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S039403v1.305-21 touch screen

S039403v1.305-21 touch screen
Issue Time:2017-10-09

S039403v1.305-21 touch screen
S039403v1.305-21 touch panel
S039403v1.305-21 touch membrane
S039403v1.305-21 touch glass
S039403v1.305-21 touch digitizer
S039403v1.305-21 HMI touch glass

S039403v1.305-21 Touchscreen S039403v1.305-21 touch assemble S039403v1.305-21 touch front S039403v1.305-21 touch interface S039403v1.305-21 touch cover S039403v1.305-21 protective film S039403v1.305-21 overlay label S039403v1.305-21 front foil
S039403v1.305-21 touch screen

*  Size     inch;

General Size

1.0″ to 24″

Custom Size

1.0″ to 23″

Fit in with

Panel display device 

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