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T140418S0021AT touch screen

T140418S0021AT touch screen

Issue Time:2017-05-15

T140418S0021AT touch screen
T140418S0021AT touch panel
T140418S0021AT touch membrane
T140418S0021AT touch glass
T140418S0021AT touch digitizer
T140418S0021AT HMI touch glass
T140418S0021AT Touchscreen
T140418S0021AT touch assemble
T140418S0021AT touch front
T140418S0021AT touch interface
T140418S0021AT touch cover
T140418S0021AT protective film
T140418S0021AT overlay label
T140418S0021AT front foil

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Guangzhou Vicpas Touch Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned and professional Touch screen PanelKeyboard membrane and Accessories manufacturer in a global spectrum.

After more than 10 years of accumulated experience and continuous improvement of quality control, at the same time a reliable strategic partner and supplier of worldwide top companies.

Vicpas's success depends on customers support, provide One-stop shop service with the win-win relationships for touch screentouch panelmembrane keyboard and LCD Display. Since entering the global market, we have continued to set up new standards for reliable performance, exquisite design and customer service.

As a professional OEM/ODM supplier, we have modern machines and scientific management system guarantee high quality and on time delivery.Vicpas total output of Touch screen panel and Keyboard membrane Accessories reach 500,00pcs per month. Our products are mainly exported to more then 60 countries, especially European and America.

Vicpas’s concept is to provide superior ratio of price and quality products for our partners and customers to strengthen their competence in their local markets.

Vicpas Touch will be one of your best strategic business partners in Faucet industry in China.

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