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2024 Richest Beijer Operator Panel Parts Supply
Touchscreen & Protective Film & Display & Keypad

2024 Richest Beijer Operator Panel Parts Supply Touchscreen & Protective Film & Display & Keypad

What is Beijer Operator Panel?

Beijer operator panel

The Beijer Operator Panel is a high technology company active in industrial automation and data communication. By creating and developing innovative technologies and software we increase our customers' efficiency and reduce their costs, wherever they're based.

Beijer Operator Panel include diffirent HMI Series, X2 family series, iX TxX operator panels, E1000 operator panels, EXTER operator panels, EXTER operator panels, H-series operator panels, Htich PWS operator panels, QTERM operator panels, PPC TxC series.

What can VICPAS HMI Parts Center supply?

VICPAS HMI Parts Center supply all Beijer Operator Panels Parts for replacement, include touch screen panel, membrane keypad switch, protective film and LCD display. All of them are brand new and support 365 days VICPAS Warranty.
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What is E1000 operator panels?

The Beijer E1000 operator panels offer comprehensive HMI functionality and feature a robust IP66 aluminum construction and multiple communication ports. Choose from standard models with touchscreen display or with keypad control. The E1000 series complies with global industry standards and is suitable for most industrial environments.

Model Part No. Size Resolution Input Manuals
E1012 603111201   160 x 32 pixels Keypad E1012 Manual
E1022 603111202   240 x 64 pixels Keypad E1022 Manual
E1032 603111203   240 x 64 pixels Keypad E1032 Manual
E1041 603221120 3.5'' 320 x 240 pixels Touchscreen E1041 Manual
E1043 603221119 3.5'' 320 x 240 pixels Touchscreen E1043 Manual
E1060 603221130 5.7'' 320 x 240 pixels Keypad E1060 Manual
E1061 603221128 5.7'' 320 x 240 pixels Touchscreen E1061 Manual
E1062 603221132 5.7'' 320 x 240 pixels Keypad E1062 Manual
E1063 603221133 5.7'' 320 x 240 pixels Touchscreen E1063 Manual
E1070 603221118 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixels Keypad E1070 Manual
E1071 603221116 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixels Touchscreen E1071 Manual
E1100 603221003 10'' 800 x 600 pixels Keypad E1100 Manual
E1101 603221123 10'' 800 x 600 pixels Touchscreen E1101 Manual
E1151 603221123 15'' 1024 x 768 pixels Touchscreen E1151 Manual
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What is Beijer E-terminals?

The Beijer E-Series terminal is an operator panel in a family of terminals developed to satisfy the demands of human-machine communication. The built-in functions in the terminal include the possibility to display and control text, dynamic indication, alarm, recipe handling and time channels.

The Beijer E-Series operator panel have, for the most part, an object-oriented way of working, which makes them easy to use. The terminal can be programmed directly from the terminal or from a personal computer with the software package E-Designer for Windows.

Model Type Size Resolution Input Manuals
E50 02850   2 lines 16 letter Keypad E50 Manual
E100 03210A   2 lines 20 letter Keypad E100 Manual
E150 03250   2 lines 20 letter Keypad E150 Manual
E200 02800   4 lines 20 letter Keypad E200 Manual
E300 02750   240x64 pixel Keypad E300 Manual
E410 04822 3.5'' 240x128 pixel Touchscreen E410 Manual
E600 03500B 5.7'' 240x128 pixel Keypad E600 Manual
E610 04400B 5.7'' 320x240 pixel Touchscreen E610 Manual
E615 04410C 5.7'' 320x240 pixel Touchscreen E615 Manual
E615T 04410C 5.7'' 320 x 240 pixel Touchscreen E615T Manual
E700 04420 6.5'' 320x240 pixel Keypad E700 Manual
E710 02640C 6.5'' 320x240 pixel Touchscreen E710 Manual
E820   7.5'' 640x480 pixel Keypad E820 Manual
E900 04440 10'' 640x480 pixel Keypad E900 Manual
E900TD 04442 10'' 640x480 pixel Keypad E900TD Manual
E900VD   10'' 640x480 pixel Keypad E900VD Manual
E910T 04450 10.4'' 640x480 pixel Touchscreen E910T Manual
E910TD 04452 10.4'' 640x480 pixel Touchscreen E910TD Manual
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What is Beijer iX TxX operator panels?

