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For B&R Power Panel HMI touch screen glass & Graphic operator panel keypad repair

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What is B&R Industrial Automation Panel Pcs?

 B&R Power Panel HMI

B&B Automation: Around the world, B&R Industrial Automation has earned a reputation for excellence in a variety of automation applications.Keen foresight and entrepreneurial courage helped us rise quickly into the ranks of top global players in industrial automation. The pursuit of Perfection in Automation has inspired and guided B&R for over 35 years.
To B&R HMI touchscreen, perfection means more than developing the best solutions in industrial automation.

B&R Automation comes from a land where quality matters. In the countryside outside Salzburg, Austria, you’ll find our highly automated 800,000 square foot factory…and an engineering department numbering over 500 strong.
It’s the perfect equation for innovation, performance, quality and low cost production. It turns out that B&R is a powerhouse in automation technology, consuming 60,000,000 electronic components per month!

How to find the B&R Power Panel HMI models?

In this table, list all the models of B&R Automation Panel HMI. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Series Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
Automation Panel single-touch 5AP1120.0702-I00 5AP923.1505-I01 5AP5120.1505-000 5AP5120.1906-000
Panel PC 3100 5AP1120.101E-000 5AP923.1215-00 5AP923.1505-00 5AP923.1906-00
5AP923.1505-I00 5AP1120.1043-000 5AP1120.156B-000 5AP1125.1044-I00 5AP1180.1505-000
5AP1120.1505-000 5AP1120.1214-000 5AP1120.1906-000 5AP1125.1505-I00 5AP1181.1043-000
5AP1182.1043-000 5AP1120.121E-000 5AP1125.1043-I00 5AP1180.1043-000  
Panel PC 2100 5AP1120.0573-000 5AP1120.0702-000 5AP1151.0573-000 5AP1181.1505-000
Automation Panel 900 5AP920.1043-01 5AP920.1906-01 5AP981.1505-01 5AP92D.1906-01
5AP92D.1906-00 5AP920.1214-01 5AP980.1043-01 5AP982.1043-01 5AP951.1043-01
5AP920.2138-01 5AP920.1505-01 5AP980.1505-01 5AP92D.1505-00 5AP951.1505-01
5AP952.1043-01 5AP920.1706-01 5AP981.1043-01 5AP92D.1505-01  
Automation Panel 800 5AP820.1505-00 5AP880.1505-00    
Power Panel T30 6PPT30.043F-20B 6PPT30.043F-20W 6PPT30.043K-20B 6PPT30.043K-20W
6PPT30.0573-20B 6PPT30.0702-20B 6PPT30.101G-20B 6PPT30.057L-20W 6PPT30.101N-20B
6PPT30.0573-20W 6PPT30.0702-20W 6PPT30.101G-20W 6PPT30.070M-20B 6PPT30.101N-20W
6PPT30.057L-20B 6PPT30.070M-20W      
Power Panel T50 6PPT50.0502-10A 6PPT50.0502-10B 6PPT50.0502-16A 6PPT50.0502-16B
6PPT50.0702-10A 6PPT50.0702-10B 6PPT50.0702-16A 6PPT50.0702-16B 6PPT50.101E-10A
6PPT50.101E-10B 6PPT50.101E-16A 6PPT50.101E-16B    
Power Panel C30 4PPC30.043F-21B 4PPC30.0702-21B    
Power Panel C70 4PPC70.0573-20B 4PPC70.0573-21B 4PPC70.0573-22B 4PPC70.0573-23B
4PPC70.057L-20B 4PPC70.0573-20W 4PPC70.0573-21W 4PPC70.0573-22W 4PPC70.0573-23W
4PPC70.057L-20W 4PPC70.057L-21W 4PPC70.057L-22W 4PPC70.057L-22B 4PPC70.057L-23B
4PPC70.057L-21B 4PPC70.0702-20W 4PPC70.0702-22B 4PPC70.0702-23B 4PPC70.0702-20B
4PPC70.057L-23W 4PPC70.0702-21B 4PPC70.0702-22W 4PPC70.0702-23W 4PPC70.0702-21W
4PPC70.070M-20B 4PPC70.070M-22W 4PPC70.070M-21W 4PPC70.070M-21B 4PPC70.070M-23W
4PPC70.070M-20W 4PPC70.070M-23B 4PPC70.070M-22B 4PPC70.101G-20B 4PPC70.101G-21B
