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Beijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel Replacement

Beijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel Replacement

Beijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel Replacement
Beijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel ReplacementBeijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel ReplacementBeijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel ReplacementBeijer HMI Hitech PWS6800C-N Touch Panel Replacement
CategoriesHitech PWS Series
Size7.5 inch
Warranty365 Days
Product LinePWS Series
SupplyPWS6800C-N Repair Kit
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update Time2022/6/28
Detail Information

Beijer HMI PWS6800C-N Touch Screen Panel Repair Replacement

Beijer PWS6800C-N Operator Panel Touch screen Repair Replacement 

Beijer PWS6800C-N 7.5'' graphic touch HMI kits include touchscreen and overlay

• 16 shades of blue
• STN display
• COM Port x1
• 800x480 pixels

HITECH-PWS series offers valuable fundamental HMI functionality. The series include keypad and touchscreen interfaces and will be available in seven different sizes.The PWS series provides valuable basic HMI functions. This series includes a keyboard and touch screen interface, from 3 inches to 10.4 inches in 7 different sizes. The PWS series provides three functional levels: Standard, Plus and Network, and you can select and purchase the required HMI technology level.As an operating terminal, the Standard version contains most of the hardware and software requirements that should exist in terms of existing sizes.The Plus version has the same functions as the Standard version, and has expanded memory for data/recipe processing, and a multi-function port for output.

VICPAS supply Beijer PWS6800C-N touchscreen with 12 months warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.

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The table below describes the parameters of the Beijer PWS6800C-N HMI Parts.

Brand: Beijer
Touch type: Resistive
Housing material:Plastic, Gray
Warranty: 6-Months Warranty
Product Line:Beijer HITECH PWS
Display Type:LCD
Size: 7.5 INCH
Resolution:800x480 pixels
Input fuse:DC fuse
Display type: Color TFT LCD

Beijer PWS6800C-N Operator Panel HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Beijer HITECH PWS Series Manuals
  • Beijer PWS6800C-N datasheet pdf

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to instiall PWS6800C-N Terminal?

    Answer:The basic H-Designer system requirements are as follows:
    – PC - CPU 80586 or higher;
    – Memory - 64 MB RAM or more;
    – Hardware - 60 MB or more available hard drive space;
    – Display - VGA or SVGA. Microsoft Windows with 256 colors or higher, and aresolution of 800×600 or higher.
    Since all the programs in the H-Designer suite have been compressed, you need touncompress and install the software before using it.

    Question: What is the Ladder Programming of Beijer H-Series operator panel?

    Answer:TLadder logic is a method of drawing electrical logic schematics. It can also be used forprogramming controllers. A program in ladder logic, also called a ladder diagram, issimilar to a schematic for a set of relay circuits.
    H-series operator terminals and H-Designer support ladder programming and functionsin a continuous, cyclical series of tasks called scan. When the operator terminalis running, your program should be in one of the following status: RUN, STOP,PAUSE, and ERROR, and you can control the status changing by using debug commandsand inserting instructions in your program.
    Detailed information about using ladder programming as well as examples are availableby selecting Help/LadderPlus in H-Designer

    Question: What is PWS6800C-N mebrane keyboard HMI parts price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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