The Beijer iX TxX operator panels series ranging from ultra-compact 4-inch panels to 21-inch industrial PCs, all models have high-performance CPUs and the latest screen technology.

Include iX TxXM operator panels for marine applications, iX TxX operator panels with soft control, iX TxX operator panels with soft motion, iX TxXR operator panels for rugged applications

Model Part No. Model Part No. Size Manuals
iX T4A 630000102 iX T4A-SC 630001702 4.3'' iX T4A Manual
iX T7A 630000202 iX T7B 640000102 7'' iX T7A Manual
iX T7A-SC 630001802 iX T7B-SC 640002001 7'' iX T7B Manual
iX T7AM 630002502 iX T7AM-CAN 630003102 7'' iX T7AM Manual
iX T7B-SM 640002101 iX T7BR 640007101 7'' iX T7BR Manual
iX T7BR HB-Matte 640007301 iX T7BR HB-Matte W/CAN 640007601 7'' iX T7BR Manual
iX T10A 630000302 iX T10A-SC 630001902 10.4'' iX T10A Manual
iX T12C-C20 100-0583 iX T12C-C21 100-0584 12.1'' iX T12C Manual
iX T12B-SC 640002201 iX T12B-SM 640002301 12.1'' iX T12B Manual
iX T12B 640000202 iX T15B 640000302 12.1'' iX T15B Manual
iX T15C-C22 100-0585 iX T15C-C23 100-0586 15.4'' iX T15C Manual
iX T15BM 640003301 iX T15BM-CAN 640003401 15.4'' T15BM Manual
iX T15BM HB 640003501 iX T15BM HB-CAN 640003601 15.4'' T15BM Manual
iX T15B-SC 640002401 iX T15B-SM 640002501 15.4'' iX T15B Manual
iX T15BR-HP-HB 640004001 iX T15BR-HP-HB 640004501 15.4'' T15BR Manual
iX T15BR-HP-HB-CAN 640004101 iX T15BR-HP-HB-CAN 640004601 15.4'' T15BR Manual
iX T15BR 640003701 iX Panel TA150 bl 15.4'' T15BR Manual
iX T21C-C24 100-0587 iX T21C-C25 100-0588 21.5'' iX T21C Manual
Other Models iX Panel T4A iX Panel T40 iX Panel T60 iX Panel TA70 bl
iX Panel T7A iX Panel T70 iX Panel TA70 iX Panel T10A iX Panel TA100 bl
iX Panel TA150 iX Panel T100 iX Panel TA100 iX Panel Pro T240 C2D Nautic
iX Panel T150 iX Panel Pro T150 C2D Nautic iX Panel Pro T190 C2D Nautic
iX Panel Pro T170 C2D Nautic Comtact for Best Price

What is Beijer EXTER Terminals HMI?

Beijer EXTER HMI is not just aesthetic–The operator terminalis cleverly designed in every aspect. This makesit superior in user-friendliness, ergonomics,functionality and performance.

EXTER’s well thought-out form and function give higherperformance. Intelligent Design means the HMI seriesis superior in aesthetics, user-friendliness, ergonomics,functionality and performance. The EXTER operatorterminals from Beijer Electronics set a new standard forhuman machine interfaces, combining clever and modernEXTER K100 design with the latest technologies.

