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2024 The Most Complete Higgstec Touch Screen Panel

2024 The Most Complete Higgstec Touch Screen Panel

Here you can find everything about Higgstec Touch Screen Spare Parts that you want.

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Who is Higgstec Touch Screen?

  Higgstec Touch Screen logo

The Higgstec Inc., founded in 2002, is inspired by the pursuit of British physicist Dr. Peter Higgs. In fact, the founder named the company after Dr. Higgs and promised not only to learn the basic principles to obtain knowledge, but also to conduct business honestly.

Higgstec is committed to the research and development of touch technology, especially the connection with HMI. Over the years, higgstec has won high praise in the market with its excellent ability and firm quality, from high-temperature process technology, excellent product design, comprehensive industry knowledge and supply chain integration to the ability to customize touch solutions to meet market needs. The solutions can be applied to aviation, navigation, education, medical treatment, military, game hall, industrial computer, vehicle, POS, ATM Cash register, home appliances, office automation, intelligent home appliances, security monitoring system and other fields. In addition to its own R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, higgstec also undertakes OEM and ODM projects.

VICPAS is an Higgstec touchscreen distributor and supplier entire line of touchscreen products including resistive touch controllers, Higgstec resistive touch screen, Higgstec projected capacitive touch screens, and Higgstec projected capacitive controllers. Higgstec Standard touch screens are available as well as advanced touch screens with options such as low reflectivity, high transmissivity, multi-finger touch capability and so etc.

