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New flexible sensor can fold the touch screen

New flexible sensor can fold the touch screen

Jun 8,2018

New flexible sensor can fold the touch screen

flexible touch screen sensor

The University of British Columbia developed a new type of flexible sensor to meet future requirements for folding devices on sensors. The sensor has a highly conductive gel sandwiched between silicone layers that can detect different types of touch, including sliding and video, as well as stretching, folding or bending.

According to researchers at the University of British Columbia, there are many types of sensors available today, including the Apple Touch 3D touch sensing pressure, the Samsung AirView that detects finger hovering, and the foldable, transparent, and stretch sensors, but the results are combined One of the sensor functions uses gel and silica gel as raw materials, the process is simple, the cost is low and easy to obtain, and it is easy to produce on a large scale. The cost per square meter is only a few dollars. Its extensibility applies to any surface or wearable device on the wall of the room, it can also be used as a robot's "skin", enabling the robot to detect the presence of humans, and "soft" enough to create a human-computer interaction environment more secure .

Assuming the tablet is folded into the size of a cellphone into a garment pocket or artificial skin sensing physical activity and vital signs may pass their new, inexpensive sensor, the ideal is expected to become a reality.

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