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2023 The Most Complete Bosch Rexroth indracontrol Panel Parts
Touchscreen & Protective Film & Keyboard & Display

2023 The Most Complete XWTouch Screen Panel Glass

What is Bosch Rexroth IndraControl Panels?

2019 The Most Complete Bosch Rexroth indracontrol Panel Parts Touchscreen Protective Film Keyboard Display

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In 2013, its roughly 281,000 associates generated sales of 46.1 billion euros ($61.2 billion). Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.

The Bosch Rexroth IndraControl Based HMIs with Embedded Windows CE 6.0 and WinXPe Deliver Faster Processing, More Memory and Functionality. The IndraControl is ideal for applications such as machine start-up, inputting values, jogging axes, recipe management and supervisory level HMI functions. The IndraControl is available in sizes ranging from an 3.8-inch display to a 22-inch display. A USB port on the front offers extra functionality for a memory stick, keyboard or mouse, or even connectivity to other USB products such as printers.

What can VICPAS HMI Parts Center supply?

VICPAS has been engaged in HMI accessories industry for 15 years since 2004, serving more than 5000 industry customers from 120 countries.Vicpas has more than 50,000 models for customers to choose quickly, 90% of the product model Vicpas has inventory, can meet the maintenance needs of various brands quickly shipped accessories and ensure a reasonable price.
VICPAS HMI Parts Center supply all Bosch Rexroth IndraControl Panels Parts for replacement, include touch screen panel, membrane keypad switch, protective film and LCD display. All of them are brand new and support 365 days VICPAS Warranty.
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How to select the right Bosch Rexroth Indracontrol Panel Parts?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Bosch Rexroth Indracontrol HMI. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Rexroth HMI Part No. Description Size Supply Parts
VSP40.3DEG-1G0NN-C2D-FN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP40.3DEG-1G0NN-C2D-FN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP40.3DEG-1G0NN-C2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP40.3DEG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP40.3BIG-1G0NN-C2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP40.3BIG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP40.3ALG-1G0NN-C2D-EN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3   Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP40.3ALG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP40.3   Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP16.3DBG-1G0NN-C2D-NN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 13" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP16.3DBG-1G0NN-C2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 12" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP16.3DBG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 12" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VSP16.3BKG-1G0NN-C2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP16.3BKG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VSP16.3AKG-1G0NN-C2D-DE-NN-FW IndraControl VSP16.3 12" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2109.01-00-01-N2-NNN-CA IndraControl VR2107 9" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2109.01-00-01-N2-NNN-AA IndraControl VR2107 9" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2107.01-00-01-N2-NNN-FA IndraControl VR2107 7" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2107.01-00-01-N2-NNN-CA IndraControl VR2104 7" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2107.01-00-01-N2-NNN-CA IndraControl VR2107 7" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2107.01-00-01-N2-NNN-AA IndraControl VR2104 7" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2104.01-00-01-N2-NNN-EA IndraControl VR2104 4.3" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2104.01-00-01-N2-NNN-DA IndraControl VR2104 4.3" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VR2104.01-00-01-N2-NNN-AA IndraControl VR2104 4.3" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP60.3FEL-4G0NN-D5D-HN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP60 19" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP60.3FEL-2G0NN-D4D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP60 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP60.3FEL-2G0NN-C3D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP60 19" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP40.3DEM-2G0NN-D4D-HN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3DEM-2G0NN-D4D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3DEM-2G0NN-D2D-EN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3DEM-2G0NN-D2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3DEL-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3DEK-2G0NN-C3D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIM-4G0NN-D5D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIM-2G0NN-D4D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIM-2G0NN-D2D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIM-1G0NN-D1D-FN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIM-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIL-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIK-2G0NN-C3D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.3BIK-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.1BIA-1G0NN-M1D-BN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP40.1BIA-1G0NN-M1C-BN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP40 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP21.1BQD-512D-P7D-NNNN IndraControl VPP21   Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP21.1BOD-512D-P7D-ATMO IndraControl VPP21   Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.3DBM-4G0NN-D5D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.3DBM-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.3DBK-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.3BKK-1G0NN-D1D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.3AKM-2G0NN-D4D-HE-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP16.1BKA-512NN-M1C-BN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP16 12" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VPP15.3GIK-4G0NN-D5D-HN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP15 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP15.3GAK-4G0NN-D5D-HN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP15 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VPP15.3GAK-2G0NN-D5D-DN-NN-FW IndraControl VPP15 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VH2110.01-00-02-N3-111-CA IndraControl VH2110.01 10.