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VICPAS Holidays

VICPAS Holidays

Apr 14,2019
2019 China Public Holidays

VICPAS HMI touchscreen 2018 Holiday Notice
FestivalHoliday Time
New Year's Day2019.01.01 - 2019.01-03
The Spring Festival2019.02.04 - 2019.02-10
Ching Ming Festival2019.04.05 - 2019.04-07
International Labour Day2019.05.01 - 2019.05-04
The Dragon Boat Festival2019.06.07 - 2019.06.09
Mid-Autumn(Moon) Festival2019.09.13 - 2019.09-15
National Day2019.09.29 - 2019.10-05

2019 Holiday Calendar
VICPAS HMI Touchscreen 2018 holiday notice. Include New Year's Day, The Spring Festival, The Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, International Labour Day, The Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn(Moon) Festival, National Day

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