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As the original inventors of touchscreen technology, Elo Touch Solutions is the leading global supplier of touch-enabled technology, products and industry solutions. The Elo portfolio encompasses the broadest selection of OEM touchscreen components, touchmonitors, and all-in-one touchcomputers for the demanding requirements of diverse markets. From small screen displays to large format interactive digital signage — whether for gaming machines, interactive kiosks, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, wayfinders, interactive retail displays or transportation applications — Elo has a solution.

Our goal is to help you do your job better, spend less time doing it and become your favorite touchscreen supplier by delivering on our promises. We measure our success based on your satisfaction. We want you to be an Elo customer for life.Elo Touch Solutions


The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation.

• Commitment to quality, reliability and innovation

• Focused on commercial grade products, purpose built, hardened for tough environments and made to last for extended lifecycles up to 10 years or more

• A technology leader and original inventor of the touchscreen with over 400 patents and the broadest touch technology portfolio in the industry today (Surface Acoustic Wave, Projective Capacitive, Surface Capacitive, Infrared and Resistive)

• Superior image quality (activated with finger or glove)

• Large enough to have global reach and scale, small enough to work hand-in-hand to help you accomplish your goal

• Customer-centric, hands-on support with direct access to engineers, developers and executives

• Easy to install, easy to use and easy to support

• Standards-based, open-architecture solutions to address diverse needs, accelerate ROI and lower TCO

AccuTouch® 5-wire Resistive
Elo developed AccuTouch® technology with the harshest environments in mind, so it's no wonder that it excels in reliability, durability, and expected product life.  Impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid spills and splashes and washdowns, these screens are the most contamination-resistant available.  They deliver drift-free operation for a lifetime of 35 million finger touches.

Five-wire resistive is the most accurate and reliable touchscreen technology. Elo, the inventor of resistive technology, takes five-wire resistive several steps further with its proprietary AccuTouch® touchscreens.

    ● Stable, drift-free operation
    ● Broad input flexibility
    ● Contamination resistance
    ● Accuracy in high-use applications
    ● Long product life
    ● Meets NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP65 standards

Thanks to its inherently stable design, Elo AccuTouch® five-wire resistive touchscreens have unmatched accuracy over time. The initial setup should last the life of the product, because only a two-point video alignment is required to normalize the touchscreen and video coordinate systems.

An enhanced, scratch-resistant hard coating gives AccuTouch® touchscreens unparalleled protection against damage, even in the harshest industrial environments. Elo touchscreens have been operationally tested to over 35 million touches in one location with a stylus similar to a finger, making them ideal for heavy-usage environments.

AccuTouch® technology is the workhorse of resistive touchscreens, providing unsurpassed performance in POS, industrial, medical, and transportation applications. Touch the screen with a finger, gloved hand, fingernail, or object such as a credit card, and you'll receive a fast, accurate response every time.

Point-of-Sale Solutions
    ● Fine Dining
    ● Fast Food
    ● Hospitality
    ● Lodging
    ● Vending
    ● Lottery Terminals
    ● General Retail
    ● Grocery/Convenience

Industrial Solutions 
    ● Process Control
    ● Food Processing Equipment
    ● Machine Control
    ● Industrial PCs
    ● Man-Machine Interface
    ● Office Automation Equipment
    ● Automated Testing
    ● Automobile Test Equipment

Transportation Solutions 
    ● In-vehicle Use
    ● Baggage Handling

Medical Solutions 
    ● Medical Instrumentation
    ● Patient Monitoring Systems
    ● Medical Equipment
    ● Research Instrumentation

AccuTouch® 5-wire technology is also now available as a zero-bezel option for true-flat display integration.
AccuTouch® 4-wire technology is a legacy product and is no longer available.  5-wire technology solutions offer improved accuracy and touch detection.

IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave
IntelliTouch® surface wave is the optical standard of touch.  Its pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratch-resistant technology available. It is nearly impossible to physically "wear out" this touchscreen.

    ● Surface wave (also known as surface acoustic wave, or SAW) technology
    ● Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
    ● Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface—continues to work if scratched
    ● Stable "drift-free" operation—for touch response that's always accurate
    ● Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation
    ● Fast touch response
    ● Sensitive touch response—recognizes location and amount of pressure applied
    ● UL- and cUL-recognized touchscreens and controllers and TÜV-approved components
    ● Integrated touchmonitors that meet UL, cUL, FCC, and CE standards
    ● The longest touchscreen warranty available: ten-year warranty for IntelliTouch®/SecureTouch® touchscreens and five-year warranty for related controllers.

IntelliTouch® touchscreens are unmatched for clarity and reliability, even in exposed public environments with a ten year manufacturers warranty on touchscreen sensors, five year warranty on controllers.

IntelliTouch® is widely used in kiosk, gaming, and office automation applications including:

    ● Point-of-information kiosks
    ● Vending and ticket sales
    ● Electronic catalogues
    ● Gaming, lottery, and amusement
    ● Public pay phones
    ● Multimedia marketing
    ● Banking/financial transactions
    ● Industrial control rooms
    ● Computer-based training

IntelliTouch® Plus Surface Acoustic Wave
Based upon proven surface acoustic wave technology with over 20 years of reliable performance, IntelliTouch® Plus surface acoustic wave touchscreens deliver dual-touch capability for high-use applications.  Its pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratch-resistant technology available.

