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For DMC Interface Touch Screen Glass Repair

DMC Resistive Single-Touch

DMC 4wire and 5wire resistive touch screen glass repair

DMC Interface with Touch Information:

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DMC Resistive Single-Touch

DMC is a touch screen manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in Japan.
DMC has been in particular focused on industrial facilities, and become a leading company here achieving more than 50% share in this market in Japan. With 40% of DMC total production exported to overseas, especially European areas, DMC is respected internationally.
DMC provides Japanese quality that is renowned for it's high reliability, flexible response, responsive support system, and wide range of solutions.

4wire Resistive Touch Screen

A 4wire resistive touch screen is a very simple touch sensor that uses dual layers of a flexible, conductive material that deforms under a touch and the layers make contact, the position of this contact is determined by the change in resistance of the circuits. A 4wire type resistive uses 4 electrodes, one along each edge, and the touch controller alternates between sensing x and y axis readings using electrodes on opposite sides to carry a voltage difference and one of the adjacent electrodes to sense the touch.

4wire resistive touch screen glass repair

5wire Resistive Touch Screen

5wire Resistive Touch Screen is Highly Durable
When the top ITO film is pressed and makes contact with the bottom glass, the contacted area will be detected via electrical conduction. The notable characteristic of 5wire resistive is that only the bottom glass has detecting function. Even if the top ITO film is damaged, the detecting function will not be affected (except for the damaged area).

elo 5wire resistive touch screen

DMC Resistive Single-touch Type:
  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for AST ATP series

    AST / ATP Series

  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for qst series

    QST Series

  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for fst series

    FST Series

VICPAS Resistive Touchscreen

Vicpas provide all kind of touch screen for HMI panel repair/replacement, we are working close with lot`s of automation and electric repair company from all over the world, Euro, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia etc, all of them stock the safety stock quantity make sure your HMI panel could be fixed in no time, all the touch screen spare part are brand new, good quality with 365 days warranty. If you are interesting, you could replace the touch screen from the HMI panel by yourself, very easy. How to install touchscreen ), very competitive price and we will ship by DHL express, normally only take 2-5 working days to reach your hand, you don`t need to wait a long time.

If you need more details, please contact us without hesitate.

VICPAS provide all DMC Single-touch for replacement

DMC Single-Touch resistive touch screen panel glass repair

DMC Single-touch Resistive Touchscreen Series:

  Part N0. Size   Part N0. Size
AST / STP Series AST-038A050A 3.8" QST Series QST-057A075H 5.7"
ATP-047 4.7"QST-070WA075H 7"
AST-057A070A 5.7"QST-085WA075H 8.5”
AST-065B080A 6.5"QST-104A075H 10.4"
AST-084A080A 8.4" Learn More  
AST-104A080A 10.4"FST Series FST-T104C110A 10.4"
AST-105A060A 12.1"FST-T121C110A 12.1"
AST-150C080A 15.0"FST-T150C110A 15.0"
AST-190A140A 19.0"FST-T170C110A 17.0"
Learn More   Learn More  

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