How to select the right Higgstec touch screen spare parts?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Higgstec Touch Panel. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Part No. Part No. Part No.
AT-150F-5RB-A08N-25R-150FH HT-084F-5RB-C04N-18R-1 HT-150F-5RB-A04N-28R-200FH
HT-057F-5RB-005N-18R-080PN HT-104F-5RA-003N-18R-200FH HT-150F-5RB-G04N-18R-200FL
HT-064F-5RA-003N-11R-080FH HT-104F-5RB-J06N-18R-150FH HT-170F-5RB-004N-18R-200FH
HT-070F-5RB-003N-11R-080FH HT-121F-5RA-006N-18R-200FH HT-171F-5RA-001N-28R-300FH
HT-070F-5RB-A05N-11R-200FH HT-121F-5RA-B06N-18R-150FH HT-190F-5RB-001N-28R-300FH
HT-084F-5CB-006A-18R-200MH HT-150F-5RA-001N-28R-200FH HT-192F-5RA-002N-28R-200FH
HT-084F-5RA-002N-18R-150FH HT-150F-5RB-004N-18R-200FH HT-192F-5RB-005N-28R-200FH
T057S-5RB006N-0A11R1-080PN T101C-5RB048NZ11R1-076PH T121S-5CAC09A-0068P4-150MH
T057S-5RBC02X-0A18R0-150FH T101S-5RB001N-0A18R0-150FH T121S-5CAC09E-0068P-150MH
T057S-5RBC06X-3A11R4-080FH T101S-5RB001X-0A18R0-150FH T121S-5RA006N-0A18R0-200FH
T058E-5RB004N-0A18S0-070FH-C T101S-5RB021N-0A11R0-080FH T121S-5RA006X-0A18R0-200FH
T064S-5RA003N-0A11R0-080FH T101S-5RBB01X-0A11R0-055FH T121S-5RAD06N-0A18R0-300FH
T064S-5RA003N-0A11RO-080FH T102S-5RB001X-0A11R0-080FH T121S-5RAP36N-0A18R0-200FB
T064S-5RA003X-0A11R0-080FH T102S-5RB002X-0A18R0-150FH T121S-5RB0141N-0A18R0-200FH
T065S-5RA007N-0A11R0-080FH T104E-5RBA14N-0A18S0-13BQN T121S-5RB014N-0A18R0-200FH
T065S-5RA007X-0A11R0-080FH T104F-5RB006N-18R-0800FH T121S-5RB014N-OA18R0-200FH
T065S-5RAA07X-3A11R4-080FH T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN T121S-5RB014X-0A18R0-200FH
T065S-5RB004X-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RA003G-0A18R0-200FH-C T121S-5RB025N-0A28R0-200FH
T070C-5RB0104N-0A18R0-200FH T104S-5RA003N-0A18R0-200FH T121S-5RB025N-0N28R0-200FH
T070C-5RB010N-0A11R0-200FH T104S-5RA003X-0A18R0-200FH T121S-5RB025X-0A28R0-200FH
T070C-5RB094N-0A11R0-076FH T104S-5RAL03N-0A18R0-200FH T121S-5RBA18P-0A18S0-150FN
T070C-5RB094N-0A11R0-076FW T104S-5RB006N-0A18R0-080FB T121S-5RBE18N-0A18R0-080FH
T070S-5RB003N-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RB006N-0A18R0-080FH T133S-5RB001-0A18R0-200FH
T070S-5RB003N-0A11R0-080FH-C T104S-5RB006N-0A18R0-080FH-C T133S-5RB001N-0A18R0-200FH
T070S-5RB003X-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RB006X-0A18R0-080FH T133S-5RB003X-0A18R0-080FH
T070S-5RB013N-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RB015N-3A11R4-150FH T133S-5RBA03X-BB18R3-080FH
T070S-5RB013N-0A11R0-080FH-C T104S-5RB015P-3A11R4-150FH T150C-5RBA50G-4A18R0-120PH
T070S-5RB018X-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RBA06X-0A11R0-150FH T150S-5RA0017N-0A18R0-200FH
T070S-5RBA05N-0A11R0-200FH T104S-5RBB06X-0A11R0-200FH T150s-5ra001n-0a28r0 Document
T070S-5RBA13N-0A11R0-080PN T104S-5RBB27X-0A18R0-385FH T150S-5RA001N-0A28R0-200FH
T070S-5RBA18X-0A18R0-080FH T104S-5RBE06X-0A11R0-080FH T150S-5RA001X-0A28R0-200FH
T070S-5RBF03N-3A18R4-080FH T104S-5RBG06N-0A18R0-200FH T150S-5RA015N-0A28R0-350FH
T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH T104S-5RBJ06N-0A18R0-150FH T150S-5RAA01X-0A18R0-080PN
T070S-5RBT03N-3A18R4-080FH T104S-5RBR06N-0A18R0-080FB T150S-5RAB01N-0A18R0-150FH
T080S-5RB004G-0A18R0-150FH T104S-5RBS06N-0A18S0-080FB T150S-5RAB01X-0A18R0-150FH
T080S-5RB004N-0A18R0-150FH T104S-5RBV06X-0A11R0-300FB T150S-5RAG01N-0A18R0-200FH