It is virtually impossible to physically "wear out" this touchscreen. Meeting test criteria for Microsoft Windows 7 Additional Qualification (AQ) compliance, IntelliTouch® Plus touchscreens enable Windows 7 users to interact with their computer system with Windows 7 multi-touch gesture recognition.

Fast, accurate dual-touch response recording two simultaneous touch locations anywhere on the screen
    ● Two-point multi-touch gesture recognition when used with touch-ready operating systems including
    ● Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8
    ● Sensitive touch response, recognizes location and amount of pressure applied
    ● Overcomes drawbacks of other multi-touch technologies such as ambient light variances (such as camera-based optical)
    ● Pure-glass touchscreens for excellent image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
    ● Stable "drift-free" operation, for touch response that's always accurate

Reliable surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch technology with millions of installations worldwide
    ● Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface, continues to work if scratched
    ● Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation

Desktop Touch Computers, All-In-One (AiO) and Touch Monitors
    ● Point of information kiosks
    ● Vending and ticket sales
    ● Gaming, lottery, and amusement
    ● Multimedia marketing
    ● Banking and financial transactions
    ● Industrial control rooms

iTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave
With more than 20 years of IntelliTouch® technical and manufacturing expertise, Elo Touch Solutions raised the standards for surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch solutions with the introduction of their new iTouch® technology.

A proprietary innovation, iTouch® technology moves all of the touch detection hardware to the backside of the touchscreen resulting in a completely flat touch surface with zero-bezel after integration of the touchscreen into a monitor, touchcomputer, or other electronic device.

Although different than conventional surface acoustic wave technologies, iTouch® touchscreen technology delivers the same single-touch robust performance as the original IntelliTouch® technology.  With no moving parts to wear out, touch response is always fast, accurate, and drift-free using a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus. Pure glass construction allows high light transmission without compromising durability or functionality. 

     Completely flat touchscreen offers a sleek and refined appearance
 No bezel required for easy integration into touchmonitors and touchcomputers 
 Same fast, accurate, and stable performance as IntelliTouch® technology

Desktop Touch Computers, All-In-One (AiO) and Touch Monitors
    ● Point of information kiosks
    ● Vending and ticket sales
    ● Gaming, lottery, and amusement
    ● Multimedia marketing
    ● Banking and financial transactions
    ● Industrial control rooms

iTouch® Plus Surface Acoustic Wave
iTouch® Plus Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreens combine zero-bezel design with dual-touch functionality.

iTouch® Plus solutions offer a simple bill of material, a less complex manufacturing and touchscreen integration process, and less capital investment than projective capacitive technologies. This results in a more cost competitive touchscreen solution. The electronics can scale across a wide range of screen sizes, without performance degradation, which contributes to the iTouch® Plus touchscreen technology being the choice of selection without concern of design-in touch performance issues. iTouch® Plus is based on SAW technology which proven in the industry as reliable touch technology for long-life applications with a near zero field return rate on touch technology related issues.

     Completely flat touchscreen offers a sleek and refined appearance
 No bezel required for easy integration into touchmonitors and touchcomputers 
 Same fast, accurate, and stable performance as IntelliTouch® Plus technology

TouchPro™ Projected Capacitive
TouchPro™ Projected Capacitive is the new Elo name for their projected capacitive products.  Projected Capacitive touchscreen technology is long-recognised capacitance system that delivers a sensitive, accurate interactive experience for Elo Touch Solutions touchmonitors offer up to ten-point touch  and fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system.

Using a proprietary glass-on-glass lamination configuration, it responds to a light touch in a seamless, zero-bezel design. Without an overlay or substrate, the pure-glass surface is nearly impossible to physically "wear out" and is easy to clean with no edges to trap dirt and grease.

Projected capacitive touchscreens combine high resolution with excellent transparency and sleek glass-to-edge aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for most public venues including retail and hospitality. Whether activated by fingers or gloved hands, it consistently delivers a fast, accurate, drift-free touch response.

    ● Up to ten independent touch points (with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems)
    ● Responds to a light touch to activate response
    ● High transparency and colour fidelity
    ● Stable, no-drift performance, no calibration required
    ● Recognizes touch from a finger or gloved hands

    ● Retail
    ● Restaurants
    ● Hotels
    ● Casinos

Optical touchscreen technology uses multiple optical sensors to detect the touch point, which registers the touch just before physical contact with the screen. This means that users can apply zero or light touch to the screen to initiate a response, and any input device, such as a finger, gloved finger, pen, or stylus will work. 

Just like Elo's IntelliTouch® surface acoustic wave touchscreen technology, surface coating overlays are not used on the touch screen surface, which creates a crystal clear image. In addition, scratches on the touch surface will not affect the touch screen operation. This is important for high-use public environments such as lobbies, way-finding or kiosks.

     Up to six-point independent touch points (
with Windows 7 and 8 operating system)
 No pressure needed to activate touch response
 Greater than 90% transparency and true colour fidelity
 Stable, no-drift performance, no calibration required
 Recognizes touch from virtually any object and scratches do not affect the touchscreen operation
 USB HID device compatible with most common operating systems

    ● Interactive digital signage
 Retail and shopping malls
Hotels and casinos
 Healthcare and medical institutions
 Corporate environments
 Kiosks and self-service system

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