4PPC70.101G-22B 4PPC70.101G-23B 4PPC70.101N-20B 4PPC70.101G-20W 4PPC70.101G-21W
4PPC70.101G-22W 4PPC70.101G-23W 4PPC70.101N-20W 4PPC70.101N-21B 4PPC70.101N-21W
4PPC70.101N-22B 4PPC70.101N-22W 4PPC70.101N-23B 4PPC70.101N-23W
Mobile Panel 40 5MP040.0381-01 5MP040.0381-02    
Mobile Panel 50 5MP050.0653-01 5MP050.0653-02 5MP050.0653-03 5MP050.0653-04
Mobile Panel 7100 series 5MP7120.034F-000 5MP7121.034F-000 5MP7140.070N-000 5MP7151.101E-000
Mobile Panel 100/200 4MP181.0843-03 4MP281.0571-12 4MP281.0843-13 5MP181.0843-07
Power Panel 300 5PP320.0571-29 4PP320.0571-01 4PP352.0571-35 5PP320.1043-39
5PP320.1505-39 5PP320.0571-39 4PP320.0571-35 4PP381.1043-31 5PP320.1214-39
5PP320.1505-3B 5PP320.0573-39 4PP320.1043-31 4PP351.0571-014PP351.0571-35
5PP320.0573-3B 4PP320.1505-31 5PP320.0571-K165PP320.0571-K17  
Power Panel 400 4PP420.0571-45 4PP420.0571-75 4PP420.0571-A5 4PP451.0571-45
4PP420.0573-75 4PP420.0571-65 4PP420.0571-85 4PP420.0571-B5 4PP451.0571-65
4PP451.0571-75 4PP420.1043-75 4PP420.1505-B5 4PP452.0571-45 4PP451.1043-75
4PP451.0571-85 4PP420.1043-B5 4PP480.1505-75 4PP452.0571-65 4PP451.1043-B5
4PP451.0571-B5 4PP420.1505-75 4PP480.1505-B5 4PP452.0571-75 4PP452.1043-75
4PP481.1043-75 4PP481.1505-75 4PP420:0571-L05 4PP452.0571-B5 4PP480.1043-75
4PP481.1043-B5 4PP482.1043-75 4PP420:0571-L45 4PP420:0571-L25 4PP420:0571-L35
4PP420:0571-C05 4PP420:0571-C75 4PP451:0571-C25 4PP420:0571-L65 4PP420:0571-L75
4PP420:0571-C45 4PP451:0571-L25 4PP451:0571-C65 4PP452:0571-L65 4PP452:0571-C65
4PP420:0571-C25 4PP451:0571-L65 4PP451:0571-C35 4PP452:0571-L35 4PP452:0571-C35
4PP420:0571-C65 4PP451:0571-L35 4PP451:0571-C75 4PP452:0571-L75 4PP452:0571-C75
4PP420:0571-C35 4PP451:0571-L75 4PP452:0571-L25 4PP452:0571-C25 4PP420.0571-L05
4PP420.0571-L75 4PP420.0571-C75 4PP451.0571-C65 4PP452.0571-L75 4PP420.0571-L45
4PP420.0571-C05 4PP451.0571-L25 4PP451.0571-C35 4PP452.0571-C25 4PP420.0571-L25
4PP420.0571-C45 4PP451.0571-L65 4PP451.0571-C75 4PP452.0571-C65 4PP420.0571-L65
4PP420.0571-C25 4PP451.0571-L35 4PP452.0571-L25 4PP452.0571-C35 4PP420.0571-L35
4PP420.0571-C65 4PP451.0571-L75 4PP452.0571-L65 4PP452.0571-C75 4PP452.0571-L35
4PP420.0571-C35 4PP451.0571-C25
Power Panel 500 5PP520.0573-00 5PP551.0573-00 5PP582.1043-00 5PP520.1043-00
5PP580.1043-00 5PP520.0573-01 5PP552.0573-00 5PP520.0702-00 5PP520.1214-00
5PP580.1505-00 5PP581.1043-00 5PP581.1505-00 5PP520.1505-00 5PP520.0573-B00
5PP520.0573-B01 5PP520.0702-B00 5PP520.1043-B10 5PP520.1505-B55 5PP520.1505-B00
5PP520.0573-B10 5PP520.0702-B10 5PP520.1043-B50 5PP520.1505-B60 5PP520.1505-B65
5PP520.0573-B11 5PP520.1043-B00 5PP520.1505-B10 5PP520.1043-B00 5PP520.1505-B50
Power Panel 65 4PP065.0351-P74 4PP065.0351-X74 4PP065.0571-P74 4PP065.0571-P74F
4PP065.0571-X74 4PP065.0571-X74F      
Power Panel 15/21/35/41/45 4P0420.00-490 4P3040.00-490 4PP015.E420-36 4PP035.0300-01
4PP015.0420-01 4PP035.E300-36 4PP035.E300-01 4P3040.01-490 4PP035.0300-36
4PP015.0420-36 4PP015.C420-01 4PP015.C420-36 4PP015.E420-01 4PP015.E420-101
4PP035.E300-136 4PP045.0571-042 4PP045.0571-062 4PP045.0571-L42 4B1400.00-K60
PANELWARE 4B1210.00-590 4B1270.00-390 4E0031.01-090 4E0011.01-090
4B1260.00-390 4PW035.E300-01 4B1270.00-490 4E0041.01-090 4E0021.01-090
4B1260.00-490 4PW035.E300-02 4E0060.01-090 4E0050.01-090 4E0070.01-090
