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2020 All DMC Resistive Touch Screen Panel Parts Supply

DMC 4wire and 5wire resistive touch screen glass repair

DMC Interface with Touch Information:

DMC resistive touch screen glass logo

DMC Resistive Single-Touch

DMC is a touch screen manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in Japan.
DMC has been in particular focused on industrial facilities, and become a leading company here achieving more than 50% share in this market in Japan. With 40% of DMC total production exported to overseas, especially European areas, DMC is respected internationally.
DMC provides Japanese quality that is renowned for it's high reliability, flexible response, responsive support system, and wide range of solutions.

VICPAS is an DMC touchscreen distributor and supplier entire line of touchscreen products including resistive touch controllers, amt resistive touch screen, DMC projected capacitive touch screens, and amt projected capacitive controllers.

DMC Standard touch screens are available as well as advanced touch screens with options such as low reflectivity, high transmissivity, multi-finger touch capability and so etc

4wire Resistive Touch Screen

A 4wire resistive touch screen is a very simple touch sensor that uses dual layers of a flexible, conductive material that deforms under a touch and the layers make contact, the position of this contact is determined by the change in resistance of the circuits. A 4wire type resistive uses 4 electrodes, one along each edge, and the touch controller alternates between sensing x and y axis readings using electrodes on opposite sides to carry a voltage difference and one of the adjacent electrodes to sense the touch.

4wire resistive touch screen glass repair

5wire Resistive Touch Screen

5wire Resistive Touch Screen is Highly Durable
When the top ITO film is pressed and makes contact with the bottom glass, the contacted area will be detected via electrical conduction. The notable characteristic of 5wire resistive is that only the bottom glass has detecting function. Even if the top ITO film is damaged, the detecting function will not be affected (except for the damaged area).

elo 5wire resistive touch screen

DMC Touchscreen Parts No.:

Standard 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen & AST/ATP Series

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Viewing Area Dimension(V) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
AST-038A050A 3.8" 50mm (Left Side) 87.0 x 65.0mm 78.4 x 59.2mm 77.6 x 58.4mm 0.7mm (1.0mm) AST-038A050A Datasheet
ATP-047 4.7" 50mm (Top Side) 113.0 x 90.0mm 104.0 x 80.5mm 100.0 x 76.0mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) ATP-047 Datasheet
AST-047A070A 4.7" 70mm (Top Side) 111.2 x 88.0mm 100.0 x 76.0mm 98.0 x 74.0mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-047A070A Datasheet
ATP-057 5.7" 50mm (Top Side) 138.0 x 109.0mm 124.0 x 95.0mm 116.0 x 87.0mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) ATP-057 Datasheet
AST-057A070A 5.7" 70mm (Left Side) 131.4 x 103.0mm 119.2 x 90.4mm 117.2 x 88.4mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-057A070A Datasheet
AST-062A070A 6.2" Wide 70mm (Top SIde) 163.0 x 71.4mm 151.8 x 59.4mm 149.8 x 57.4mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-062A070A Datasheet
AST-065B080A 6.5" 80mm (Left SIde) 155.0 x 117.0mm 139.0 x 104.0mm 133.0 x 100.0mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-065B080A Datasheet
AST-070A080A 7" Wide 80mm (Left Side) 165.0 x 104.0mm 154.9 x 93.9mm 152.4 x 91.4mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-070A080A Datasheet
AST-075A070A 7.5" 70mm (Top Side) 168.0 x 132.0mm 155.8 x 117.8mm 153.8 x 115.8mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) AST-075A070A Datasheet
AST-084A080A 8.4" 80mm (Left Side) 194.0 x 146.0mm 177.0 x 136.0mm 171.5 x 130.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-084A080A Datasheet
AST-104A080A 10.4" 80mm (Left Side) 227.0 x 173.0mm 216.0 x 163.0mm 212.0 x 159.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-104A080A Datasheet
ATP-104A060B 10.4" 60mm (Top Side) 235.0 x 183.0mm 221.0 x 168.0mm 213.0 x 160.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) ATP-104A060B Datasheet
AST-105A060A 10.5" 60mm (Top Side) 222.9 x 176.1mm 214.6 x 162.8mm 213.2 x 161.4mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-105A060A Datasheet
AST-121B080A 12.1" 80mm (Left Side) 263.0 x 201.0mm 250.0 x 188.5mm 247.0 x 185.5mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-121B080A Datasheet
AST-150C080A 15.0" 80mm (Left Side) 328.0 x 252.0mm 309.0 x 233.0mm 305.0 x 229.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-150C080A Datasheet
AST-150C140A 15.0" 140mm (Left Side) 328.0 x 252.0mm 309.0 x 233.0mm 305.0 x 229.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-150C140A Datasheet
AST-171A140A 17.1" 140mm (Right Side) 354.6 x 295.0mm 342.5 x 274.9mm 340.0 x 272.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-171A140A Datasheet
AST-190A140A 19.0" 140mm (Right Side) 400.6 x 326.4mm 381.9 x 306.7mm 377.3 x 302.1mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-190A140A Datasheet
AST-213A140A 21.3" 140mm (Left Side) 455.0 x 348.0mm 440.2 x 332.0mm 430.0 x 322.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) AST-213A140A Datasheet
AST/ATP Series Modles AST-047 AST-057A AST-065 AST-065b DMC Resistive Single Touch manuals Datasheet
AST-105A060E AST-121A080A AST-075 ATP AST Series Product Specifications manuals Datasheet
AST-040A070A AST-084A AST-104A AST-105A AST-121A AST-121B
AST-140A080A AST-140A AST-150A AST-171A ATP-072 ATP-094 AST-N191A140A
AST-150A080A ATP-104 ATP-104A AST-038 AST-181A080A ATP-097-LP097X02