Model Part No. Size Resolution Manuals
EXTER K10m 601110201   160 x 32 pixel EXTER K10m Manual
EXTER K20m 601110202   240 x 64 pixel EXTER K20m Manual
EXTER K30m 602220102   240 x 64 pixel EXTER K30m Manual
EXTER K70 601110026 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixel EXTER K70 Manual
EXTER K100 602220003 10'' 800 x 600 pixel EXTER K100 Manual
EXTER T70 602220024 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixel EXTER T70 Manual
EXTER T70-bl 602220033 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixel EXTER T70-bl Manual
EXTER T70sr-bl 602220027 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixel EXTER T70sr-bl Manual
EXTER T100 602220135 10'' 800 x 600 pixel EXTER T100 Manual
EXTER T100-bl 602220034 10'' 800 x 600 pixel EXTER T100-bl Manual
EXTER T100sr-bl 601000064 10'' 800 x 600 pixel EXTER T100sr-bl Manual
EXTER T150 602220136 15'' 1024 x 768 EXTER T150 Manual
EXTER T150-bl 602220035 15'' 1024 x 768 EXTER T150-bl Manual
EXTER M70 601000050 6.5'' 640 x 480 pixel EXTER M70 Manual
EXTER T40   3.5'' EXTER T40m EXTER T40 Manual
EXTER T60   5.7'' EXTER T60m EXTER T60 Manual
EXTER T60c   5.7'' EXTER K60c EXTER K60m Manual
EXTER K60   5.7'' EXTER K60m EXTER K60 Manula
EXTER T150-st EXTER T100 pro+ 15'' EXTER T150 Manual
EXTER T150sr-bl EXTER TA150 bl sr EXTER T150 Manual
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What is Beijer X2 Series HMI?

The X2 series is the next generation of HMIs from Beijer Electronics. Five product families combine great design with strong performance to power your HMI solutions. Create smart integrated solutions boosted by iX HMI software and WARP Engineering Studio.

X2 base-Cost-effective, full functionality HMIs

X2 base panels are cost-effective industrial HMIs with highresolution touch-screens and modern design. The X2 base panels combine IP65 corrosion resistant plastic housing with the full version of the iX software, providing a cost-effective yet advanced HMI solution for small to medium applications.

X2 base panels are available in 5, 7 and 10 inches.

X2 pro-High performance HMIs for all automation needs

X2 pro includes a range of high performance industrial panels designed for demanding applications. All with the high performance of powerful ARM Cortex-A9 processors, the latest screen technology and a wide range of connectivity options to cover all your automation needs.

X2 pro panels are available in 4, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 21 inches.

X2 marine-Built for life at sea

X2 marine offers user-friendly, reliable operation offshore, on ships and in other maritime applications. With black frame and nautical society certifications, X2 marine panels are suitable for mounting on the bridge, in the engine room and inside cabins. X2 marine panels are available with optional high brightness display and integrated CODESYS PLC functionality.

X2 marine panels are available in 7 and 15 inches with optional high brightness display and integrated CODESYS PLC functionality.

X2 control-Integrated CODESYS control

X2 control panels combine industrial HMI and CODESYS PLC functionality in the same compact hardware. Panels range from ultra-compact 4-inch to 15-inch panels designed for demanding applications. Add standard distributed I/Os and you’ll get an elegant, scalable and cost-effective solution that’s cutting-edge.

X2 control panels are available in 4, 7, 10, 12 and 15 inches.

X2 extreme-Rugged HMIs for tough environments

X2 extreme panels are certified by all major classification societies. Designed to perform in rugged outdoor environments and in hazardous areas where gases, vapors and dust are present. Extended environmental capabilities include operating temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, high vibrations and highpressure wash-downs.

X2 extreme panels are available in 7, 12 and 15 inches, all in3 versions: Panel mount standard and high-performance versions,and fully sealed high-performance versions. All high-performanceversions offer high brightness display and optional integratedCODESYS PLC functionality.