4XP0000.00-K20 4XP0000.00-K43 4XP0000.00-K76 4XP0000.EX-K64 4E0080.01-090
4XP0000.00-K21 4XP0000.00-K64 4XP0000.00-K84 4XP0000.EX-K74 4XP0043.00-00B
4XP0000.00-K33 4XP0000.00-K74 4XP0000.00-K94 4XP0000.EX-K75 4XP0043.00-00W
4XP0000.00-K40 4XP0000.00-K75 4XP0000.00-KA4 4XP0070.00-00W 4XP0057.00-00B
4XP0000.00-K41 4XP0101.00-00W 4XP0070.00-00B 4XP0101.00-00B 4XP0057.00-00W
Automation Panel multi-touch 5AP5130.156B-000 5AP933.156B-00 5AP5130.156B-000 5AP93D.185B-B62
5AP1130.0702-000 5AP5130.185B-000 5AP933.185B-00 5AP5230.156B-000 5AP93D.240C-B62
5AP1130.101E-000 5AP5130.215C-000 5AP933.215C-00 5AP830.215C-00 5AP99D.156B-B62
5AP1130.121E-000 5AP5130.240C-000 5AP933.240C-00 5AP830.215C-01 5AP99D.185B-B62
5AP1130.156C-000 5AP5230.156B-000 5AP5130.185B-000 5AP933.185B-00 5AP99D.215C-B62
5AP1130.185C-000 5AP5230.185B-000 5AP5230.185B-000 5AP93D.185B-00 5AP99D.156B-B60
5AP5230.215I-000 5AP5230.215C-000 5AP93D.185B-B60 5AP99D.185B-00 5AP99D.156B-B62
5AP5230.240C-000 5AP99D.185B-01 5AP99D.215C-01 5AP93D.185B-01 5AP93D.240C-B60
5AP93D.240C-01 5AP99D.185B-B60 5AP99D.215C-B60 5AP1130.101E-000 5AP99D.240C-00
5AP99D.215C-00 5AP93D.215C-00 5AP99D.215I-00 5AP1130.121E-000 5AP99D.240C-01
5AP93D.240C-00 5AP93D.215C-01 5AP99D.215I-01    
Other 4PP065.0571-B00 4PP180.1043-31 4PP120.0571-01 4B1270.00-K15
4PP420.1505-K04 5AP980.1505-B10 4PP181.1043-31 4PP120.0571-21 5PC725.1505-00
4PP420.1505-K14 5AP880.1505-10 4PP182.1043-31 4PP120.1043-31 5PC725.1505-01
4PP480.1505-K04 5AP820.1505-10 4PP220.0571-45 4PP120.1505-31 5PC820.1906-00
4PP450.1043-K01 5PC720.1043-00 4PP220.0571-65 4PP151.0571-01 4PP015.C420-K0
4PP420.0571-K04 5PC720.1214-01 4PP220.0571-85 4PP151.0571-21 5AP520.1706-01
4PP420.0571-K34 5PC820.1505-00 4PP220.0571-A5 4PP151.1043-31 5PP451.0573-39
4PP420.1043-K14 5PP320.0653-K02 4PP220.1043-75 4PP151.1505-31 5PP451.0573-3B
4PP420.1043-K24 5PP320.1043-K04 4PP220.1043-B5 4PP180.1505-31 5AP93D.185D-00
5AP920.1043-K04 5PP320.1043-K14 4PP220.1505-75 4PP181.1505-31 5AP93D.185D-01
5AP920.1505-K04 5PP320.1505-K04 4PP220.1505-B5 4PP251.1505-75 5AP99D.185D-00
5AP920.1505-K24 5PP320.1505-K14 4PP252.1043-75 4PP251.1505-B5 5AP99D.185D-01
5AP920.1505-K26 5AP980.1214-K04 4PP252.1043-B5 4PP280.1505-75 5AP980.1214-K02
5AP920.1505-K34 5PC820.1505-B11 4PP280.1043-75 4PP280.1505-B5 5AP980.1214-K03
5AP920.1505-K54 5PP320.0571-K14 4PP280.1043-B5 4PP281.1505-75 5AP920.1505-K01
5AP920.1505-K74 5AP920.1043-K09 4PP281.1043-75 4PP281.1505-B5 5AP920.1505-K02
5AP920.1505-K94 5AP920.1214-K01 4PP281.1043-B5 4PP152.0571-01 5AP920.1505-K03
5AP920.1906-K03 5AP923.1215-I00 4PP282.1043-75 4PP152.0571-21 5AP920.1505-K05
5AP920.1906-K07 4PP251.0571-45 4PP282.1043-B5 4PP252.0571-45 5AP920.1505-K06
5AP920.1906-K14 4PP251.0571-65 5PP120.0571-27 4PP252.0571-65 5AP920.1505-K07
5AP920.1906-K24 4PP251.0571-85 5PP120.1043-37 4PP252.0571-85 5AP920.1505.K08
5AP920.1906-K34 4PP251.0571-A5 5PC720.1505-00 4PP252.0571-A5 5AP920.1505-K09
5PP120.1043-37A 4PP251.1043-75 5PC720.1505-01 4PP65.0571-K06 5AP920.1505-K10
5PP120.1214-37 4PP251.1043-B5 5PC720.1505-02 4PP525.0571-A5 5AP920.1505-K11
5PP120.1214-37A 5PC781.1505-00 5AP920.1505-K16 4PP120.0571-A5 5AP920.1505-K12
5PP120.1505-37 5PC720.1706-00 5AP920.1505-K17 5AP920.1505-K44 5AP920.1505-K13
5PP120.1505-37A 5PC720.1906-00 5AP920.1505-K18 5AP920.1505-K45 5AP920.1505-K14
