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For Fuji Hakko Monitouch HMI Touch Screen Panel Glass Repair

Fuji Hakko Monitouch HMI

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The Fuji Hakko Electric :

Fuji brand expresses Fuji desire to provide customers and society with the value of Fuji Electric innovation. As experts in electronics manufacturing and pioneers of cutting-edge energy technology, Fuji offer the products of the future to meet customer demands and contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies everywhere we do business.

The Fuji HMI Series :

  • Fuji ug630h ug530h hmi series

    UG630H UG530H series

  • Fuji ug430H hmi series

    UG430H series

  • Fuji ug330H UG320H hmi series

    UG330H UG320H series

  • Fuji ug230H UG220H hmi series

    UG230H UG221H series

The Hakko Monitouch HMI Series :

  • Hakko monitouch hmi v9 series

    V9 Series

  • Hakko monitouch hmi v8 s8 series

    V8 S8 Series

  • Hakko monitouch hmi v7 series

    V7 Series

  • Hakko monitouch hmi v6 v4 series

    V4 V6 Series

HMI & Operator Panel Broken

Siemens simatic HMI & Operator panel broken

The HMI & operator panel  are fragiled and easy been damaged or lossed function after a long time using, Some of the manufacture will replaced the whole HMI panel directly with high price, the other manufactures are hard to find the correct and good quality spare part for replaceemnt, therefore, the others would sent to the local automation or electric repair company to fix, if they don`t have accessory, then have to wait for a long time and pay more money.

 Why touch screen not working? 

VICPAS HMI Touchscreen

Vicpas provide all kind of touch screen for HMI panel repair/replacement, we are working close with lot`s of automation and electric repair company from all over the world, Euro, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia etc, all of them stock the safety stock quantity make sure your HMI panel could be fixed in no time, all the touch screen spare part are brand new, good quality with 365 days warranty. If you are interesting, you could replace the touch screen from the HMI panel by yourself, very easy. How to install touchscreen ), very competitive price and we will ship by DHL express, normally only take 2-5 working days to reach your hand, you don`t need to wait a long time.

If you need more details, please contact us without hesitate.

VICPAS provide all Fuji Hakko HMI for replacement

For Siemens Simatic HMI Touchscreen & Operator Panel repair

Fuji HMI Panels Series:

UG630H Series UG630H-XH1 UG420H Series


UG630H-XH3 UG420H-SC1
UG630H-XH4 UG420H-VC4
UG530H Series UG530H-VH1 UG330H Series UG330H-VH4
UG530H-VH4 UG330H-VS4
UG530H-VS1D UG330H-SS4
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UG520H Series UG520H-VC1 UG320H Series UG320HD-SC4
UG520H-VC4 UG320H-SC4
UG520H-SC1 UG320HD-SC43
UG430H Series UG430H-TH1 UG230H UG221H Series UG230H-TS4
UG430H-TH4 UG230H-LS4
UG430H-VH1 UG221H-LC4
UG430H-VS4 UG220H-SC4
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Hakko Monitouch HMI Series:

V9 Series V9150iX V8 Series


V9120iS V812S
V9100iS V810iS
V9100iCD V810iT
V9060iTD V812iSMN
V9080iCBD V810iTMDN
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V7 Series V715X V6 Series V608C10
V710S V606C10
V708SD V606iT10
V706MD V606iM10
V712iSD V606iM10M
S8 Series S808CD

TS Series GD-80 Series

S806M10D TS2060i
S806M20D GD-80T01MJ-G
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