7-, 8- and 10-inch units also offer Ethernet communication options.


    • ● Auto-scale application from 10 to 4 inches
    • ● Screen and backlight saver
    • ● Pop-up screens
    • ● Animated graphics
    • ● Conditional visibility
    • ● Application lock for IP protection
    • ● Data archiving
    • ● Multi-language
    • ● Eight levels of security

    Eaton Micro Panel Manuals/Catalog PDF Download

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