4PP015.E420-K01 5PC720.1043-01 5AP920.1505-K19 5AP920.1505-K46 5AP920.1505-K15
4PP015.E420-K02 5PC781.1043-00 5AP920.1505-K20 5AP920.1505-K47 4P3040.00-K41
4PP015.E420-K05 5PC782.1043-00 5AP920.1505-K21 5AP920.1505-K48 4P3040.00-K42
4PP015.0420-K04 5PC720.1214-00 5AP920.1505-K22 5AP920.1505-K49 4P3040.00-K43
4PP015.0420-K05 5AP920.1505-KA0 5AP920.1505-K23 5AP920.1505-K50 4P3040.00-K44
5PP320.0571-K02 5AP920.1505-KA2 5AP920.1505-K25 5AP920.1505-K51 4P3040.00-K45
4PP220-1043-K02 5AP980.1505-K01 5AP920.1505-K27 5AP920.1505-K52 4P3040.00-K46
4PP220.1214-K01 5AP980.1505-K02 5AP920.1505-K28 5AP920.1505-K53 4P3040.00-K47
5AP920.1043-K01 5AP980.1505-K03 5AP920.1505-K29 5AP920.1505-K55 4P3040.00-K48
5AP920.1043-K02 5AP980.1505-K04 5AP920.1505-K30 5AP920.1505-K56 5MP181.0843-K01
5AP920.1043-K03 5AP980.1505-K05 5AP920.1505-K31 5AP920.1505-K57 5MP181.0843-K02
5AP920.1043-K05 5AP980.1505-K06 5AP920.1505-K32 5AP920.1505-K58 5MP181.0843-K03
5AP920.1043-K06 5AP980.1505-K07 5AP920.1505-K33 5AP920.1505-K59 5MP181.0843-K04
5AP920.1043-K07 5AP980.1505-K08 5AP920.1505-K35 5AP920.1505-K60 5MP181.0843-K05
5AP920.1043-K08 5AP980.1505-K09 5AP920.1505-K36 5AP920.1505-K61 4PP035.0300-136
5AP980.1214-K01d 5AP980.1505-K10 5AP920.1505-K37 5AP920.1505-K62 4PP035.0300-K01
4B1270.00-K01 5AP980.1505-K11 5AP920.1505-K38 5AP920.1505-K63 4PP035.E300-K01
4B1270.00-K02 5AP980.1505-K12 5AP920.1505-K39 5AP920.1505-K64 4PP035.0300-K02
4B1270.00-K03 5AP980.1505-K13 5AP920.1505-K40 5AP920.1505-K65 4PP035.E300-K02
4B1270.00-K04 5AP980.1505-K14 5AP920.1505-K41 5AP920.1505-K66 4PP035.0300-K03
4B1270.00-K05 5AP980.1505-K15 5AP920.1505-K42 5AP920.1505-K67 4PP035.E300-K03
4B1270.00-K06 5AP980.1505-K16 5AP920.1505-K43 5AP920.1505-K68 4PP035.0300-K04
4B1270.00-K07 5AP980.1505-K17 5PP320.1043-K11 5AP920.1505-K69 4PP035.E300-K04
4B1270.00-K08 5AP980.1505-K18 5PP320.1043-K12 5AP920.1505-K70 4PP035.0300-K05
4B1270.00-K09 5AP980.1505-K19 5PP320.1043-K13 5AP920.1505-K71 4PP035.E300-K05
4B1384.00-K01 5AP980.1505-K20 5PP320.1043-K15 5AP920.1505-K72 4PP035.0300-K06
4B1384.00-K02 5AP980.1505-K21 5PP320.1043-K16 5AP920.1505-K73 4PP035.E300-K06
4B1384.00-K03 5AP980.1505-K22 5PP320.1214-K01 5AP920.1505-K75 4PP035.0300-K07
4B1384.00-K04 5AP980.1505-K23 5PP320.1214-K02 5AP920.1505-K76 4PP035.E300-K07
4B1384.00-K05 5AP980.1505-K24 5PP320.1214-K03 5AP920.1505-K77 4PP035.0300-K08
4B1384.00-K06 5AP980.1505-K25 5PP320.1214-K04 5AP920.1505-K78 4PP035.E300-K08
4B1384.00-K07 5AP980.1505-K26 5PP320.1214-K05 5AP920.1505-K79 4PP035.0300-K09
4B1384.00-K08 5AP980.1505-K27 5PP320.1214-K06 5AP920.1505-K80 4PP035.E300-K09
4B1384.00-K09 5AP980.1505-K28 5PP320.1214-K07 5AP920.1505-K81 4PP035.0300-K10
4B1384.00-K10 5AP980.1505-K29 5PP320.1214-K08 5AP920.1505-K82 4PP035.E300-K10
4B1384.00-K11 5AP980.1505-K30 5PP320.1214-K09 5AP920.1505-K83 4PP035.0300-K11
4B1384.00-K12 5AP920.1706-K03f 5PP320.1505-K01 5AP920.1505-K84 4PP035.E300-K11
4B1384.00-K13 5AP920.1906-K01 5PP320.1505-K02 5AP920.1505-K85 4PP035.0300-K12
4B1384.00-K14 5AP920.1906-K02 5PP320.1505-K03 5AP920.1505-K86 4PP035.E300-K12
4B1384.00-K15 5AP920.1906-K04 5PP320.1505-K05 5AP920.1505-K87 5PC720.1214-K01
4B1384.00-K16 5AP920.1906-K05 5PP320.1505-K06 5AP920.1505-K88 5PC720.1214-K02
4D1165.00-490 5AP920.1906-K06 5PP320.1505-K07 5AP920.1505-K89 5PC720.1214-K03
