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For Mitsubishi Beijier Operator Panels Touch Screen Glass and Membrane Keypad Repair

Mitsubishi Beijer HMI Operator Panels

The Mitsubishi Electric :

The Mitsubishi Electric Group operates on the corporate principle of contributing to creating a vibrant and affluent society by enhancing its technologies, services and creative powers, as a leader in the manufacture and sales of electric and electronic equipment used in Energy and Electric Systems, Industrial Automation, Information and Communication Systems.

The Mitsubishi HMI Series :

  • GOT-A900 Series

  • GOT-F900 Series

  • GOT1000 Series

  • GOT2000 Series

The Beijer Electric :

The Beijer Electronics is a high technology company active in industrial automation and data communication. By creating and developing innovative technologies and software we increase our customers’ efficiency and reduce their costs, wherever they’re based.

The Beijer Operator Panels Series :

  • E1000 Operator Panels Series

  • EXTER Operator Panels Series

  • IX Operator Panels Series

  • X2 Operator Panels Series

HMI & Operator Panel Broken

Siemens simatic HMI & Operator panel broken

The HMI & operator panel  are fragiled and easy been damaged or lossed function after a long time using, Some of the manufacture will replaced the whole HMI panel directly with high price, the other manufactures are hard to find the correct and good quality spare part for replaceemnt, therefore, the others would sent to the local automation or electric repair company to fix, if they don`t have accessory, then have to wait for a long time and pay more money.

 Why touch screen not working? 

VICPAS HMI Touchscreen

Vicpas provide all kind of touch screen for HMI panel repair/replacement, we are working close with lot`s of automation and electric repair company from all over the world, Euro, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia etc, all of them stock the safety stock quantity make sure your HMI panel could be fixed in no time, all the touch screen spare part are brand new, good quality with 365 days warranty. If you are interesting, you could replace the touch screen from the HMI panel by yourself, very easy. How to install touchscreen ), very competitive price and we will ship by DHL express, normally only take 2-5 working days to reach your hand, you don`t need to wait a long time.

If you need more details, please contact us without hesitate.

VICPAS provide all Mitsubishi Beijier HMI for replacement

For Siemens Simatic HMI Touchscreen & Operator Panel repair

Mitsubishi HMI Panels Series:

GOT-A900 Series A985GOT-TBA-V GOT-F900 Series


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GOT-1000 Series

GT1695M-XTBA GOT-2000 Series GT2107-WTSD
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Beijer Operator Panelsie Sers:

E1000 Series E1012 EXTER Series


E1022 EXTER K20m
E1032 EXTER K70
E1041 EXTER K100
E1060 EXTER T70-bl
E1063 EXTER T100-bl
E1070 EXTER T150-bl
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IX Operator panels

iX T4A X2 Operator panels X2 base 5
iX T7AM X2 control 4
iX T10A-SC X2 control 15
iX T15BR-HP-HB X2 marine 7 HB SC
PWS Series PWS5610S-S H-Series H-T40m-P
PWS6310S-S H-T60t-Ne
PWS6560S-S H-T40m-ROSP
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