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What is the difference between interactive touchpad and touchscreens ?

What is the difference between interactive touchpad and touchscreens ?

May 30,2018

What is the difference between interactive touchpad and touchscreens ?

The touchpad is relative positioning device, and interactive touch screen is absolute positioning device.
Interactive touch screen is absolute positioning device which is a display as its reference,the data showed is absolute coordinates.Like IPAD,IPHONE,their panel is integrated touch screen,touch screen in the HID devices is touch device.
The touchpad is not a display as its reference,it is relative positioning device. The data showedIs relative coordinates. For instance,the panel of laptop,the panel in the HID devices belongs to mouse.when it works,it always shows cursor on the operating system.it is just like a mouse.
For interactive touch screen,it has good future. So more and more countries pay attention to this, and spend much money,energy and time for the research and development. Then new touch screen is emerging. The interactive whiteboard can be used in the classrooms,studios. Etc.Briefly,it means combining the input and output. And the touch screen system is made up of Touch screen, touch screen controller,LCD controller,PC.

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