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The Latest and Most Complete Exor UniOP HMI Part Models in 2024
Touchscreen & Protective Film & Keyboard & Display & Keypad

The Latest and Most Complete Exor UniOP HMI Part Models in 2024 Touchscreen & Protective Film & Display & Keypad

What is Exor UniOP HMI Operator Panels?

Exor uniop HMI Touch Screen Glass

EXOR UniOP HMI has developed a range of HMI products for different working environments. Include ePALM10eSMART Series, eTOP Series 500 eTOP500, etop400 series, eTOP Series 300 Etop300, eTOP, Series 600 Etop600, JSmart Series, eX700 Series, IPC - High-end Panel PC, eBIS500_(Series), EPC - Entry-level Panel PC, eTOP-MON, Uniop etop series, Uniop ePAD series and etc.

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How to select the right Exor UniOP HMI parts?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Exor UniOP HMI. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Series Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
UniOP eTOP500 eTOP504 ETOP504U1P1 ETOP504U2P1 ETOP504U3P1
  eTOP506 ETOP506U1P1 ETOP506U2P1 ETOP506U3P1
  eTOP507 +ETOP507U1P3 +ETOP507U2P3 +ETOP507U3P3
  eTOP507M +ETOP507MU1P1 +ETOP507MU2P1 +ETOP507MU3P1
  eTOP510 +ETOP510U1P1 +ETOP510U2P1 +ETOP510U3P1
  eTOP512 +ETOP512U1P1 +ETOP512U2P1 +ETOP512U3P1
  eTOP513 +ETOP513U1P1 +ETOP513U2P1 +ETOP513U3P1
  eTOP515 +ETOP515U1P1 +ETOP515U2P1 +ETOP515U3P1
  eTOP507G +ETOP507U5P1 eTOP507MG +ETOP507MU5P1
  eTOP510G +ETOP510U5P1 eTOP515G +ETOP515U5P1
UniOP eTOP400 eTOP415 ETOP415U101 ETOP415U201 ETOP415U301
  eTOP413 ETOP413U101 ETOP413U201 ETOP413U301
  eTOP412 ETOP412U101 ETOP412U201 ETOP412U301
  eTOP410 ETOP410U101 ETOP410U201 ETOP410U301
  eTOP408 ETOP408U101 ETOP408U201 ETOP408U301
  eTOP407 ETOP407U101 ETOP407U201 ETOP407U301
  eTOP406 ETOP406U101 ETOP406U201 ETOP406U301
UniOP eTOP300 eTOP306 ETOP306U101 ETOP306U201 ETOP306U301
  eTOP307 ETOP307U101 ETOP307U201 ETOP307U301
  eTOP308 ETOP308U101 ETOP308U201 ETOP308U301
  eTOP310 ETOP310U101 ETOP310U201 ETOP310U301
  eTOP312 ETOP312U101 ETOP312U201 ETOP312U301
  eTOP313 ETOP313U101 ETOP313U201 ETOP313U301
  eTOP315 ETOP315U101 ETOP315U201 ETOP315U301
UniOP etop600 eTOP605 +ETOP605U5P1 eTOP607M +ETOP607MU5P1
  eTOP610 +ETOP610U5P1    
ePALM10 series ePALM10-0061 ePALM10-0062 ePALM10-0066 ePALM10-0067
  ePALM10-0069 ePALM10-3P61 ePALM10-3P62 ePALM10-0068
eSMART Series eSmart04 +ESMA04U301 eSMART04M +ESMA04MU301
  eSMART07M +ESMA07MU301 eSmart10 +ESMA10U301
  eSMART107 +ESMA107U301    
R8249-01 R8249-01A R8216-01 R8216-01A R8217-01 R8217-01A E199715 I020381 0239