4D1165.00-K01 5AP920.1906-K08 5PP320.1505-K08 5AP920.1505-K90 5PC720.1214-K04
4D1165.00-K02 5AP920.1906-K09 5PP320.1505-K09 5AP920.1505-K91 5PC720.1214-K05
4D1165.00-K03 5AP920.1906-K10 5PP320.1505-K10 5AP920.1505-K92 5PC720.1214-K06
4D1165.00-K04 5AP920.1906-K11 5PP320.1505-K11 5AP920.1505-K93 5PC720.1214-K07
4D1165.00-K05 5AP920.1906-K12 5PP320.1505-K12 5AP920.1505-K95 5PC720.1505-K01
4D1165.00-K06 5AP920.1906-K13 5PP320.1505-K13 5AP920.1505-K96 5PC720.1505-K02
4D1165.00-K07 5AP920.1906-K15 5PP520.1505-B120 5PP920-1505-K32 5PC720.1505-K03
4D1165.00-K08 5AP920.1906-K16 5PP920-1505-K01 5PP920-1505-K33 5PC720.1505-K04
4D1167.00-490 5AP920.1906-K17 5PP920-1505-K02 5PP920-1505-K34 5PC720.1505-K05
5P62-GALLUS-RTM-01 5AP920.1906-K18 5PP920-1505-K03 5PP920-1505-K35 5PC720.1505-K06
4P3040.01-K01 5AP920.1906-K19 5PP920-1505-K04 5PP920-1505-K36 5PC720.1505-K07
4P3040.01-K02 5AP920.1906-K20 5PP920-1505-K05 5PP920-1505-K37 5PC720.1505-K08
4P3040.01-K03 5AP920.1906-K21 5PP920-1505-K06 5PP920-1505-K38 5PC720.1505-K09
4P3040.01-K04 5AP920.1906-K22 5PP920-1505-K07 5PP920-1505-K39 5PC720.1505-K10
4P3040.00-K05 5AP920.1906-K23 5PP920-1505-K08 5PP920-1505-K40 5PC720.1505-K11
4MP181.0843-K01 5AP920.1906-K25 5PP920-1505-K09 5PP920-1505-K41 5PC720.1505-K12
4MP181.0843-K02 5AP920.1906-K26 5PP920-1505-K10 5PP920-1505-K42 5PC720.1505-K13
4MP181.0843-K03 5AP920.1906-K27 5PP920-1505-K11 5PP5:405667.001-00 5PC720.1505-K14
4MP181.0843-K04 5AP920.1906-K28 5PP920-1505-K12 4PP045.0571-K01 5PC720.1505-K15
4MP281.0843-K01 5AP920.1906-K29 5PP920-1505-K13 4PP045.0571-K02 5PC720.1505-K16
4MP281.0843-K02 5AP920.1906-K30 5PP920-1505-K14 4PP045.0571-K03 5PC720.1505-K17
4MP281.0843-K03 5AP920.1906-K31 5PP920-1505-K15 4PP045.0571-K05 5PC720.1505-K18
4MP281.0843-K04 5AP920.1906-K32 5PP920-1505-K16 4PP045.0571-K07 5PC720.1505-K19
4P0420.00-K01 5AP920.1906-K33 5PP920-1505-K17 4PP045.0571-K08 5PC720.1505-K20
4P0420.00-K02 5AP980.1906-K01 5PP920-1505-K18 4PP045.0571-K09 5PC720.1505-K21
4P0420.00-K03 5AP5120.1505-F01 5PP920-1505-K19 4PP045.0571-K10 5PC720.1505-K22
4P0420.00-K04 4P3040.00-K11 5PP920-1505-K20 4PP045.0571-K11 5PC720.1505-K23
4P0420.00-K05 4P3040.00-K12 5PP920-1505-K21 4PP045.0571-K12 5PC720.1505-K24
4P0420.00-K06 4P3040.00-K13 5PP920-1505-K22 4PP045.0571-K13 5PC720.1505-K25
4P0420.00-K07 4P3040.00-K14 5PP920-1505-K23 4PP045.0571-K14 5PC720.1505-K26
4P0420.00-K08 4P3040.00-K15 5PP920-1505-K24 4PP045.0571-K15 5PC720.1505-K27
4P0420.00-K09 4P3040.00-K16 5PP920-1505-K25 4PP045.0571-K16 5PC720.1505-K28
4P0420.00-K10 4P3040.00-K17 5PP920-1505-K26 4PP045.0571-K17 5AP93D.156B-K02
4P0420.00-K11 4P3040.00-K18 5PP920-1505-K27 4PP045.0571-K18 5PC725.1505-K01
4P3040.00-K01 4P3040.00-K19 5PP920-1505-K28 4PP045.0571-K19 5PC725.1505-K02
4P3040.00-K02 4P3040.00-K20 5PP920-1505-K29 4PP045.0571-K20 5PC725.1505-K03
4P3040.00-K03 4P3040.00-K21 5PP920-1505-K30 4PP045.0571-K21 5PC725.1505-K04
4P3040.00-K04 4P3040.00-K22 5PP920-1505-K31 4PP045.0571-K22 5PC725.1505-K05
4P3040.00-K05 4P3040.00-K23 4PP045.0571-K34 4PP045.0571-K23 5PC725.1505-K06
4P3040.00-K06 4P3040.00-K24 4PP045.0571-K35 4PP045.0571-K24 5PC725.1505-K07
4P3040.00-K07 4P3040.00-K25 4PP045.0571-K36 4PP045.0571-K25 5PC725.1505-K08
4P3040.00-K08 4P3040.00-K26 4PP045.0571-K37 4PP045.0571-K26 5PC725.1505-K09