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.5DFN-2G02E-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.5 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.5DEN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.5 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.5DEN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-NNFW IndraControl VEP50.5 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DFN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DFN-512NC-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-512NC-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-512NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-5123C-MBD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-5123C-MBD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-5123C-MBD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEU-256NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEN-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4DEN-256NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4BIN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4AQN-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.4AQN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.4 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.3CHU-256NA-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.3 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.3CHU-256NA-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.3 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.3CHN-256NN-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.3 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.2CHU-128NN-CAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP50.2 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP50.1CHU-064NN-G3D-064-EC-FW IndraControl VEP50.1 15" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.5EIN-2G02E-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.5 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.5DBN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.5 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.5DBN-2G02E-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.5 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.5APN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.5APN-2G02E-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4EIN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4EIN-512NC-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4EIN-256NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBU-512NC-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBU-5123C-MBD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBU-5123C-MBD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBU-256NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBN-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4DBN-256NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4BKN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4APN-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4APN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4APN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4APN-512NC-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.4APN-1G0NN-A2D-4G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.4 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.3CEU-256NA-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.3 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.3CEN-256NN-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.3 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP40.1CEN-064NN-G3D-064-NN-FW IndraControl VEP40.1 12.1" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP30.5EFN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.5 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.5DPU-2G0EP-A3D-NNN-CG-FW IndraControl VEP30.5 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.5DPN-2G0NE-A3D-NNN-CG-FW IndraControl VEP30.5 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EKN-256NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-512NC-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-512NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-5123C-MBD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-5123C-MBD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-5123C-MBD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFU-256NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFN-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFN-512NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFN-512NN-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4EFN-256NN-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4DPU-256NC-MAD-1G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4AON-512NN-MAD-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.4AON-512NC-A2D-NNN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.4 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.3DKU-256NA-MAD-128-CG-FW IndraControl VEP30.3 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.3DKN-256NN-MAD-128-CG-FW IndraControl VEP30.3 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.3CCU-256NA-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.3 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.3CCN-256NN-MAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.3 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.2CGU-128NA-CAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.2 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.2CGU-128NA-CAD-128-GE-FW IndraControl VEP30.2 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.2CCU-128NA-CAD-128-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.2 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP30.1CCN-064NN-G3D-064-P1-NN-NN-FW IndraControl VEP30.2 8.4" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP21.6GKN-4G02E-A4D-32G-NN-FW IndraControl VEP21.5 21.5" Touchscreen,Keypad,Display
VEP15.6GAN-4G02E-A4D-32G-NN-FW IndraControl VEP15.6 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP15.6GAN-4G02E-A4D-32G-CH-FW IndraControl VEP15.6 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP15.6GAN-2G0NE-A3D-8G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP15.6 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP15.6CLN-2G0NE-A3D-8G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP15.6 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP15.6CLN-2G0NE-A3D-8G0-C5-FW IndraControl VEP15.6 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEP07.6CKN-2G0NE-A3D-8G0-NN-FW IndraControl VEP7.6 7" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VEH30.2BNN-512ET-A2D-4G0-DS-E4-FW IndraControl VEH 30.2   Keyboard & Display