Model Part No. Size Manuals Model Part No. Size Manuals
X2 marine 7 630002505 7'' Manual X2 base 5 630005105 5'' Manual
X2 marine 7 HB 630008705 7'' Datasheet X2 base 7 630005205 7'' Datasheet
X2 marine 7 SC 630008605 7'' Manual X2 base 10 630005305 10'' Manual
X2 marine 7 HB SC 630008805 7'' Datasheet X2 pro 4 630000105 4'' Datasheet
X2 marine 15 640003305 15'' Manual X2 pro 7 630000205 7'' Manual
X2 marine 15 HB 640003505 15'' Datasheet X2 pro 7 2E 630009405 7'' Datasheet
X2 marine 15 SC 640009005 15'' Manual X2 pro 10 630000305 10'' Manual
X2 marine 15 HB SC 640009405 15'' Datasheet X2 pro 12 640000205 12.1'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 7 12V 640014005 7'' Manual X2 pro 15 640000305 15'' Manual
X2 extreme 7 HP 640014105 7'' Datasheet X2 pro 21 640009505 21'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 7 HP SC 640016005 7'' Manual X2 control 4 630001705 4'' Manual
X2 extreme 12 HP 640014405 12.1'' Datasheet X2 control 7 630001805 7'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 12 HP SC 640016405 12.1'' Manual X2 control 10 630001905 10'' Manual
X2 extreme 15 HP 640014705 15'' Datasheet X2 control 12 640002205 12.1'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 15 HP SC 640016805 15'' Manual X2 control 15 640002405 15'' Manual
X2 extreme 7 SL HP 640014205 7'' Datasheet X2 motion 4   4'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 7 SL HP SC 640016205 7'' Manual X2 motion 7   7'' Manual
X2 extreme 12 SL HP 640014505 12.1'' Datasheet X2 motion 10   10'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 12 SL HP SC 640016605 12.1'' Manual X2 motion 12   12.1'' Manual
X2 extreme 15 SL HP 640014805 15'' Datasheet X2 motion 15   15'' Datasheet
X2 extreme 15 SL HP SC 640017005 15'' Manual X2 extreme 7 640013905 7'' Manual
X2 extreme 15 640014605 15'' Datasheet X2 extreme 12 640014305 12.1'' Datasheet
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What is Beijer H-Series HMI?

The Beijer H-Series of operator panels offers valuable HMI functionality. The series include keypad and touch screen interfaces and are available in sizes from 3" to 10.4". Offering three levels of functionality, Standard, Plus enhanced and Network enhanced, the H-series enables you to select and pay for the level of HMI technology you need. All H-series operator panels are configured with the intuitive H-Designer software tool.

Model Part No. Size Manuals
H-K30m-S 300-53102 160 x 80 monochrome H-K30m-S Manuals
H-T40m-P 300-54402 89 mm 3.5" display H-T40m-P Manuals
H-T40m-PA   3.5'' H-T40m-PA Manuals
H-T40m-POMR 300-54805 90 mm 3.5" display H-T40m-POMR Manuals
H-T40m-ROSP 300-54806 91 mm 3.5" display H-T40m-ROSP Manuals
H-T40m-S 300-54302 92 mm 3.5" display H-T40m-S Manuals
H-T50b-S 300-55102 119 mm 4.7" display H-T50b-S Manuals
H-T60t-Ne 300-56702 145 mm 5.7" display H-T60t-Ne Manuals
H-T60t-Pe 300-56603 146 mm 5.7" display H-T60t-Pe Manuals
H-T60t-S 300-56502 147 mm 5.7" display H-T60t-S Manuals
H-T60B-S 300-56813 146 mm 5.7" display H-T60B-S Manuals
H-T60b-Pe   5.7'' H-T60b-Pe Manuals
H-T60b-Ne   5.7'' H-T60b-Ne Manuals
H-T70t-Ne   6.5 H-T70t-Ne Manuals
H-T80c-Ne   8.4 H-T80c-Ne Manuals
H-T100t-Ne 300-51702 264 mm 10.4" display H-T100t-Ne Manuals

What is Beijer Hitech PWS Series HMI?

The Beijer Hitech PWS-series offers valuable HMI functionality at an affordable level. The seriesinclude keypad and touch screen interfaces and is available in seven different sizesfrom 3 to 10.4 inches. Offering three levels of functionality – Standard, Plus andNetwork — the PWS-series enables you to select and pay for what level of HMItechnology you need.

