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G121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original Repair

G121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original Repair

G121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original Repair
G121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original RepairG121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original RepairG121I1-L01 LCD Display Panel New Original Repair
CategoriesLCD Display
ModelG121I1-L01 Rev. C5
Warranty180 Days
ModelG121I1-L01 Rev. C5
SupplyBrand New LCD Display Screen
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update TimeJune 4,2023
Detail Information

Brand New G121I1-L01 LCD Display for Replacement Repair 180 Days Warranty

Sharp LM8V302 LCD Display for Replacement Repair

If you are looking for original and authentic G121I1-L01 LCD's, then you're at the right place. VICPAS has been selling these HMI Parts for over 16 years and tests each unit before it ships out. VICPAS supply CHIMEI INNOLUX G121I1-L01 LCD display for replaced. The G121I1-L01 lcd display panel is brands new with VICPAS 180 days warranty, support Urgent Worldwide Shipping

(1) High temperature or humidity may reduce the performance of G121I1-L01 module. Please store G121I1-L01 LCD module within the specified storage conditions.
(2) It is dangerous that moisture come into or contacted the LCD module, because the moisture may damage G121I1-L01 LCD module when it is operating.
(3) It may reduce the display quality if the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ºC. For example, the response time will become slow, and the starting voltage of the lamp will be higher than the room temperature.

(1) Do not pull the I/F connector in or out while the G121I1-L01 LCD Panel module is operating.
(2) Always follow the correct power on/off sequence when the G121I1-L01 LCD module is connecting and operating. This can prevent the CMOS LSI chips from being damaged during latch-up.
(3) The startup voltage of Backlight is approximately 1000 Volts. It may cause electrical shock while assembling with the converter. Do not disassemble the module or insert anything into the G121I1-L01 LCD Screen Backlight unit.

(1) When fixed patterns are displayed for a long time, remnant image is likely to occur.


The table below describes the parameters of the Sharp G121I1-L01 Rev. C5 LCD Display.

Part Number : G121I1-L01
Panel mode: Transmissive
Warranty: 180 Days Warranty
Display Size: 12.1" colour LCD
Display Colors: 262K/16.2M color
Language: Worldwide
Pixel Number: 1280 x R.G.B. x 800 pixel
Pixel Pitch: 0.204(H) x 0.204 (V) mm
Operating temperature: 0 to +70°C

G121I1-L01 Manuals PDF Download:

  • CHIMEI INNOLUX G121I1-L01 Rev. C5 Datasheet

  • FAQ:


    (1) The G121I1-L01 LCD Screen module should be assembled into the system firmly by using every mounting hole. Be careful not to twist or bend the G121I1-L01 LCD Display panel module.
    (2) While assembling or installing modules, it can only be in the clean area. The dust and oil may cause an electrical short or damage the polarizer.
    (3) Use finger stalls or soft gloves in order to keep the G121I1-L01 display clean during the incoming inspection and assembly process.
    (4) Do not press or scratch the surface harder than an HB pencil lead on the panel because the polarizer is very soft and easily scratched.
    (5) If the surface of the polarizer is dirty, please clean it with some absorbent cotton or soft cloth. Do not use Ketone type materials (ex. Acetone), Ethyl alcohol, Toluene, Ethyl acid or Methyl chloride. It might permanently damage the polarizer due to a chemical reaction.
    (6) Wipe off water droplets or oil immediately. Staining and discoloration may occur if they are left on the G121I1-L01 LCD panel for a long time.
    (7) If the liquid crystal material leaks from the panel, it should be kept away from the eyes or mouth. In case of contact with hands, legs or clothes, it must be washed away thoroughly with soap.
    (8) Protect the G121I1-L01 LCD Display Screen module from static electricity, it may cause damage to the C-MOS Gate Array IC.
    (9) Do not disassemble the G121I1-L01 LCD Panel module.
    (10) Do not pull or fold the lamp wire.
    (11) Pins of I/F connector should not be touched directly with bare hands.

    Question: What is the dimension of the G121I1-L01 LCD Display Screen?

    Answer:The G121I1-L01 LCD display panel is 12.1 inch.

    Question: What is the G121I1-L01 HMI LCD Display price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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