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2024 The Most Complete Liyitec Touch Screen Panel Models


What is Liyitec Touch Screen Panel Glass?

Since 1993, Liyitec has been committed to designing and manufacturing touch solutions for global touch equipment manufacturers, integrators and dealers. Customer-oriented and market-oriented, Liyitec provides a wide range of industry standards and customized touch technologies, including 4-wire analog resistor, 5-wire analog resistor, digital resistor, projection capacitive touch screen, and touch controller and driver to meet the needs of various consumers, such as medical treatment, other types of industrial, commercial, entertainment and educational applications.

Liyitec provides the widest range of touch screen arrays from 3.5 "to 65" for LCD and CRT displays, providing high-quality products with high speed, excellent accuracy, excellent durability and unparalleled reliability. With ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities and excellent R & D capabilities, Liyitec provides customized configuration and engineering consulting to customers around the world to assist their unique mission-critical touch projects.

VICPAS is an Liyitec Touchscreen distributor and supplier entire line of touchscreen products including resistive touch controllers, amt resistive touch screens, amt projected capacitive touch screens and Liyitec projected capacitive controllers.
Liyitec Touch Panel Standard touch screens are available as well as advanced touch screens with options such as low reflectivity, high transmissivity, multi-finger touch capability and so etc. All of them are brand new and support 365 days VICPAS Warranty. Cantact Now for Best Prices

