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DMC AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original

DMC AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original

DMC AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original
DMC AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass OriginalDMC AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original
CategoriesATP/AST Series
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Touch screen panel typeResistance touch screen
Size12.1 inch
Warranty365 Days
Shipping2-3 working Days
ModleAST-121A / AST-121A080A
Tail Length & Position80mm (Left Side)
External Dimension(E)263.0 x 201.0mm
Glass Thickness(Total)1.8mm (2.1mm)
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update Time2020-10-01
Detail Information

DMC AST-121A AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original Repair Replacement

DMC AST-121A AST-121A080A Touch Screen Panel Glass Original Repair Replacement

The AST-121A080A work Maximum Voltage DC6V with 100mA Top Electrode, Bottom Electrode 100mA, Between the Top and Bottom. Tail Length & Position 80mm (Left Side), External Dimension 263.0 x 201.0mm, Glass Thickness(Total) 1.8mm (2.1mm).The touch screen type is analog resistive 4-wire. Highly durable and versatile. Operation is guaranteed up to as many as 10 million strokes (4-wire type)/ 35 million strokes (5-wire type).

DMC AST121A080A touchscreen panel work Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C (no condensation), Operating Humidity -20°C to 60°C Less than 90%RH (no condensation) Exceeding 60°C 133.8g/m3 (no condensation).

VICPAS supply DMC AST-121A080A 12.1 inches Touch Screen Panel Glass Original for repair replacement. All of them with VICPAS 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.

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The table below describes the parameters of the DMC AST-121A080A Touch screen Panel Glass.

Part Number : AST-121A080A
Screen diagonal12.1 in
Warranty: 365 Days Warranty
InterfacesUSB / RS232
Glass Strength: 1.8 mm
Technology: Analog resistive 4-wire
Active Area:250.0 x 188.5mm
Viewing Area Dimension 247.0 x 185.5mm

DMC AST / ATP Series Manuals PDF Download:

  • DMC AST-121A080A datasheet pdf
  • sDMC AST / ATP Series manual Product Specifications

  • DMC AST / ATP Touch Screen Handling Notes

    This product is intended for use in standard applications (computers, office automation, and other office equipment, industrial, communications, and measurement equipment, personal and household devices, etc.)

    Please avoid using this product for special applications where failure or abnormal operation may directly affect human lives, or cause physical injury or property damage, or where extremely high levels of reliability are required (such as aerospace systems, vehicle operating control, atomic energy controls, medical devices for life support, etc.).

    Handling Notes

    • Do not depress or scratch the product with any object with a sharp edge or hard end.
    • Do not put this product close to fire.
    • Do not wipe this product with too much load.
    • Do not strongly rub this product locally. It may affect the product’s functions.
    • Do not hit the product with a hard object.
    • Do not forcibly bend or fold the product.
    • When the product is stored, make sure it is packed in a packing box and stored in a storage temperature range, eliminating any outside load.
    • Do not use or store the product under a condition where the product will be exposed to water, organic solution or acid.
    • Do not use the product under the direct sunlight.
    • Do not disassemble the product.
    • When you handle the product, Hold the product by its body. Do not hold by the tail.
    • Clean the product with a soft cloth or a soft cloth with neutral detergent or alcohol. When contaminated by chemicals, wipe them off immediately with caution not to cause injury to human body.
    • The edge of the glass is not rounded and may cause injury.

    Construction Notes

    The environmental specifications, mechanical characteristics, and electrical characteristics are only applied to the Active Area.
    Do not use the touchscreen when the condensation occurs. The condensation inside of the touchscreen is a natural phenomenon and should disappear after the touchscreen is warmed up.

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