Standard 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen & FST Series Touch Panel

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
FST-T104C110A 10.4" 110mm (Left Side) 248.9 x 186.7mm 215.9 x 163.8mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) FST-T104C110A Datasheet
FST-T121C110A 12.1" 110mm (Left Side) 271.3 x 205.7mm 248.9 x 187.4mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) FST-T121C110A Datasheet
FST-T150C110A 15.0" 110mm (Left Side) 332.9 x 248.9mm 307.1 x 231.1mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) FST-T150C110A Datasheet
FST-T170C110A 17.0" 110mm (Left Side) 365.4 x 290.2mm 340.0 x 272.4mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) FST-T170C110A Datasheet
FST-T190C110A 19.0" 110mm (Left Side) 406.3 x 325.4mm 380.9 x 305.6mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) FST-T190C110A Datasheet
FST Series Modles FST-T104A FST-T104A110I 5 wire resistive QST Series Product Specifications datasheet manuals
FST-T121A110I FST-T121B110I FST-T150A FST-T150A110I FST-T150B110I FST-T121A
FST-T170A110I FST-T170A FST-T170B110I FST-T190A110I FST-T190B110I FST-T104B110I

Standard 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen & QTS Touch Panel Series

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Viewing Area Dimension(V) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
QST-057A075H 5.7" 75mm (Left Side) 131.4 x 103.0mm 118.4 x 89.9mm 116.4 x 87.9mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) QST-057A075H Datasheet
QST-070WA075H 7"Wide 75mm (Left Side) 165.0 x 104.0mm 154.9 x 93.9mm 152.4 x 91.4mm 1.1mm (1.4mm) QST-070WA075H Datasheet
QST-085WA075H 8.5” Wide 75mm (Left Side) 194.9 x 128.6mm 185.9 x 114.9mm 183.9 x 111.7mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) QST-085WA075H Datasheet
QST-084A075H 8.4" 75mm (Left Side) 183.7 x 141.1mm 129.8 x 172.4mm 127.8 x 170.4mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) QST-084A075H Datasheet
QST-104A075H 10.4" 75mm (Left Side) 227.6 x 175.0mm 215.2 x 162.4mm 211.2 x 158.4mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) QST-104A075H Datasheet
QST-121A075H 12.1" 75mm (Left Side) 263.0 x 201.0mm 250.0 x 188.5mm 247.0 x 185.5mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) QST-121A075H Datasheet
QST-150A075H 15.0" 75mm (Left Side) 328.0 x 252.0mm 309.0 x 233.0mm 305.0 x 229.0mm 1.8mm (2.1mm) QST-150A075H Datasheet
5 wire resistive QST Series Product Specifications datasheet manuals