T080S-5RB004X-0A18R0-150FH T104S-5RBX06X-BB18R3-080FB T150S-5RAJ01X-0P28R0-300GB
T080S-5RB006X-0A11R0-200FH T104S-5RBX06X-BB18R3-080FH T150S-5RAL01N-0A28R0-300FH
T080S-5RBA04X-0A11R0-150FH T105E-5RB001N-0A18R0-070FB-C T150S-5RAL01X-0A28R0-300FH
T084S-5RA002N-0A18R0-150FH T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN T150S-5RB004N-0A18R0-200FH
T084S-5RA002X-0A18R0-150FH T116S-5RB002X-0A11R0-100PN T150S-5RB004N-0A18R-200FH
T084S-5RB004N-0A180-150FH T116S-5RB002X-0A11R0-100QN T150S-5RB004X-0A18R0-200FH
T084S-5RB004N-0A18R0-150FH T116S-5RBA02N-0A11R0-100FH T150S-5RB008N-0A28R0-150FH
T084S-5RB004N-0A18RO-150FH T116S-5RBB01X-0A18R0-150FH T150S-5RB017N-0A18R0-200FH
T084S-5RB004N-OA18RO-150FH T121C-5RAU36N-0A18R1-200FB T150S-5RB017N-0A18R0-200FH-C
T084S-5RB004X-0A18R0-150FH T121C-5RB035P-0A18S0-155FH T150S-5RB027X-0A18R0-108FB
T084U-5RAB02N-0A11R0-150FH T121C-5RB067N-0A18S0-015PN T150S-5RB054N-0A18R0-250FH-C
T089S-5RB001N-0A11R0-080FH T121C-5RB45N-0A18R0-152PH T150S-5RB09N-0A28R0-300FH
T089S-5RB001X-0A11R0-080FH T121C-5RBA45N-0A18R0-152PH T150S-5RBA04N-0A28R0-200FH
T089S-5RB003X-0A11R0-150FH T121E-5RAH36G-0A18S0-137QN T150S-5RBA05X-0A28R0-150FH
T185C-XDND07G-9902S0-085PN T170S-5RB004N-0A18R0-200FH T150S-5RBB04X-0A18R0-300FH
T185S-5RB001N-0A18R0-180FH T170S-5RB004X-0A18R0-200FH T150S-5RBB25N-0Q28R0-200FH
T185S-5RB001X-0A18R0-180FH T170S-5RB010X-0A18R0-200FH T150S-5RBC08X-0A18R0-150FH
T185S-5RB002X-0A18R1-136PN T170S-5RB016N-0Q28R0-200FH T150S-5RBS04N-3A18R4-200FH
T185S-5RB003X-0A18R0-108FB T170S-5RBA04X-0A28R0-200FH T150U-5RA001N-0A28R0-200FH
T185S-5RB004X-0A11R0-050FH T170S-5RBB04X-0A18R0-300FH T151S-5RA011N-0A28R0-300FH
T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH T171S-5RA001N-0A28R0-300FH T154S-5RB005X-0A18R0-108FH
T190S-5RB001N-0A28R0-300FH T171S-5RA001X-0A28R0-300FH T156C-5RB036N-ZA16R1-100PH
T190S-5RB001X-0A28R0-300FH T171S-5RAI01N-3A28R4-300FH T156S-5RBB01X-0A18R0-200FH
T190S-5RB002N-0A28R0-300FH T171S-5RB005N-0A25R0-150FH T156S-5RBC04X-0A18R0-115FH
T190S-5RB002X-0A28R0-300FH T201S-5RB005X-0A18R1-125PN T220S-5RB001N-0A28R0-300FH-C
T190S-5RBA01N-0A18R0-300FH T201S-5RB006N-0A28R0-200FH T220S-5RB001X-0A28R0-300FH
T190S-5RBA01X-0A18R0-300FH T201S-5RB006X-0A28R0-200FH T220S-5RBC01N-0A18R0-300FH
T190S-5RBA02X-0A18R0-300FH T213S-5RB001N-0A28R0-300FH T220S-5RBC01X-0A18R0-300FH
T192S-5RA002X-0A28R0-200FH T213S-5RB001X-0A28R0-300FH T230S-5RB001X-0A18R0-300FH
T192S-5RB005N-0A28R0-200FH T216S-5RB001N-0A28R0-200FH T240S-5RB002N-0A28R0-150FH
T192S-5RBF05N-0A28R0-300FH T216S-5RB001X-0A28R0-200FH T240S-5RB002X-0A28R0-150FH
T192U-5RA002N-0A28R0-200FH T216S-5RB004G-0A18R0-075PN T240S-5RB002X-0A28R0-200FH
T201S-5RB002N-0A28R0-300FH T216S-5RB005X-0A28R0-200PH T240S-5RBA01X-0A28R0-300FH
T201S-5RB002X-0A28R0-300FH T220S-5RB001N-0A28R0-300FH 150F-5RA-002N
T084S-5RB004N T171S-5RB004 AF-1514B-CRB1-FDA
T089S-5RB001 T185S-5RB001 AT-150F-5RB-004
T102S-5RB001 T190S-5RB001 T057C-5RBA04
T104S-5RA003 T190S-5RB002 T065S-5RA007N5
T104S-5RB006 T190S-5RB016N T070S-5RB003
T151S-5RB020G T192S-5RA002 T080S-5RB004
T154S-5RB005 T201S-5RB002 T084S-5RA002
T156S-5RBB01 T213S-5RB001 T084S-5RB004
T170S-5RB004 T216S-5RB005 TG5-10422080
T170S-5RB010 T220S-5RB001 T121S-5RA006
T171S-5RA001 T240S-5RBA01 T121S-5RAP36N
T150S-5RA001 T121S-5RBE18N T121S-5RB014
T150S-5RB004 T121S-5RB025