VEH30.2BNN-512ET-A2D-4G0-DS-E2-FW IndraControl VEH 30.2   Keyboard & Display
VEH30.2BNN-512ET-A2D-4G0-BS-E4-FW IndraControl VEH 30.2   Keyboard & Display
VEH30.2BNN-512ET-A2D-4G0-BS-E2-FW IndraControl VEH 30.2   Keyboard & Display
VEH30.1BJN-128ET-G3D-128-NS-NN-FW IndraControl VEH 30.1 8.4" Keyboard & Display
VEH30.1BJN-128ET-G3D-128-DS-NN-FW IndraControl VEH 30 8.4" Keyboard & Display
VEH30.1BJN-128ET-G3D-128-BS-NN-FW IndraControl VEH 30 8.4" Keyboard & Display
VDP21.3GKN-D1-NN-NN IndraControl VDP21.3 21.5" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP21.3GCN-D1-NN-NN IndraControl VDP21.3 21.5" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP21.3GCN-D1-NN-CH IndraControl VDP21.3 21.5" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP21.3CNN-D1-NN-NN IndraControl VDP21.3 21.5" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP21.3CNN-D1-NN-C5 IndraControl VDP21.3 21.5" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP15.3GAN-D1-NN-CH IndraControl VDP15.3 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP15.3CLN-D1-NN-NN IndraControl VDP15.3 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VDP15.3CLN-D1-NN-C5 IndraControl VDP15.3 15.6" Touchscreen,Film,Display
VCP11.2ECN-003-PB-NN-PW IndraControl VCP11 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP11.2ECN-003-NN-NN-PW IndraControl VCP11 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP11.2DWN-003-SR-NN-PW IndraControl VCP11 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP11.2DWN-003-PB-NN-PW IndraControl VCP11 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP11.2DWN-003-NN-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP08.2DTN-003-SR-NN-PW IndraControl VCP08 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP08.2DTN-003-PB-NN-PW IndraControl VCP08 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP08.2DTN-003-NN-NN-PW IndraControl VCP08 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP05.2DSN-003-SR-NN-PW IndraControl VCP05 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP05.2DSN-003-PB-NN-PW IndraControl VCP05 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP05.2DSN-003-NN-NN-PW IndraControl VCP05 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP05.2DSN-003-NN-01-PW IndraControl VCP05 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP05.1BSN-RS-NN-PW IndraControl VCP05   Keyboard & Display
VCP05.1BSN-RS-NN-FW IndraControl VCP05   Keyboard & Display
VCP02-1BRN-RS-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02   Keyboard & Display
VCP02.DRN-003-SR-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP02.2DRN-003-PB-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP02.2DRN-003-NN-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCP02.1BRN-RS-NN-PW IndraControl VCP02   Keyboard & Display
VCH08-1-EAB-064ET-A10-064-CS-E1-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EKB-064ET-A1D-064-ES-E6-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EKB-064ET-A1D-064-ES-E3-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EKB-064ET-A1D-064-ES-E3 IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-FS-B2-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-DS-E4-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-DS-E1-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-CS-P1-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-CS-E4-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-CS-E2-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1-EAB-064ET-A1D-064-CS-E1-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH08.1EAB-064ET-A1D-064-CS-E1-PW IndraControl VCH08.1 3.8" Keyboard & Display
VCH05.1EHB-128ET-R1D-128-CS-E2-PW IndraControl VCH05.1 3.4" Keyboard & Display
VCH05.1EHB-128ET-R1D-128-BS-E5-PW IndraControl VCH05.1 3.4" Keyboard & Display
VAM42.1-PB-NF-NN-TB-VD-NN-1608-NN IndraControl VAM42.1 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM42.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-VD-NN-1608-NN IndraControl VAM42.1 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM42.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-VD-NN-1608-D1 IndraControl VAM42.1 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM42.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-VD-EK-1608-D1 IndraControl VAM42.1 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM42.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-NN-EK-1608-D1 IndraControl VAM42.1 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.3-PB-NA-TA-TA-VD-MA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.3 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-VB-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-VA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-TA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-NB-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2-PB-NA-TA-TA-VB-MA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM 40 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-NA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM40.2PB-MA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM40.2 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM21.1-S3-NF-NN-TB-TB-TA-VD-NN IndraControl VAM21.1 21" Keyboard & Display
VAM15.1-S3-NF-NN-TB-TB-TA-VD-NN IndraControl VAM15.1 15.6" Keyboard & Display
VAM12.1-PB-NF-NN-TB-VD-NN-1608-NN IndraControl VAM12.1 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM12.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-VD-EK-1608-D1 IndraControl VAM12.1 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM12.1-PB-NF-AB-TB-NN-EK-1608-D1 IndraControl VAM12.1 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.3-S3-NF-TA-TA-VD-1616-NN IndraControl VAM10.3 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-VB-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-VA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-TA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-NB-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2-PB-NA-TA-TA-VB-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-NA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM10.2PB-MA-1608-NN IndraControl VAM10.2 12" Keyboard & Display
VAM05.1-NN IndraControl VAM05 15" Keyboard & Display
VAM04.1-NN IndraControl VAM04 12" Keyboard & Display
VAK41.2F-EN-U-NNNN IndraControl VAK41.2   Keyboard & Display
VAK11.2F-EN-U-NNNN IndraControl VAK11.2   Keyboard & Display