4P3040.00-K09 4P3040.00-K27 4PP045.0571-K38 4PP045.0571-K27 5PC725.1505-K10
4P3040.00-K10 4P3040.00-K28 4PP045.0571-K39 4PP045.0571-K28 5PC725.1505-K11
5PP120.1043-K05 4P3040.00-K29 4PP045.0571-K40 4PP045.0571-K29 5PC725.1505-K12
5PP120.1043-K06 4P3040.00-K30 4PP045.0571-K41 4PP045.0571-K30 5PC725.1505-K13
5PP120.1043-K07 4P3040.00-K31 4PP045.0571-K42 4PP045.0571-K31 5PC725.1505-K14
5PP120.1043-K08 4P3040.00-K32 4PP045.0571-K43 4PP045.0571-K32 5PC725.1505-K15
5PP120.1043-K09 4P3040.00-K33 4PP045.0571-K44 4PP045.0571-K33 5PP120.1043-K01
5PP120.1214-39 4P3040.00-K34 4PP045.0571-K45 4PP045.0571-K54 5PP120.1043-K02
5PP320.0653-K01 4P3040.00-K35 4PP045.0571-K46 4PP045.0571-K55 5PP120.1043-K03
5PP320.0653-K03 4P3040.00-K36 4PP045.0571-K47 4PP045.0571-K56 5PP120.1043-K04
5PP320.1043-K01 4P3040.00-K37 4PP045.0571-K48 4PP045.0571-045 5PP320.1043-K09
5PP320.1043-K02 4P3040.00-K38 4PP045.0571-K49 4PP045.0571-065 5PP320.1043-K10
5PP320.1043-K03 4P3040.00-K39 4PP045.0571-K50 4PP065.0571-P4 4PP045.0571-K53
5PP320.1043-K05 4P3040.00-K40 4PP045.0571-K51 4PP045.0571-K52 5PP320.1043-K08
5PP320.1043-K06 5PP320.1043-K07 4PP220.0653-01 4PP120.1043-K06 4PP065.0571-K01
4PP220.1505-K03 4PP320.0571-K1 4PP220.0653-V 4PP120.1043-K07 4PP065.0571-K02
4PP220.1505-K04 4PP320.0571-K2 4PP220.0843-01 4PP120.1043-K08 4PP065.0571-K03
4PP220.1505-K05 4PP320.0571-K3 4PP220.0844-K01 4PP152.1505-31 4PP065.0571-K04
4PP250.0571-K01 4PP320.0571-K4 4PP220.0844-K02 4PP180.0571-01 4PP065.0571-K05
4PP250.0571-K02 4PP320.0571-K5 4PP220.1043-K01 4PP180.0571-21 4PP065.1043-K01
4PP250.0571-K03 4PP320.0571-K6 4PP220.1043-K02 4PP180.0571-K01 4PP120.0571-K01
4PP250.0571-K04 4PP320.0571-K7 4PP220.1043-K03 4PP180.0571-K02 4PP120.0571-K02
4PP250.0571-K05 4PP320.0571-K8 4PP220.1043-K04 4PP180.0571-K03 4PP120.0571-K03
4PP250.0571-K06 4PP320.0571-K9 4PP220.1043-K05 4PP180.0571-K04 4PP120.0571-K04
4PP250.0571-K07 4PP320.1505-K01 4PP220.1043-K06 4PP180.0843-K01 4PP120.0571-K05
4PP250.0571-K08 4PP320.1505-K02 4PP220.1043-K07 4PP180.0843-K02 4PP120.0571-K06
4PP250.0571-K09 4PP320.1505-K03 4PP220.1043-K08 4PP181.0571-01 4PP120.0571-K07
4PP250.0571-K10 4PP320.1505-K04 4PP220.1043-K09 4PP181.0571-21 4PP120.0653-K01
4PP250.0571-K11 4PP320.1505-K05 4PP220.1043-K10 4PP182.0571-01 4PP120.0653-K02
4PP250.0571-K12 4PP380.0571-K05 4PP220.1043-K11 4PP182.0571-21 4PP120.1043-K01
4PP250.0571-K13 4PP380.0571-K04 4PP220.1043-K12 4PP182.1505-31 4PP120.1043-K02
4PP250.0571-K14 4PP380.0571-K03 4PP220.1043-K13 4PP220.0571-K01 4PP120.1043-K03
4PP250.0571-K15 4PP380.0571-K02 4PP220.1043-K14 4PP220.0571-K02 4PP120.1043-K04
4PP250.0571-K16 4PP380.0571-K01 4PP220.1043-K15 4PP220.0571-K03 4PP120.1043-K05
4PP250.0571-K17 4PP420.0571-K01 4PP220.1043-K16 4PP220.0571-K04 4PP420.0571-K27
4PP250.0571-K18 4PP420.0571-K02 4PP220.1043-K17 4PP220.0571-K05 4PP420.0571-K28
4PP250.0571-K19 4PP420.0571-K03 4PP220.1043-K18 4PP220.0571-K06 4PP420.0571-K29
4PP250.0571-K20 4PP420.0571-K05 4PP220.1043-K19 4PP220.0571-K07 4PP420.0571-K30
4PP250.0571-K21 4PP420.0571-K06 4PP220.1043-K20 4PP220.0571-K08 4PP420.0571-K31
4PP250.1043-K01 4PP420.0571-K07 4PP220.1043-K21 4PP220.0571-K09 4PP420.0571-K32
4PP250.1043-K02 4PP420.0571-K08 4PP220.1043-K22 4PP220.0571-K10 4PP420.0571-K33
4PP250.1043-K03 4PP420.0571-K09 4PP220.1043-K23 4PP220.0571-K11 4PP420.0571-K35