LST 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Viewing Area Dimension(V) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
LST-057A080A 5.7" 80/ Left Side 131.4 x 103.0 119.7 x 90.9 115.7 x 86.9 1.1/ 1.4 LST-057A080A Datasheet
LST-065A080A 6.5" 80/ Left Side 147.3 x 114.3 136.98 x 103.86 132.98 x 99.86 1.1/ 1.4 LST-065A080A Datasheet
LST-070WA080A 7"w 80/ Left Side 165.0 x 104.0 155.9 x 94.94 152.9 x 91.94 1.1/ 1.4 LST-070WA080A Datasheet
LST-084A080A 8.4" 80/ Left Side 185.6 x 143.3 174.9 x 132.3 170.9 x 128.3 1.8/ 2.1 LST-084A080A Datasheet
LST-090WA080A 9" 80/ Left Side 214.2 x 135.5 01.3 x 122.58 197.3 x 118.58 1.8/ 2.1 LST-090WA080A Datasheet
LST-101WA080A 10.1"w 80/ Left Side 234.7 x 153.0 221.46 x 140.1 217.46 x 136.1 1.8/ 2.1 LST-101WA080A Datasheet
LST-104A080A 10.4" 80/ Left Side 227.6 x 175.4 215.7 x 162.9 211.7 x 158.9 1.8/ 2.1 LST-104A080A Datasheet
LST-121B080A 12.1" 80/ Left Side 263.0 x 201.0 250.5 x 189.0 246.5 x 185.0 1.8/ 2.1 LST-121B080A Datasheet
LST-121WB080A 12.1"w 80/ Left Side 278.4 x 180.7 265.62 x 167.7 261.62 x 163.7 1.8/ 2.1 LST-121WB080A Datasheet
LST-150B080A 15.0" 80/ Left Side 328.0 x 252.0 308.63 x 232.6 304.63 x 228.6 1.8/ 2.1 LST-150B080A Datasheet
LST-156WB080A 15.6"w 80/ Left Side 361.5 x 210.2 348.73 x 198.04 344.73 x 194.04 1.8/ 2.1 LST-156WB080A Datasheet
LST-185WB080A 18.5"w 80/ Left Side 428.5 x 250.0 414.3 x 234.9 410.3 x 230.9 1.8/ 2.1 LST-185WB080A Datasheet
LST-190B080A 19" 80/ Left Side 400.6 x 326.4 380.8 x 305.6 376.8 x 301.6 1.8/ 2.1 LST-190B080A Datasheet
LST-215WB080A 21.5"w 80/ Left Side 500.3 x 293.2 480.56 x 272.29 476.56 x 268.29 1.8/ 2.1 LST-215WB080A Datasheet
LST Series Product Specifications Datasheet Manuals Catalog_LST Series Datasheet Manuals

MTR Series Multi-touch Resistive Touch Screen

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Viewing Area Dimension(V) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
MTR-104A100B 10.4" 100/ Lower 225.8 x 177.2 215.5 x 163.2 211.2 x 158.4 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-104A100B Datasheet
MTR-121A100B 12.1" 100/ Lower 260.76 x 203.3  250.3 x 189.3 246 x 184.5 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-121A100B Datasheet
MTR-150B100B 15" 100/ Lower 319.1 x 246.9 308.43 x 232.9 304.1 x 228.1 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-150B100B Datasheet
MTR-G057A070A 5.7" 70/ Lower 134.2 × 110.6 121.2 × 92.4 117.2 × 88.4 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G057A070A Datasheet
MTR-G070WA070A 7"w 70/ Lower 167.1 × 112.1 157.1 × 95.5 152.4 × 91.44 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G070WA070A Datasheet
MTR-G084A070A 8.4" 70/ Lower 188.4 × 150.5 175.4 × 132.8 171.4 × 128.8 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G084A070A Datasheet
MTR-G101WA100B 10.1”w 100/ Lower 231 x 156.2 221 x 139.6 216.9 x 135.6 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G101WA100B Datasheet
MTR-G104A100B 10.4” 100/ Lower 228.5 x 180.9 215.5 x 163.2 211.2 x 158.4 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G104A100B Datasheet
MTR-G121B100B 12.1” 100/ Lower 263.3x 207 250.3 x 189.3 246 x 184.5 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G121B100B Datasheet
MTR-G121WB100B 12.1”w 100/ Lower 277.92 × 184.4 265.62 × 167.7 261.62 × 163.7 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G121WB100B Datasheet
MTR-G150B100B 15” 100/ Lower 321 x 250 308.43 x 232.9 304.1 x 228.1 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G150B100B Datasheet
MTR-G156WB100B 15.6”w 100/ Lower 361.4 x 214.4 349.94 x 199.23 345.94 x 195.23 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G156WB100B Datasheet
MTR-G185WB100B 18.5”w 100/ Lower 427.6 x 253.9 415.6 x 236.2 411.6 x 232.2 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G185WB100B Datasheet
MTR-G215WB100B 21.5”w 100/ Lower 500.0 x 293.2 480.64 x 272.11 476.64 x 268.11 1.8/ 2.1 MTR-G215WB100B Datasheet
MTR-G Series Datasheet Manuals MTR series Datasheet Manuals Catalog_MTR-G Series

