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2024 The Most Complete Atouch Screen Panel Glass

2024 The Most Complete Atouch Screen Panel Screen

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Who is Atouch Screen Panel?

  Atouch Touch Screen logo

The Atouch is a Taiwan-based company with strong background of Touch Screen product research and development and excellent experience of mass production. ATouch is one of the professional manufacturers who can offer 3 types of Touch Screen products in Resistive / SAW / Projective Capacitive technologies for different applications.

ATouch has its own complete product lines for different Touch Screen applications, all developed by ATouch strong R&D team:

Analog Resistive type Touch Screen in 4 wire / 5 wire / 8 wires:
-For Flat Display in CRT and TFT LCD
-Full range dimension for CRT and LCD display

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screen:
-For CRT (Curve / Flat) and TFT LCD display
-Full range dimension for CRT and LCD display
-ATouch owns self-developed patent

Projective Capacitive Touch Screen:
-Full range dimension for TFT LCD display

VICPAS is an Atouch screen distributor and supplier entire line of touchscreen products including resistive touch controllers, Atouch resistive touch screens, Atouch projected capacitive touch screens, and Atouch projected capacitive touch digitizer glass. Atouch Standard touch screens are available as well as advanced touch screens with options such as low reflectivity, high transmissivity, multi-finger touch capability and so etc.

How to select the Atouch screen panel spare parts?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Atouch Screen Panel. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
4W0640N07041801-0030 4WR1202FB6 5WR10412B1 IR-171MO0
4W0801S10050501-0377 4WR120-6 5WR10422B1 IR-17FMO0
4WR056-1 4WR150-1 5WR120-1 IR-300MR0
4WR05624A1 4WR150-2 5WR12022A1 IR-420MR0
4WR05624B1 4WR15021A1 5WR12022N1 NB5WR-1215DAT-LF
4WR05624N1 4WR15021A3 5WR12024B1 PCT1504FG6
4WR0562BN1 4WR15021A3KITUSB 5WR12032A1 PCT1704FG2
4WR057-1 4WR15021A5 5WR12032B1 PCT1904FG2
4WR05714B1 4WR15021B1 5WR140-1 PCT1904FG3
4WR05714N1 4WR15021B2 5WR14022B1 PCT2154FG1
4WR05716B1 4WR15021B3 5WR150-1 PCT2154FG3
4WR05716N1 4WR15021B5 5WR15021B5 PCT2154FG4
4WR064-1 4WR1502AA3 5WR1502FB5 PCT2704FG1
4WR06411B1 4WR1502AB3 5WR1502FB7 PCT3204FG1
4WR06411B2 4WR1502PB5 5WR1502FBS SAW06442-7
4WR06411N2 4WR1502PT5 5WR15032A1 SAW064S2
4WR0641FA3 4WR150-3 5WR15032B1 SAW064T2
4WR0641FB3 4WR170-1 5WR150-5 SAW084S2
4WR064-2 4WR170-2 5WR150-6 SAW084T2
4WR064-3 4WR17021A1 5WR150-7 SAW104S2
4WR070-1 4WR17021B1 5WR1562FB7 SAW104T2
4WR07011A1 4WR17021B2 5WR156-7 SAW121S2
4WR07011B1 4WR1702INI 5WR170-1 SAW121T2
4WR07011G1 4WR170-5 5WR17022A1 SAW151S2
4WR07011N1 4WR1705PT5 5WR17022B1 SAW151S2-4
4WR075-1 4WR17F-1 5WR17023B5 SAW151T2
4WR07513A1 4WR17F31B1 5WR1702FA5 SAW151T2-4
4WR07513B1 4WR190-1 5WR1702FB5 SAW15642-6
4WR07513N1 4WR19021A1 5WR1702FB7 SAW15PT1
4WR07514B3 4WR19021B1 5WR170-5 SAW171S2
4WR075-2 4WR200-1 5WR170-7 SAW171S2-4
4WR075-3 4WR200-2 5WR185-7 SAW171T2
4WR07551B1 4WR20031B1 5WR190-1 SAW171T2-4
4WR07551B2 4WR20034A1 5WR19021B5 SAW17PT1
4WR0761FB8 4WR20034A4 5WR1902FA5 SAW18542-6
4WR080-1 4WR20034B1 5WR1902FB5 SAW19042-5
4WR08011A1 4WR20034B2 5WR1902FB7 SAW190T2-5
4WR08011B1 4WR20034B4 5WR19032A1 SAW191S2
4WR0801FB3 4WR200-4 5WR19032B1 SAW191S2-4
4WR080-3 5W1500S10032203-0616 5WR1903FB5 SAW191T2
4WR084-1 5W1500S14061203-1750 5WR1903FB7 SAW191T2-4
4WR084-2 5W2150S13022001-0016 5WR190-5 SAW19MT1-9
4WR08423A1 5WC0702FB5 5WR190-7 SAW19PT1
4WR08423B1 5WC0702FB6 5WR20034B5 SAW201S2
4WR084-3 5WC0703MB7 5WR200-5 SAW21542-6
4WR0843FB3 5WC080-1 5WR2152FA7 SAW215T2-6
4WR104-1 5WC0802FB1 5WR2152FB7 SAW22042-5
4WR10411B1 5WC1001FB8 5WR215-7 SAW220T2-5
4WR10411N1 5WC1502FA5 5WR2202FD7 SAW22MT1-9
4WR1041FB7 5WC1852FA7 5WR2203FB7 SAW231S1
4WR104-2 5WC1852FB7 5WR220-7 SAW231T1
4WR10421A2 5WG1503FG1 5WR232SA53 SAW24042-5
4WR10421B2 5WR0703FB7 8WR104-1 SAW240T1
4WR104-7 5WR070-5 8WR104-2 SAW26042-3
4WR120-1 5WR070-6 8WR10421A1 SAW260T1
4WR12021B1 5WR070-7 8WR1042AW2 SAW2614-9
4WR12021N1 5WR089-1 8WR1042ET3 SAW26PT1
4WR12023A2 5WR0891FA1 IR-104MO0 SAW320T1-2
4WR12023B2 5WR0891FB1 IR-121MO0 SAW32PT1
4WR1202AA2 5WR100-8 IR-151MO0 SAW420S1
4WR1202AB2 5WR104-1 IR-151PO0 SAW42NSW
4WR1202FA6 5WR10412A1

