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Let all the plane can become touch screen, the new technology of Fujitsu

Let all the plane can become touch screen, the new technology of Fujitsu

Sep 4,2018

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We are used to pointing at the glass screen through a computer, smartphone or tablet, and our life has been surrounded by screens. Now, a new technology, it makes a random piece of paper around you, any one of the plane can become a touch screen. In this regard, you look forward to it?

Fujitsu has developed a new visual interaction technology that detects objects that are real in the real world (typically flat) in advance and then turns them into touch-screen-capable displays.

This system does not require any special hardware devices, it only needs a normal camera plus a commercial projector. The Fujitsu Media Services Systems Laboratory researcher explained that "the entire system functions are implemented using image processing."

In the video presentation, the experience of a diagonal in the newspaper, the system will automatically generate a constituency, the contents of this constituency can be arbitrary drag. Users can freely copy selected text or images according to their needs, and the contents of the backup to memory. In other words, you can feel free to take a screenshot of your screen with your finger.

In addition, users can manually match the dots on the printed map, corresponding to the corresponding virtual picture or video. Even more amazing is that even if you accidentally moved the location of the map, these "virtual projection" will follow the movement, to ensure good position. This feature can be used in travel agencies, users simply select their destination on the map, the local scenery and video immediately appeared.

If you place four sticky notes with to-do notes on your desktop, the system automatically recognizes the sticky notes and the user selects the copy option, leaving the notes on the desktop, even if the actual sticky note is taken away. Through gestures, but also continue to drag, categorize these virtual notes. It looks like the "Google Keep" on the desktop.

Projection on the desktop 3D images, through the arm's displacement, you can achieve simple control. Arm raised, down, to control the image zoom in, zoom out, move the arm up and down, can control the image of different angles of rotation.

In addition to a flat surface, the technology is also suitable for curved and uneven objects, such as curved books, which allow users to control various kinds of data directly from books.

Developers say the technology moves gestures from traditional gaming consoles and PCs to those everyday, flat objects in everyday life, ingeniously integrated with ICT.

Although the system recognizes only a low-resolution camera will only feedback a vague picture, but through the image processor, the system for the identification of 3D position movement is very accurate.

The entire system will not be disturbed because of the daily gesture movement, such as the normal movement of the palm of your hand on the desktop, there is no feedback, only when you are operating with a finger, the system will be triggered.

However, there are netizens questioned the video below, so many people at the same time operating, or use multi-touch, the system will collapse.

How long are you willing to wait for this cool and very likely technology into millions of families? Developers said that at present the technology is still only in the "simulation" stage, really want to achieve commercialization at least until 2014.

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