R8218-01 R8218-01A E199715 91-10720-000 E301650 FS-011 000383A153700038
JSmart Series JSmart705 JSmart707 JSmart710  
  JSmart715 JSmart721 eX710 eX721
eX700 Series eX705 eX707 eX715  
IPC - High-end Panel PC eTOP-IPC1040P eTOP-IPC1640P eTOP-IPC1840P eTOP-IPC2140P
eBIS500_(Series) eBIS504 EBIS504U101 EBIS504U201 EBIS504U301
EBIS504U302 eBIS507 +EBIS507U101 +EBIS507U201 +EBIS507U301
+EBIS507U303 +EBIS507U103 +EBIS507U203 +EBIS507U302 +EBIS507U304
  eBIS510 +EBIS510U101 +EBIS510U201 +EBIS510U301
  eBIS513 +EBIS513U101 +EBIS513U201 +EBIS513U301
EPC - Entry-level Panel PC eTOP-EPC0840T eTOP-EPC1230T eTOP-EPC1235T eTOP-EPC1530T
eTOP-EPC1731T eTOP-MON1200T +73MON1200T eTOP-MON1500T +73MON1500T
eTOP-MON eTOP-MON1250T +73MON1250T eTOP-MON1700T +73MON1700T
eTOP-MON1900T +73MON1900T eTOP59C eTOP59C-0050 eTOP49
eTOP59CP ETOP59CP-0052 eTOP50 eTOP50-0045 eTOP40B-0050
eTOP50C eTOP50C-0050 eTOP50CP ETOP50CP-0052 ETOP38CP-0052
eTOP49CP ETOP49CP-0052 eTOP40CP ETOP40CP-0052 eTOP33C-E650
eTOP40C eTOP40C-0050 eTOP40b eTOP40B-DC50 eTOP33C-E550
eTOP40 eTOP40-0050 eTOP33C eTOP33c-0050 eTOP33C-E450
eTOP39B eTOP39B-0050 eTOP33B eTOP33B-0050 eTOP33C-0350
E159715 I014762 0074 eTOP33C-E150 eTOP33 eTOP33-0050 eTOP33C-E250
eTOP32R eTOP12-0045 eTOP30 eTOP30-0050 eTOP03-0050
eTOP32B eTOP32B-0050 eTOP21B eTOP21B-0045 eTOP03-0045
eTOP32 eTOP32-0050 eTOP20B eTOP20B-0045 eTOP05P-0050
eTOP31 eTOP11-0045 eTOP20C ETOP20C-0050 eTOP05EB-0050
eTOP12 eTOP12-0050 eTOP19C eTOP19C-0050 eTOP05E-0050
eTOP11 eTOP11-0050 eTOP19CP ETOP19CP-0052 eTOP05C-0050
eTOP05 eTOP05-0045 eTOP11E eTOP11E-0050 eTOP11E-0045
eTOP05P eTOP05P-0045 eTOP11EB eTOP11EB-0050 eTOP11EB-0045
eTOP05EB eTOP05EB-0045 eTOP10C eTOP10C-0050 eTOP10C-0045
eTOP05E eTOP05E-0045 eTOP10B eTOP10B-0050 eTOP10B-0045
eTOP05C eTOP05C-0045 eTOP10 eTOP10-0050 eTOP10-0045
eTOP03 eTOP03-0046 eTOP06 eTOP06-0045 eTOP06-0050
eTOP02C eTOP02C-0045 eTOP06C eTOP06C-0045 eTOP06C-0050
ETOP02-0046 eTOP02C-0050 eTOP04C eTOP04C-0045 eTOP04C-0050
ePAD06 ePAD06-0046 eTOP02 eTOP02-0045 eTOP02-0050
ePAD30 ePAD30-0050 ePAD05 ePAD05-0046 ePAD05-00B7
ePAD30T ePAD30T-0050 ePAD03 ePAD03-0046 ePAD03-00B6
ePAD32 ePAD32-0050 ePAD31 ePAD31T ePAD03-00B7
ePAD32B ePAD32B-0050 ePAD04 ePAD04-0046 ePAD04-00B6
ePAD33B ePAD33B-0050 eMAC305 ePAD32T ePAD04-00B7
ePAD33BT ePAD33BT-0050 ePAD33C ePAD33C-0050 eMAC303
ePAD33 ePAD33-0050 ePAD33T ePAD33T-0050 CP01R-04-00A6
CP01F-02 CP01F-02-0045 CP01R-04 CP01R-04-0045 CP01R-04-00A7
CP05R-04 CP05R-04-0045 CP02F-02 CP02F-02-0041 CP02F-02-0045
CP11G-04 CP11G-04-0045 CP02R-04 CP02R-04-0045 CP02R-04-00A8