What type of touch screen does Atouch have?

Atouch's products include: Analog Resistive Touch Screen:4-wire, 5-wire, 8-wire; Projective Capacitive Touch Panel, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Glass, Infrared Touchscreen and etc.

A. 4 Wires Resistive Touch Screen

ATouch's 4 Wires Resistive Touch Screen is of the most extensive application. It is capable of working by any kinds of physical touches, such as finger, gloved hand (any kinds of gloves). It is liquid resistance and contamination proof and even works in bad environment such as foul, dirt, greasiness. 4 Wire Resistive touch screen is also noted for its high accuracy and reliability with low cost advantage. Therefore it becomes the most popular touch screen in applications, especially in handset device uses.

4Wire Resistive Touch Screen Working Principle:
The 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen is a two-layer structure,
1. ITO glass substrate with one side uniform resistive ITO coating.
2. A very thick polyester ITO film which tightly suspended over the top of ITO glass substrate. This PET film has a hard, durable coating on the outer side, on inner side with ITO coating.
3. ITO glass and the ITO film are separated by printed small, transparent insulation spacer dots.

4Wire Resistive Touch Screen Working Principle

B. 5 Wires Resistive Touch Screen

ATouch's 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen is of the most extensive application. It works by any kind of physical touch, such as a finger, gloved hand, rubber, etc. It is liquid resistance and contamination proof and even works in bad environment such as foul, dirt, greasiness, etc.

5 Wires Resistive Touch Screen

C. 8 Wires Resistive Touch Screen

With two additional traces, 8-wire touchscreens can easily detect the precise location of touch commands, making them ideal for applications in which precision is critically important.