4PP250.1043-K04 4PP420.0571-K10 4PP220.1043-K24 4PP220.0571-K12 4PP420.0571-K36
4PP250.1214-K01 4PP420.0571-K11 4PP220.1043-K25 4PP220.0571-K13 4PP420.0571-K37
4PP280.0571-K01 4PP420.0571-K12 4PP220.1043-K26 4PP220.0571-K14 4PP420.0571-K38
4PP280.0843-K01 4PP420.0571-K13 4PP220.1043-K27 4PP220.0571-K15 4PP420.0571-K39
4PP28X.1043 4PP420.0571-K14 4PP220.1043-K28 4PP220.0571-K16 4PP420.0571-K40
4PP280.1043-K01 4PP420.0571-K15 4PP220.1043-K29 4PP220.0571-K17 4PP420.0571-K41
4PP280.1043-K02 4PP420.0571-K16 4PP220.1043-K30 4PP220.0571-K18 4PP420.0571-K42
4PP280.1043-K03 4PP420.0571-K17 4PP220.1043-K31 4PP220.0571-K19 4PP420.0571-K43
4PP280.1040-B5 4PP420.0571-K18 4PP220.1043-V 4PP220.0571-K20 4PP420.0571-K44
4PP282.1505-75 4PP420.0571-K19 4PP220.1043-V1 4PP220.0571-K21 4pp420.0571-K45
4PP282.1505-B5 4PP420.0571-K20 4PP220.1043-V2 4PP220.0571-K22 4PP420.0571-K46
4PP420.1043-K17 4PP420.0571-K21 4PP220.1043-V3 4PP220.0571-K23 4PP420.0571-K47
4PP420.1043-K18 4PP420.0571-K22 4PP220.1043-V4 4PP220.0571-K24 4PP420.0571-K48
4PP420.1043-K19 4PP420.0571-K23 4PP220.1043-V5 4PP220.0571-K25 4PP420.0571-K49
4PP420.1043-K20 4PP420.0571-K24 4PP220.1214-01 4PP220.0571-K26 4PP420.0573-K01
4PP420.1043-K21 4PP420.0571-K25 4PP220.1505-K01 4PP220.0571-K27 4PP420.1043-K01
4PP420.1043-K22 4PP420.0571-K26 4PP220.1505-K02 4PP220.0571-K28 4PP420.1043-K02
4PP420.1043-K23 4PP420.1043-K44 4PP450.0571-K03 4PP450.0571-K23 4PP420.1043-K03
4PP420.1043-K25 4PP420.1043-K45 4PP450.0571-K04 4PP450.0571-K24 4PP420.1043-K04
4PP420.1043-K26 4PP420.1043-K46 4PP450.0571-K05 4PP450.0571-K25 4PP420.1043-K05
4PP420.1043-K27 4PP420.1043-K47 4PP450.0571-K06 4PP450.0571-K26 4PP420.1043-K06
4PP420.1043-K28 4PP420.1043-K48 4PP450.0571-K07 4PP450.0571-K27 4PP420.1043-K07
4PP420.1043-K29 4PP420.1043-K49 4PP450.0571-K08 4PP450.0571-K28 4PP420.1043-K08
4PP420.1043-K30 4PP420.1043-K50 4PP450.0571-K09 4PP450.1043-K05 4PP420.1043-K09
4PP420.1043-K31 4PP420.1043-K51 4PP450.0571-K10 4PP480.1043-K01 4PP420.1043-K10
4PP420.1043-K32 4PP420.1043-K52 4PP450.0571-K11 4PP480.1043-K02 4PP420.1043-K11
4PP420.1043-K33 4PP420.1043-K53 4PP450.0571-K12 4PP480.1043-K03 4PP420.1043-K12
4PP420.1043-K34 4PP420.1043-K54 4PP450.0571-K13 4PP480.1043-K04 4PP420.1043-K13
4PP420.1043-K35 4PP420.1043-K55 4PP450.0571-K14 4PP480.1043-K05 4PP420.1043-K15
4PP420.1043-K36 4PP420.1043-K56 4PP450.0571-K15 4PP480.1043-K06 4PP420.1043-K16
4PP420.1043-K37 4PP420.1043-K57 4PP450.0571-K16 4PP480.1043-K07 4PP065.0653-K01
4PP420.1043-K38 4PP420.1043-K58 4PP450.0571-K17 4PP480.1043-K08 4PP320.0653-K03
4PP420.1043-K39 4PP420.1043-K59 4PP450.0571-K18 4PP480.1043-K09 4PP320.0653-K02
4PP420.1043-K40 4PP420.1043-K60 4PP450.0571-K19 4PP480.1505-K01 4PP480.0571-K01
4PP420.1043-K41 4PP450.0571-K01 4PP450.0571-K20 4PP482.1043-B5 4PP380.0844-K01
4PP420.1043-K42 4PP450.0571-K2 4PP450.0571-K21 5PP120.0653-K02 4PP320.1043-K01
4PP420.1043-K43 4PP450.0571-K02 4PP450.0571-K22 4PP320.0653-K01 4PP065.0702-K01
5PP580.0844-K01 4PP380.1043-K01 5PP520.1505-K01 4PP015.C420-K01 4PP420.0844-K01
5PP580.1505-K01 4PP065.0573-K01 5PP520.1214-K01 4PP251.0571-K01 4PP480.1214-K01
4PP015.0420-K01 5PP520.1043-K01 5PP580.156B-K01 5PP550.0573-K01 4PP065.0351-K01
4PP035.1020-K01 5PP5IF.FEXC-K01 5PP580.1214-K01 5PP520.0702-K01 4PP350.0571-K01
4PP210.0000-K01 4PP65.1043-K01      

