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Control Panel Series

Control Panel Series

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  • Advantech Touchscreen Front Overlay Replacement Repair
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    Vicpas offers a range of The Advantech Control Panel HMIs Series touch panel, protective film and membrane keypad HMIs in various types, sizes, dimensions, and colors. It also provides efficient control features to fulfill the diverse needs of industrial automation machines. With its high-quality TFT display, it presents more lifelike and vibrant images, facilitating swift visualization of system and manufacturing processes.

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  • The Advantech Control Panel Series HMI Issues:

    Touchscreen Maintenance
    Inspect the touchscreen surface for any dirt or scratches, and delicately clean it using a soft cloth.
    You may use a mild, neutral detergent to wipe the touchscreen.
    Handle the touchscreen with care to prevent accidental dropping.

    In the event of damage or malfunction with the membrane keypad
    If just one key is affected, think about replacing that specific membrane key.
    If several keys are malfunctioning or the whole membrane requires replacement, reach out to VICPAS for appropriate replacements and repair guidance.

    Ensure there's no interference
    Verify that external factors like powerful magnets or other electronic devices aren't affecting the device.

    If these measures prove ineffective, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or a qualified professional for additional support.

ModelDescriptionStock Level
TPC-1282T-533AEAdvantech TPC-1282T-533AE Touch Screen Tablet and Front Overlay. 365 Days Warranty-Factory Price-Tested-Fast Shipping.Email/Call
TPC-1582H-433BEAdvantech TPC-1582H-433BE Protective Film and HMI Touch Glass Repair. 365 Days Warranty-Factory Price-Tested-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-1782H-433AEAdvantech TPC-1782H-433AE Touch Screen Glass and Protective Film. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-1782H-473AEAdvantech TPC-1782H-473AE Front Overlay and Touch Screen Panel Replacement. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-312-R833A TPC-312-R853A TPC-312-R873AAdvantech TPC-312-R833A TPC-312-R853A TPC-312-R873A Touchscreen and Protective Film. 365 Days Warranty-Tested-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-312-R833B TPC-312-R853B TPC-312-R873BAdvantech TPC-312-R833B TPC-312-R853B TPC-312-R873B Overlay HMI Touch. 365 Days Warranty-Tested-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-315-R833A TPC-315-R853A TPC-315-R873AAdvantech TPC-315-R833A TPC-315-R853A TPC-315-R873A Protective Film Touchpad. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-315-R833B TPC-315-R853B TPC-315-R873BAdvantech TPC-315-R833B TPC-315-R853B TPC-315-R873B Touch Membrane Overlay Film. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-317-R833A TPC-317-R853A TPC-317-R873AAdvantech TPC-317-R833A TPC-317-R853A TPC-317-R873A Protective Film HMI Touch Panel. 365 Days Warranty-Tested-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-317-R833B TPC-317-R853B TPC-317-R873BAdvantech TPC-317-R833B TPC-317-R853B TPC-317-R873B Touch Panel Protective Film. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
TPC-324W-P833A TPC-324W-P853A TPC-324W-P873AAdvantech TPC-324W-P833A TPC-324W-P853A TPC-324W-P873A MMI Touch Protective Film. 1-Year Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
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