What type of touch screen does Higgstec have?

Higgstec Touch Screen solutions can apply to the fields of aviation, marine, education, medical, military, gaming arcade, IPC, vehicle, POS, ATM, cash register, house appliances, office automation, smart home appliances, security monitoring system, etc.

5-Wire Resistive Touch Solution

Extremely stable, reliable and immune to electromagnetic interference, resistive touch technology remains popular today for critical applications such as for medical, aerospace and military use. Higgstec specializes in production of 5-Wire Resistive technology because of its superior endurance and reliability. 5-wire resistive screens don't require repeated calibration and can continue to function even when the surface has been scratched or damaged, because both the X and Y axis are detected on the lower (glass) layer, while the upper (film) layer is used as loop conduction only.

Higgstec also uses a special high temperature production process for its resistive screens to fuse the silver sensor circuit onto the glass, preventing it from peeling off during extreme temperature or humidity variations, ensuring greater longevity and durability in harsh operating environments

5-Wire Resistive Touch Solution
5-Wire Resistive Touch Solution

True Flat Resistive Touch Solution

Our True Flat Resistive touch solution combines the simplicity, versatility and durability of our 5-wire resistive technology with an attractive zero-bezel design. The flush surface is easier to clean and there will be no dust or dirt buildup or water leakage into the bezel, making it an excellent solution for sterile or dust-free environments such as medical clinics, scientific laboratories, restaurants or food processing areas. What's more, you now also incorporate features such as logos or hotkey buttons on the cover design".

True Flat Resistive Touch Solution True Flat Resistive Touch Solution

Sunlight Readable Resistive Touch Solution

A modification of our 5-wire resistive technology is suitable to be used in full outdoor applications, where bright sunlight can potentially make the screen unreadable. Higgstec's Sunlight Readable solution dramatically reduces reflectance and increases contrast ratio, while also preventing birefringence when the screen is viewed through polarized sunglasses, making it a popular choice for military, automotive, and other outdoor use applications.

A polarizer and two layers of 1/4 wavelength retardation film are added to the stack-up of our 5-wire resistive touch panel.In addition,the ITO coated film is made from non-PET isotropic material. When an incoming light ray passes through the touch panel it is transformed from unpolarized light into circular-polarized light. Then as it is reflected, it is transformed again from circular-polarized light into linear-polarized light. The light ray is unable to pass back through the front polarizer, and internal reflection is eliminated.

Sunlight Readable Resistive Touch Solution5-Wire Resistive Touch Solution

BrickTouch PCAP Series

The industrial market segment covers a wide spectrum of applications that range from general-purpose usage to target specific demands. We set out to help our customers find the most suitable PCAP touch solution with minimal effort and peace of mind. Based on different project requirements, Higgstec now provides FOUR different choices to fulfill the extensive industrial application standards.

Every BrickTouch solution consists of three methodically thought out components: ITO-film sensor, protective cover glass, and a choice of chip-on-flex (COF) or chip-on-board (PCBA) controller. The list of standard components will keep expanding to provide even more solutions for the ever-growing market.

BrickTouch PCAP Series touchscreenBrickTouch PCAP Series touch panel glassBrickTouch PCAP Series touch panel glass

  • •BrickTouch TM

    The all new Higgstec PCAP product series. Creating a tailor-made "standard" PCAP touch module has neve 「 been easier. Using Higgstec's unique modular interface, it allows you to easily choose from existing modules, based on the requirement, and integrate into a complete PCAP touch solution.

  • •RTW (Ready to Wear)

    The all new Higgstec PCAP product series. Creating a tailor-made "standard" PCAP touch module has neve 「 been easier. Using Higgstec's unique modular interface, it allows you to easily choose from existing modules, based on the requirement, and integrate into a complete PCAP touch solution.

