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VT Text & Graphic

VT Text & Graphic
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  • ESA Graphic terminal membrane keypad lcd display
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    The ESA Graphic Terminals - A wide choice of text and graphics HMIs to meet any need. Include text terminals VT50 Operator terminal, VT60 Operator monitor, VT150 VT160W VT170W Operator terminal. And VT130 Graphic terminal, VT300W VT310W VT320W VT330W operator panel.These are some features available on graphic terminals: Alarms, passwords, recipes; Importation of graphic images in any format;Integrated Profibus-DP and CAN; Importation of graphic images in any format and so on.

    VICPAS supply all kind of memebrane keypad and LCD Display for ESA HMI Terminals replacement. All of them are brand news and support 365 Days VICPAS Warranty.

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    • Suppy Keyboard and LCD dispaly for ESA graphic terminals Replacement

    • Display Type:Text LCD

    • Control elements: Membrane keyboard

    • Backlighting:LED

    • Display area size (mm h-v):73,5 x 11,5

    • Applications quickly executed

    • Alarms, passwords, recipes

    • Two drivers run simultaneously Serial or parallel printing Integrated CA

    • ESA TEXT Terminals Series:VT50, VT60, VT100, VT110, VT130W, VT150W, VT170W, VT300W, VT310W, VT320W, VT330W, VT420, VT440, VT520T, VT550W, VT550

  • The Essential information of ESA VT Series?

    The VT is a device composed of a series of components which, given theirstructure MUST be used in a particular way; in addition, these very structuralcharacteristics may cause the VT to behave in ways that could beinterpreted as a malfunctioning of product and/or evidence of a constructionaldefect.

    NOTE: The VT in such cases is NOT to be considered faulty and so neitherrepair nor substitution are appropriate.

    The component that generally creates this impression is the display. Thedisplays used on the VTs are of two distinct types, one with a passivematrix called STN (Super Twist Nematic) and the other with an activematrix called TFT (Thin Film Transistor). Some of their working featuresare the same, others depend on the different constructional technology.

    One component that requires particular care when being used is the TouchScreen.

    Below we set out a series of points relating to possible behaviors and thecorrect use of the VT.

    NOTE: Failure to put some of these notions into practice may damage theVT.


VT Text & Graphic

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