What series does B&R Automation Panel HMI have?

B&R Automation Panel HMI develops different series of HMIs for different industrial production scenarios. At present, at least 10 series of products have been developed.

  • B&R Automation Panel 5000 single-touch HMI Part touchscreen protective film

    Automation Panel 5000

  • B&R Automation Panel PC 3100 2100 single-touch touch screen panel glass overlay

    Automation Panel PC 3100/2100

  • B&R Automation Panel PC 900 HMI Parts Suppliers

    B&R Panel PC 900

  • B&R Automation Panel 800 Operator Panel Parts

    Automation Panel 800 HMI

  • B&R Power Panel T30 touchscreen protective film

    B&R Power Panel T30

  • B&R Power Panel T50 touch panel overlay

    B&R Power Panel T50

  • B&R Power Panel C30 touch screen glass ovelay film

    B&R Power Panel C30

  • B&R Power Panel C70 touch screen panel protective film

    B&R Power Panel C70

  • B&R Power Panel PP15 PP21 PP35 touch screen glass membrane keypad

    Power Panel PP15 PP21 PP35

  • B&R Power Panel PP41 PP45 touch screen glass keypad switch

    Power Panel PP41 PP45

  • B&R Power Panel PP65 touch screen panel keypad switch film

    B&R Power Panel PP65

  • B&R Power Panel PP300 HMI parts Touhscreen overlay

    B&R Power Panel 300

  • B&R Power Panel PP400 operator panels parts

    B&R Power Panel 400

  • B&R Power Panel PP500 touchscreen prodective film

    B&R Power Panel 500

B&R Power Panel HMI Parts Video

This video describes all the contents of B&R Power Panel HMI accessories, including touch screen panel, membrane keyboard switch, protective film, LCD Display Screen, inverter board, protective shell case.

  • Automation Panel PC: Automation Panel 5000, Panel PC 3100 single-touch, Panel PC 2200 single-touch, Panel PC 2100 single-touch, Panel PC 900 single-touch, Automation Panel 800

    Panel PC 3100 single-touch:All variants are fanless, so the Panel PC 3100 features no rotating parts. This makes maintenance tasks like replacing air filters a thing of the past. The scalable memory options range from 4 to 32 GB.

    Panel PC 2200 single-touch:The deceptively compact housing of the Panel PC conceals a colossal performance that can turn any Automation Panel into a full-fledged Panel PC system.
    This innovative PC design is based on Intel Apollo Lake architecture, whose dual- and quad-core processor technology represents a milestone for embedded systems – all while offering an optimal price/performance ratio.

    Panel PC 2100 single-touch:With an ultracompact housing that corresponds to the dimensions of a Smart Display Link receiver, the Panel PC 2100 is an extremely powerful PC system that can handle virtually any application. The control cabinet variant of the Automation PC 2100 also provides a complete PC system with minimized dimensions.

    Panel PC 900 single-touch:The full range of Panel PC 900 processors – from the single-core Celeron up to the quad-core Core i7 – provide a versatile selection of CPU performance levels to make it the best platform for any application. Even in fanless operation, the Panel PC 900 outperforms the high-end version of its predecessor.

    Automation Panel 800:Fully enclosed Automation Panel 800 display units provide maximum flexibility. Mounting on swing arm systems allows the operator panel to be placed at the most ergonomically convenient position – a decisive advantage for comfortable operation of the machine.

  • B&R Power Panel T-/C-Series:Power Panel T30, Power Panel T50, Power Panel C30, Power Panel C70

    Simple HMI The Power Panel T-Series (terminal design) is equipped with an embedded browser and can also be used as a Visual Components client. These Power Panels have Ethernet and USB interfaces as well as various configuration options.

    High-performance with a wide range of connection options The Power Panel C-Series (controller design) is available in a wide range of performance classes with cycle times down to 0.4 ms. In addition, variants with different interfaces cover a wide array of applications: POWERLINK, standard Ethernet, USB 2.0, X2X Link as well as optional RS232, RS485 and CAN make sure that all bases are covered when it comes to connectivity.

  • B&R Power Panel 300/400/500: include Power Panel PP 300, Power Panel PP 400, Power Panel PP 500,

  • B&R Power Panel PP: include Power Panel PP65, Power Panel PP15, Power Panel PP21, Power Panel PP35, Power Panel PP41, Power Panel PP45

    The Power Panel 65 provides maximum flexibility with two different display types with identical installation dimensions: a 5.7" model with touch screen (and no function keys) and a 3.5" model with touch screen and 30 function keys. Equipped with 2 USB interface and a Fast Ethernet port for exchanging data with higher-level systems, the Power Panel 65 is also available with integrated X2X Link or POWERLINK interface options for connecting remote I/O modules and drives. These systems can be further extended with RS232/RS485, CAN bus and PROFIBUS DP slave interfaces to meet any requirement.

    Power Panel PP45 combines integrated control, visualization and I/O interface in one solution for machine control. Ethernet and X2X Link are used for the communication system. Additionally, these devices have been equipped with a slot for interface cards. PP45 can be expanded using Ethernet Powerlink, CAN bus, Profibus DP, or RS485/232. B&R Industrial Automation;

    Power Panel PP15, B&R offers an operator panel with integrated I/O points for control, positioning, and visualization tasks. Distinguished by a compact design that guarantees full functionality for a wide variety of applications the PP15 has been further enhanced in 2005 and is now available with additional keys.

  • B&R Mobile Panel Series: include Mobile Panel 40, Mobile Panel 50, Mobile Panel 100, Mobile Panel 200

    The mobile operator panels are designed so that they are comfortable to hold and do not cause fatigue even after working for longer periods of time. This benefit is enjoyed by left and right handed operators alike. The low-weight construction also helps ensure safe operation and monitoring.


    PANELWARE compact terminals combined with B&R control systems are the ideal solution for space-saving machine visualization.

  • If you want to get more informatoin visit B&R Automation HMI Website

What services can VICPAS provide?

Touchscreen panel for B&R PowerPanel HMI repair and Graphic operator keypad memmbrane replacement www.vicpas.com

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