  • •MTM (Made to Measure)

    Want a special design? Using our powerful BrickTouch module compo­ nent series, it only needs partial customization on the cover to have your very own one-of-a-kind PCAP solution.

  • •Bespoke

    As a technology leader in the industrial touch market, Higgstec owns and wields abundant technology to help you create a professional PCAP touch solution that is satisfactory guaranteed.

  • Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Glass Sensor)

    Higgstec Projected Capacitive touch screens offer a smooth and responsive touch experience while maintaining excellent reliability and durability. Previously popular for consumer and commercial applications, PCAP touch is increasingly being adopted for use in industrial, ruggedized, medical, automotive and marine applications due to improved electromagnetic compatibility, water resistance and versatile input possibilities.

    Our Glass Sensor solution is constructed from a single layer of SITO or DITO glass,which is then covered by a protective glass (soda lime,Corning Gorilla glass or others) or plastic lens (PMMA,PC etc.) that can be customized to your product's design and feature special coatings (anti-glare,anti-reflection,anti-smudge, anti-bacterial), different thicknesses,chemical strengthening or thermal temper- ing to meet your strength,weight and cosmetic requirements.A SITO(Single-sided ITO) design features both X and Y-axis conductive ITO patterns on the inner side of the glass sensor,while a DITO (Double-sided ITO)design separates the conductive patterns onto the inner and outer sides of the glass sensor.The choice of a SITO or DITO sensor will depend on your different business or technical requirements.

    Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Glass Sensor)Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Glass Sensor)

    Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Film/Film Sensor)

    Higgstec Projected Capacitive touch screens offer a smooth and responsive touch experience while maintaining excellent reliability and durability. Previously popular for consumer and commercial applications, PCAP touch is increasingly being adopted for use in industrial, ruggedized, medical,automotive and marine applications due to improved electromagnetic compatibility,water resistance and versatile input possibilities.

    Our Film/Film Sensor solution is constructed from two layers of ITO-coated PET film, covered by a protective glass (soda lime,Corn- ing Gorilla glass or others) or plastic lens (PMMA, PC, etc.) that can be customized to your product's design and feature special coatings (anti-glare,anti-reflection,anti-smudge,anti-bacterial), different thicknesses,chemical strengthening or thermal tempering to meet your strength,weight and cosmetic requirements.

    Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Glass Sensor)Projected Capacitive Touch Solution(Glass Sensor)

    Higgstec Touch Screen Manuals/Datasheet PDF Download

    What services can VICPAS provide?

    Did you know Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel offer the same value as a new HMI at a fraction of the cost?

    Advantages of Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel:

    Savings: The most obvious benefit of refurbished HMI is the price. Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel save up to 50% in cost compared to new models. Less up front capital costs mean a quicker ROI.

    Availability: If you want to replace a current HMI & Operator Panel with an identical model, your best choice is a refurbished HMI & Operator Panel. This allows for seamless integration into your existing production line with little downtime. Your operators and technicians will already be familiar with the technology making training time unnecessary. Turnaround times for new HMI & Operator Panel can sometimes be much longer. If you need to quickly implement a HMI & Operator Panel system into your process, we have a large inventory of in-stock HMI & Operator Panel Accessories ready for installation and programming.

    Reliability: Just because you are paying less does not mean you are sacrificing quality. When working with the right refurbisher, used #HMI & Operator Panel are refurbished to like new condition. VICPAS has an intensive inspection and refurbishment process designed to restore the HMI & Operator Panel to comparable factory specifications. We conduct extended testing on each refurbished HMI & Operator Panel Accessories to ensure reliability.

    Support: When it comes to maintenance and repairs, refurbished HMI & Operator Panel models offer the advantage of familiarity. Your technicians will already know how to perform the necessary maintenance. Parts are easily accessible and affordable through refurbished equipment accessories suppliers like VICPAS.

    ⚙️ VICPAS has been integrating and refurbishing HMI & Operator Panel accessories for over 17 years now. We perform all refurbishing in-house and pass the savings on to you!

    ▪️Contact me today for more details and pricing on refurbished industrial HMI & Operator Panel accessories.

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