How to select the right Liyitec Touch Screen Panel?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Liyitec. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard
Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
80FA-4110-35090 TR4-035F-09N 80F4-4185-C1219 TR4-121F-21N TR4-121F-21N
80FA-4110-35090 TR4-035F-09N 80F4-4185-C1219 TR4-121F-21N TP-027F-05
80F4-4070-39111 TR4-039F-11N 80F4-4185-C121B TR4-121F-21 UN TP-031F-01
80F8-4110-40090 TR4-040F-09N 80F4-4185-C1270 TR4-121F-27 DG TP-031F-04
80F4-4110-52042 TR4-052F-04N 80F4-4185-C1300 TR4-121F-30N TP-035F-04
80F4-4300-57090 TR4-057F-09N 80F4-4185-C1300 TR4-121F-34N TP-042F-08
80F3-4110-57131 TR4-057F-13 80F4-4185-E1142 TR4-141F-14N TP-060F-01
80F4-4110-58092 TR4-058F-09 N 80F4-4185-E1190 TR4-141F-19 D TP-061F-05 UN
80F4-4110-58131 TR4-058F-13N 80F4-6130-F0022 TR4-150F-02N TP-065F-02 DG
80F4-4110-58132 TR4-089F-05N 80F4-4185-F0052 TR4-150F-05N TP-065F-12
80F4-4110-58150 TR4-058F-15 UN 80F4-4185-F0053 TR4-150F-05UN TP-104F-08DG
80F4-4110-58160 TR4-058F-16 DG 80F4-4185-F0054 TR4-150F-05-DIM-A TP-104F-22 UN
80F4-4110-5820 TR4-058F-20N-03 80F4-4185-F0055 TR4-150F-05 DG UG TP-121F-09-DG
80F4-4110-64042 TR4-064F-04N 80F4-4185-F0056 TR4-150F-05N-B10 TR4-018F-04
80F4-4110-64062 TR4-064F-06 80FG-4180-F0110 TR4-150F-11N UN TR4-024F-09
80F4-4110-64100 TR4-064F-10 80FG-4180-F0210 TR4-150F-21N TR4-028F-04
80F4-4110-64120 TR4-064F-12 80FG-4180-F0240 TR4-150F-24N TR4-029F-13
80F4-4110-64140 TR4-064F-14 80FG-4180-F0340 TR4-150F-34N TR4-029F-14
80F4-4110-64170 TR4-064F-17 80R4-5300-F1020 TR4-151R-02N TR4-030F-15
80F4-4110-64190 TR4-064F-19 80R4-5300-H1020 TR4-171R-02N TR4-030F-17
80F4-4280-65080 TR4-065F-08N 80F4-4300-H0022 TR4-170F-02N TR4-030F-18
80F4-4280-65060 TR4-065F-06 80F4-4300-H0030 TR4-170F-03N TR4-034F-04
80F4-4280-65081 TR4-065F-08 80FA-4280-H0030 TR4-170F-03N UN TR4-035F-04
80F4-4280-65090 TR4-065F-09 80F4-4185-H0070 TR4-170F-07N TR4-035F-05
80F4-4280-65120 TR4-065F-12 80F4-4300-I1021 TR4-181F-02N TR4-035F-09
80F4-4280-65130 TR4-065F-13 80R4-5300-J1010 TR4-191R-01N TR4-035F-11
80F8-A110-70690 TR4-070F-69 80R4-5300-L1020 TR4-211R-02N TR4-036F-02
80F8-A110-70071 TR4-070F-07N UN UG 83F4-4180-57111 TR5-057F-11 TR4-036F-02 UG
80F8-A110-70110 TR4-07F-011N 83F4-4180-57180 TR5-057F-18 TR4-036F-02 UN
80F8-A110-70130 TR4-070F-13N 83F4-4180-57110 TR5-057F-11N TR4-036F-03 D
80F4-4110-70152 TR4-070F-15N UN UC 83F4-4180-64090 TR5-064F-09N TR4-036F-04
80F4-4110-70260 TR4-070F-26N 83F4-4180-84130 TR5-084F-13N TR4-036F-05
80F4-4110-70070 TR4-070F-07 83F4-4180-84131 TR5-084F-13N-C03-01 TR4-037F-09
80F4-4110-70150 TR4-070F-15 83F4-4180-84170 TR5-084F-17 TR4-038F-02
80F4-4110-70160 TR4-070F-16 83F4-4180-84133 TR5-084F-13 TR4-039F-14
80F4-4110-70170 TR4-070F-17 83F4-4180-A4360 TR5-104F-36N TR4-039F-16 DG
80F4-4110-70190 TR4-070F-19 83F4-4180-A4481 TR5-104F-48N TR4-043F-04
80F4-4110-70220 TR4-070F-22 83F4-4180-A4760 TR5-104F-76 TR4-043F-23
80F3-A110-72010 TR4-072F-01 83F4-4180-C1260 TR5-121F-26N TR4-044F-01
80F4-4110-75033 TR4-075F-03N 83F4-4180-C1323 TR5-121F-32N TR4-044F-01 UG