Model Model Part No. Model Part No. Size Manuals
PWS5610 PWS5610S-S 300-52101 PWS5610T-S 300-52501 5.7'' Data
PWS6300S PWS6300S-S 300-53101 PWS6310S-S 300-53103 3'' Data
PWS1700-STN PWS6400F 603221124 PWS6400F-P 300-54401 3'' Data
PWS6500S PWS6500S-S 300-55101 PWS6560S-S 300-55103 4.7'' Data
PWS6620S-P PWS6600S-N 300-56102 PWS6600S-P 300-56201 5.7'' Data
PWS6620S-N PWS6600S-S 300-56101 PWS6600T-P 300-56601 5.7'' Data
PWS500S-LED PWS6600T-S 300-56501 PWS6620T-PBZ 300-56804 5.7'' Data
PWS520S-LED PWS6620T-N 300-56701 PWS6620T-P 300-56602 5.7'' Data
PWS6800C-P PWS6710T-N 300-57701 PWS6710T-P 300-57601 7'' Data
PWS6800C-N PWS1711-STN PWS1711-CTN PWS1760-STN PWS1760-CTN1 5.7 inch Data
PWS3260-FTN PWS5A00T-P 300-51602 PWS6A00T-N 300-51701 10.4'' Data
PWS3260-DTN PWS6A00T-P 300-51601 PWS3260-TFT   10.4'' Data
PWS3100-STN PWS6400F-S 300-54301 Comtact for Best Price Data

What is Beijer CIMREX Series HMI?

The Beijer CIMREX operator terminals provide the right functionality. The CIMREX series of operator terminals offers the desirable combination of powerful performance and user-friendliness, paired with just the right functionality. All CIMREX series operator terminals, including peripherals such as expansion cards and the extended function keyboard C-Key16, are programmed in Windows with the popular CIMREX PROG.

Model Type Size Manuals
CIMREX 10 03230A   CIMREX 10 Manual
CIMREX 12 04310   CIMREX 12 Manual
CIMREX 20 02830E   CIMREX 20 Manual
CIMREX 30 02741E/04381A 5.2'' CIMREX 30 Manual
CIMREX 41 04800 3.8'' CIMREX 41 Manual
CIMREX 60 03550A 5.3'' CIMREX 60 Manual
CIMREX 67 04401B 5.7'' CIMREX 67 Manual
CIMREX 69 04411C 5.7'' CIMREX 69 Manual
CIMREX 69T 04416B 5.7'' CIMREX 69T Manual
CIMREX 70 04421A 5.7'' CIMREX 70 Manual
CIMREX 71   5.7'' CIMREX 71 Manual
CIMREX 90 CIMREX 90D 10.4'' CIMREX 90 Manual
CIMREX 91 04451a 10.4'' CIMREX 91 Manual
CIMREX 5 CIMREX 91D 10.4'' CIMREX 91D Manual
Cimrex C100 04000A 12.1'' Cimrex C100 Manual

Other Beijer HMI Models

Model Model Model Model Model
Mitsubishi MAC 40 MAC40 MAC10 MAC 10 MTe 150 Nautic EPC T120 QTERM-A12
MAC 50/ML Type 00920A EPC TU190-st MTe T150 Nautic EPC T150 QTERM-A7
MAC12 MAC 12 02030c EPC T120 C2D MTe 170 Nautic EPC TU150 QTERM-G72
MAC 90 type 00950c EPC T150 C2D MTe T170 Nautic EPC T170 QTERM-J10
EPC T80 LX Nautic EPC TU150 C2D MTe 190 Nautic EPC TU170 QTERM-II
EPC T100 LX Nautic EPC T170 C2D MTe T190 Nautic EPC T190 QTERM-IV
EPC 150 C2D Nautic EPC TU170 C2D MTe T240 Nautic EPC TU190 QTERM-G75
EPC T150 C2D Nautic EPC T190 C2D EPC 150 Nautic PPC T21C QTERM-G70
EPC 170 C2D Nautic EPC TU190 C2D EPC T150 Nautic PPC T15C QTERM-K65
EPC T170 C2D Nautic EPC TU190-st C2D EPC 170 Nautic PPC T12C QTERM-Z60
EPC 190 C2D Nautic EPC KT70 LX EPC T170 Nautic EPC TU120 LX QTERM-G55
EPC T190 C2D Nautic EPC T70 LX EPC 190 Nautic EPC T150 LX QTERM-G58
EPC T240 C2D Nautic EPC T80 LX EPC T190 Nautic EPC TU150 LX QTERM-G56
EPC TA100 AM Nautic EPC T100 LX DT150 QTERM-R25 QTERM-B30
EPC TA150 AM Nautic Comtact for Best Price

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