CP12G-04 CP12G-04-0045 CP04F-04 CP04F-04-0045 CP04F-04-1921
CP13G-04 CP13G-04-0045 CP10G-04 CP10G-04-0045 CP10G-04-0050
ETT-VGA ETT-VGA-0045 MD00R-04 MD00R-04-0045 CP04F-04-1945
MD00G-04 MD00G-04-0045 MD01R-02 MD01R-02-0041 MD02G-04
MD00R-02 MD00R-02-0045 MD02F-02 MD02F-02-0045 MD01R-02-0045
MKDC-VGA MD02R-04-0050 MD02R-04 MD02R-04-0045 MD02R-04-00A6
MKDC-VGA-T MKDL-VGA MD03R-02 MD03R-02-0042 MD02R-04-00A7
MKDF-02 MKDF-02-0321 MD03R-04 MD03R-04-0045 MD03R-02-0045
MKDF-04 MKDF-04-0021 MKDR-04 MKDR-04-0042 MKDR-04-0021
MKDG-05 MKDG-05-0045 MKDR-05 MKDR-05-0045 MKDR-16-0021
MKDG-06 MKDG-06-0045 MKDR-16 MKDR-16-0045 MKDR-16-0042
MKDG-07 MKDG-07-0045 MKDR-25 MKDR-25-0045 MKDR-16-4845
MKDR-16TA MKDR-VGA BKDR-46 BKDR-46-0045 BKDC-16-0042
EF-02 BKDL-16 BKDC-16 BKDC-16-0045 ER-VGA
EF-04 BKDL-16T ECT-16 Ect-16-0045 ET-F
ELT-16 BKDR-16T ER-25T ER-25T-0045 3M MICROTOUCH 10043
ELT-VGA ER-16 ERT-16 ERT-16-0045 ERT-16-2945
EL-VGA ER-16TA eV035-TST eV058-TST eV104-VNT
ER-04 eV084-TNT eV035-TNT eV058-TNT eV121-TNT
Baldor KPD-TS05M-10 MEMx xH0480 011904 0624 URT - 524057001001URA- 057001MA Moeller MI4-150-TA1 W-3758-NL 01/29-13

Exor UniOP HMI Panels Operating Instructions and user manual PDF download

How to calibrate the touch screen of a UniOP HMI Cotrol panel?

What to know

Touchscreen component may require calibration during operator panel lifetime, calibration procedure can be recalled using two procedures: standard and emergency. Calibration procedure steps are reported on operator panel screen, it consists of 5 steps, if one or more steps are skipped the procedure is automatically aborted after some time.

What to do
Standard Calibration

1. Recall Configuration Mode
2. Keep pressed the CLEAR key for some seconds until Calibration Mode message appears.
3. System reports the calibration preocedure instructions on screen, following steps are required:
- Touch and hold the "X" on the top right corner of the screen
- Touch and hold the "X" on the bottom left corner of the screen
- Touch LEFT arrow key
- Touch DOWN arrow key
- Touch ENTER key

Emergency Calibration
Emergency calibration procedure should be used in all those cases where standard
calibration procedure can not be launched.

1. Power on the operator panel.
2. As soon as the device has been powered up start tapping in the middle of the touchscreen with a frequency of about half a second or faster, continue to tap until the operator panel shows Calibration Mode message on screen.
3. Follow the instruction on screen as for the standard calibration procedure.

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