80FA-4110-80060 TR4-080F-06 83F4-4180-C1324 TR5-121F-32 TR4-044F-01 UN
80FA-4110-80070 TR4-080F-07N 83F4-4180-C1410 TR5-121F-41HU2 TR4-047F-02
80FA-2110-84010 TR4-084F-07N 83F4-4180-C1411 TR5-121F-41N-04/09/10 TR4-047F-05
80F4-4110-84092 TR4-084F-09N 83F4-4180-C1390 TR5-121F-3902/39HU TR4-048F-15
80FA-4110-84090 TR4-084F-09 UN UG DG 83F4-4180-C1140 TR5-141F-14UN TR4-050F-04
80F4-4110-84093 TR4-084F-09 DG 83FA-4110-E1180 TR5-141F-18N TR4-050F-08
80F4-4110-89080 TR4-089F-08 83F4-H180-F1070 TR5-151F-07N TR4-052F-04
80F4-4110-A4220 TR4-104F-22 DG 83F4-H180-F1070 TR5-151F-10N-02 TR4-056F-03 DG
80F4-4110-A4260 TR4-104F-26 83F4-4180-F0123 TR5-150F-12N TR4-056F-04
80F4-4110-A4272 TR4-104F-27N 83F4-4180-F0124 TR5-150F-12N-D24 TR4-056F-05
80F4-4110-A4274 TR4-104F-27 DG UNUG 83F4-4180-F0190 TR5-150F-19 TR4-056F-05 DG
80FA-4110-A4410 TR4-104F-41N 83F4-H180-F4020 TR5-154F-02N TR4-056F-05 UG
80FA-4110-A4490 TR4-104F-49 UN UG 83FA-4280-H0080 TR5-170F-08N TR4-056F-05 UN
80FA-4110-A4500 TR4-104F-50N 83F4-4180-H1120 TR5-171F-12N UN UG TR4-056F-05 UN UG DG
80F4-A110-A4501 TR4-104F-50N-05 83F4-4180-H1170 TR5-171F-17N-A04-01 TR4-056F-07
80FA-4180-A4580 TR4-104F-58 83F4-4180-H1171 TR5-171F-17N TR4-057F-15
80FA-4180-A4590 TR4-104F-59D/U 83F4-4180-H1173 TR5-171F-17N-04/-A12 TR4-057F-19
80FA-4180-A4620 TR4-104F-62 83F4-4280-H1170 TR5-171F-17N/1C7 TR4-057F-19 UG
80F4-4180-A4591 TR4-104F-65N-03 83F-4180-J0010 TR5-190F-01N TR4-057F-19 UN
84F4-4280-A4670 TR4-104F-67 83F-4180-J0011 TR5-190F-01N-12 TR4-057F-20
80FA-4280-B0040 TR4-110F-04 DG 83F-4180-J0030 TR5-190F-01N-A14 TR4-057F-21
80FA-4280-B0050 TR4-110F-05 UN 83F4-H180-J0030 TR5-190F-03N TR4-057F-23
80F4-4185-C1214 TR4-102F-02N 83F-4180-J0030 TR5-190F-03N-A02 TR4-057F-24
80FA-4110-58190 TP-057F-01 UN 83FA-H180-J0061 TR5-190F-06N TR4-058F-09 DG
80F4-4185-C1216 TR4-122F-04 D 83FA-H180-J0010 TR5-210F-01N TR4-058F-13 UN UG
80F4-4180-F4070 TR4-154F-07 83FA-4280-M0010 TR5-220F-01N TR4-060F-02
83F4-4180-84132 TR5-090F-03N 80F4-4110-48082 TP-048F-08 UN UG TR4-062F-05
83FA-4180-F0125 TR5-156F-X02 80F4-4110-48121 TP-048F-12 UN TR4-06414082
5801-2310-36052 5801-J07A-01ALL 80FA-4110-48092 TP-048M-09 DG TR4-064F-04
80F4-4110-58095 TR4-057F-27 80F4-C135-A4030 TP-104F-03 UN Ver.01 TR4-064F-04 UG
80F4-4110-61062 TR4-057F-27N-01 80F4-8130-F002 TP-150F-02 UN TR4-064F-04 UN
80F4-4110-64043 TR4-058F-03 DG 80F4-4300-H0022 TP-170F-02 UN TR4-066F-02N-02
81F3-A110-48140 TRD-048F-14 DG TR5-08422155 TR5-185F-03 TG5-10416155
TR4-066F-03 TR4-10414055 TR5-09014155 TR5-185F-10 TG5-12124205
TR4-070F-15 UC TR4-158F-13 TR5-10422085 TR5-19032305 TG5-15024205
TR4-070F-15 UN TR4-171F-16N TR5-10422205 TR5-216F-X01 TG5-17024205
TR4-071F-02 TR4-260F-01N TR5-104F-36 TR5-260F-02N TR8-12021120
TR4-074F-10 UN JG TR4-310319056 TR5-12122205 TR6-084-16 TRD-024M-03
TR4-077F-01 UN TR4-312121100 TR5-12132205 TR8-080F-12 TR5-07014085
TR4-084F-09 UG TR5-056F-06 TR5-15022205 TR8-084F-16 A11-035ba403B
TR4-084F-09 UN TR5-05722080 TR5-15422113 TR8-084F-18 A11-038ba401B
5801_J071_01ALL for LITEMAX LO1941 TR5-06414085 TR5-17022205 TR8-104F-67 RTP-094F-05 U

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