How to maintain and install Bosch Rexroth IndraControl HMI?

  • 1.1 General Information

    Bosch Rexroth IndraControl operator terminals are maintenance-free. A few parts aresubject to wear and must be replaced after a certain number of operatinghours.

  • 1.2 Exchange of Hardware Components


    Maintenance work in the device is only permissible by skilled stuff!
    If hardware components have to be exchanged, please contact the Bosch Rexroth Service or ensure that only skilled stuff changes the respectivecomponents.

  • 1.3 Data Backup


    The Bosch Rexroth AG is not liable for possible data loss and thedamages resulting from this!
    The customer himself is responsible for the backup of customer-specific data and must provide this data in case of service.

  • 1.4 Unpacking the Device

    Unpack all parts carefully and check the contents for any visible damagein transit. Also check whether the shipment matches the specificationson your delivery note.

    If you notice damages in transit or discrepancies, please contact oursales department immediately.

  • 1.5 Identification

    You can identify the small operator terminal by the nameplate on therear.

    1 Ordering name / Short type designation
    2 Part number
    3 Voltage and power specification
    4 Serial number

  • 1.6 Connecting the Device

    1.6.1 Supply Voltage 24 V

    The supply voltage is supplied via connector X1.

    The device has reverse polarity protection. In case of wrong polarity,the device will not operate.

    This is a protection class I device. For safe operation, safety extra-lowvoltage (SELV) in accordance with DIN EN 61131 must be used for thesupply voltage.

    Connector in the small operator terminal: 3-pin connector PhoenixCOMBICON MSTBV 2,5/3-GF.

    A suitable female connector strip of the type Phoenix COMBICONMSTB 2,5/3-STF is supplied.

    Use the following procedure to connect the device to the supply voltage:1. Remove approx. 30 mm (1.181") off the outer cable sheath and approx.5 mm (0.197") off the wires.

    2. Fit the wires with wire end ferrules and connect the wires to the connector.

    3. Plug the female connector strip onto connector X1.

    4. Secure the female connector strip in place with a screw-type lockingto prevent it from slipping out.

  • 1.7 Front Panel

    Only use a damp cloth to remove any dirt from the front panel

  • 1.8 Fuse

    The semiconductor fuse cannot be replaced!

    A semiconductor fuse is used to protect the device. Once the fuse hasbeen tripped, the device must be disconnected from the supply voltageto allow the semiconductor fuse to regenerate. At an ambient temperatureof 20 °C (68° F), the regeneration takes approximately 20 seconds.The higher the ambient temperature, the longer the regenerationtakes.

  • 1.9 Battery

    The built-in battery preserves the data in the SRAM and supplies thereal-time clock with power. The minimum battery life is 5 years, evenunder unfavorable operating conditions. When the battery runs down,the message "Change battery" is generated automatically.

    We recommend you change the battery approximately every 4 yearsas part of the regular maintenance work. A pre-assembled batteryincluding connector can be obtained directly from Bosch Rexroth (orderdesignation: VAS04.1-001-002-NN, MN: R911316662).

    If the "Change battery" message is detected too late, data in the SRAMmay have already been lost. For this reason, after changing a battery,always check data such as editable passwords, parameters in the systemvariables, data sets of the recipes and entries in the message system.

  • 1.9.1 Changing the Battery

    To ensure that the data in the SRAM and the time are preserved, it ispossible to change the battery under operating voltage. Observe thecorresponding safety notices!

    1. Remove the screws on the rear panel of the device and lift off theenclosure cover.
    2. Remove the adhesive tape securing the battery.
    3. Disconnect the connector from the battery and remove the dead battery.
    4. Plug in the cable for the new battery.
    5. Use the included adhesive tape to attach the new battery to the enclosure.
    6. Place the enclosure cover back onto the device.
    7. Carefully tighten the screws of the enclosure cover.

  • 1.9.2 Battery Disposal

    To prevent short circuitry in the collection boxes, insulate the poles ofeach battery with insulation tape or put each single battery into a plasticbag.

    You must always return old batteries to a dealer or to a returns depotset up for this purpose by the public waste disposal body or a licensedbattery dealer for recycling. Only dispose of dead batteries in public orcommercial collection boxes. The battery is drained when the message„Change battery“ appears on the display of the device.

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