Additionally, 8-wire touchscreens are highly stable. With more conductive tracers than 4- and 5-wire touchscreens, they are less likely to experience phantom touch commands or other stability problems.

8-wire resistive touchscreens also work with a stylus. Capacitive touch-sensing technology is used in countless smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices. But unlike resistive technology, including that powering 8-wire touchscreens, capacitive doesn't support the use of a stylus.

Make a summary, 8-wire touchscreens are essentially 4-wire touchscreens with an additional pair of conductive tracers on each axis. While still relatively new, they are gaining popularity for their superior accuracy, stability and stylus support.

8Wire Resistive Touch Screen

D. Infrared Touchscreen Panel Glass

When compared to other types of touchscreen technology, infrared typically offers the highest image clarity as well as light transmission. This makes it particularly beneficial when used to produce large touchscreen displays. However, the benefits of infrared touchscreen devices don’t end there. They also boast an exceptional level of strength and durability. An all-too-common problem faced by many touchscreen devices is the presence of scratches. Over time, a traditional resistive or capacitive touchscreen device may develop micro-sized scratches in the surface; thus, affecting its usability. Infrared touchscreen devices, on the other hand, are protected against scratches, fingerprints and other forms of minor damage.

Another benefit of infrared touchscreen technology is the simple fact that they can be used with a bare finger, gloved finger, stylus and more. In comparison, capacitive touchscreen devices only support the use of a bare finger or special capacitive stylus.

E. Projective Capacitive Touch Screen

Because capacitive touchscreens register touch via the human body's electrical current, they require less pressure to operate than resistive touchscreens. Of course, another key benefit of capacitive touchscreen technology is its strength and durability. Capacitive touchscreens are more durable than resistive touchscreens, as dirt and fingerprint smudges won't affect their function. Screen rupture will not affect the function of the capacitive touch screen devices. It will continue to measure the electrical charge produced by the operator, using this information to determine where exactly the touch occurred. Last but not least, capacitive touch screen devices offer excellent picture quality thanks to the glass layer.

F. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screen

The Atouch Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen is a pure glass surface touch screen which has no coatings or overlays on the glass. The benefits include:
。Superior image clarity with high light transmission
。Sensitive and fast response
。Durability, deep scratch resistance and abrasion
。Highest resolution
。Activated by finger, gloved hand, leather or soft stylus
。More than 50 million touches in a single point
。Dirt and splash sealed capability
。Custom size for OEM available

Atouch Screen Panel Manuals/Datasheet PDF Download

What services can VICPAS provide?

Did you know Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel offer the same value as a new HMI at a fraction of the cost?

Advantages of Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel:

Savings: The most obvious benefit of refurbished HMI is the price. Refurbished HMI & Operator Panel save up to 50% in cost compared to new models. Less up front capital costs mean a quicker ROI.

Availability: If you want to replace a current HMI & Operator Panel with an identical model, your best choice is a refurbished HMI & Operator Panel. This allows for seamless integration into your existing production line with little downtime. Your operators and technicians will already be familiar with the technology making training time unnecessary. Turnaround times for new HMI & Operator Panel can sometimes be much longer. If you need to quickly implement a HMI & Operator Panel system into your process, we have a large inventory of in-stock HMI & Operator Panel Accessories ready for installation and programming.

Reliability: Just because you are paying less does not mean you are sacrificing quality. When working with the right refurbisher, used #HMI & Operator Panel are refurbished to like new condition. VICPAS has an intensive inspection and refurbishment process designed to restore the HMI & Operator Panel to comparable factory specifications. We conduct extended testing on each refurbished HMI & Operator Panel Accessories to ensure reliability.

Support: When it comes to maintenance and repairs, refurbished HMI & Operator Panel models offer the advantage of familiarity. Your technicians will already know how to perform the necessary maintenance. Parts are easily accessible and affordable through refurbished equipment accessories suppliers like VICPAS.

⚙️ VICPAS has been integrating and refurbishing HMI & Operator Panel accessories for over 17 years now. We perform all refurbishing in-house and pass the savings on to you!

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