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FAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal Keypad Replacement Repair

FAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal Keypad Replacement Repair

FAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal Keypad Replacement Repair
FAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal Keypad Replacement RepairFAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal Keypad Replacement Repair
ModelFAGOR 8040 8050
Warranty365 Days
SupplyFAGOR 8040 8050 Keypad Membrane Replacement
ModelFAGOR 8040 8050
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time2021-12-04
Detail Information

FAGOR 8040 8050 Membrane Keypad Keyboard Repair Replacement

FAGOR 8040 8050 Membrane Keypad Repair Kit

A FAGOR 8040 8050 Terminal keypad CNC machine needs the following origin and reference points defined:
• Machine Reference Zero or home. This is set by the manufacturer as the origin of the coordinate system of the FAGOR 8040 8050 Membrane keyboard machine.
• Part zero or point of origin of the part. This is the origin point that is set for programming the measurements of the part. It can be freely selected by the programmer, and its FAGOR 8040 8050 Keypad Membrane machine reference zero can be set by the zero offset.
• Machine Reference point. This is a point on the machine established by the manufacturer around which the synchronization of the system is done. The control positions the axis on this point, instead of moving it as far as the Machine Reference Zero, taking, at this point, the reference coordinates which are defined via the axis machine parameter “REFVALUE”.


The table below describes the parameters of the FAGOR 8040 8050 Keyboard Membrane.

Part Number: FAGOR 8040 8050
Backlight: LED
Warranty: 365 Days
Product Line: Fagor series
Input Power: 24VDC (+10%, -15%)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 °C

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Fagor HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Fagor 8040 Installation Manual
  • Fagor 8040MC Operating Manual
  • Fagor 8070 Operating Manual
  • Fagor 8070 Programming Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to define the FAGOR 8040 8050 Membrane Keypad Keyboard HMI profile program?

    Answer: The profile program may be defined as follows.

    • Key in the profile program number directly.
  • If the "profile program" is known, key in the program number and press [ENTER].
  • • Access the "profile programs" to select one of them.
  • Press the [↓] key. The canned cycle will show a window with the profile programs currently defined. Use the [↑] and [↓] keys to move around this window. After positioning the cursor on the desired program, press [ENTER]. To exit this window without selecting any program, use the [←] y [→] keys.
  • How to define the FAGOR 8040 8050 Membrane Keypad Keyboard HMI profile program?

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