DUS Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Part No. Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension(E) Viewing Area Dimension(V) Active Area Dimension(A) Glass Thickness Datasheet Downlaod
DUS-V101WAF200-001 10.1"w 40/ Lower Side 243.3 x 162.9 217.96 x 136.6 222.72 x 135.6 1.5/ 1.1 DUS-V101WAF200-001 Datasheet
DUS-V101WAF200-002 10.1"w 40/ Lower Side 243.3 x 162.9 217.96 x 136.6 222.72 x 135.6 1.5/ 1.1 DUS-V101WAF200-002 Datasheet
DUS-A070WA060A 7"w 60/ Lower Side 168.8 x 111.4 156.7 x 95.35 152.4 x 91.44 2.35 DUS-A070WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A084A060A 8.4" 60/ Lower Side 187.3 x 148.9 174.4 x 131.8 170.9 x 128.2 2.35 DUS-A084A060A Datasheet
DUS-A101WA060A 10.1"w 60/ Lower Side 233.5 x 156.8 220.36 x 139.1 216.96 x 135.6 2.35 DUS-A101WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A104A060A 10.4" 60/ Lower Side 229.1 x 189.1 215.4 x 162.7 211.2 x 158.4 2.35 DUS-A104A060A Datasheet
DUS-A121WA060A 12.1"w 60/ Lower Side 279.1 x 186.3 265.1 x 167.2 261.2 x 163.2 2.35 DUS-A121WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A121A060A 12.1" 60/ Lower Side 266 x 209 250.8 x 189.4 246 x 184.5 2.35 DUS-A121A060A Datasheet
DUS-A133WA060A/FH 13.3"w 60/ Lower Side 311.2 x 185.6 297.36 x 168.84 293.76 x 165.24 2.35 DUS-A133WA060A/FH Datasheet
DUS-A150A060A 15" 60/ Lower Side 322.9 x 251.7 307.4 x 231.3 304.2 x 228.1 2.35 DUS-A150A060A Datasheet
DUS-A156WA060A 15.6"w 60/ Lower Side 363.6 x 217.3 349 x 198.4 344.3 x 193.6 2.35 DUS-A156WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A170A060A 17" 60/ Lower Side 360 x 296 343.3 x 275.7 338 x 270.4 2.35 DUS-A170A060A Datasheet
DUS-A185WA060A 18.5"w 60/ Lower Side 429.0 x 253.3 413.4 x 234.0 409.8 x 230.4 2.35 DUS-A185WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A190A060A 19" 60/ Lower Side 399.2 x 328.8 382.2 x 307 376.4 x 301.1 2.35 DUS-A190A060A Datasheet
DUS-A215WA060A 21.5"w 60/ Lower Side 495.8 x 293.6 479.9 x 271.3 476.7 x 268.1 2.35 DUS-A215WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A240WA060A 24"w 60/ Lower Side 553.8 × 326.4 535.4 × 302.9 531.4 × 298.9 2.35 DUS-A240WA060A Datasheet
DUS-A270WA060A/FH 27"w 60/Lower Side 620.4 × 364.0 602.0 × 340.4 597.9 × 336.3 2.35 DUS-A270WA060A/FH Datasheet
DUS-A320WA120A 32"w 120/ Upper Side 726.3 x 425.2 705.4 x 399.85 698.4 x 392.85 2.35 DUS-A320WA120A Datasheet
DUS-A Series Datasheet Manuals Projected Capacitive DUS series DMC Manuals Projected Capacitive DUS-A series Datasheet
EXC-057B060A 5.7inch EXC-065B060A 6.5inch EXC-070WB060A 7inch wide EXC-121WB060A 12.1 inch
EXC-084B060A 8.4inch EXC-084B060A Datasheet EXC-090WB060A 9inch wide EXC-121B060A 12.1 inch
EXC-104B060A 10.4inch EXC-104B060A Datasheet EXC-150B060A 15inch EXC-150B060A Datasheet
EXC-150C060A 15inch EXC-084B060A Datasheet EXC-170B060A 17inch EXC-170B060A Datasheet
EXC-190B060A 19inch EXC-190B060A Datasheet EXC-220B060A 22inch EXC-220B060A Datasheet
EXC series Reference Datasheet Manuals

Other DMC Touch Screen Panel Glass

VICPAS has been engaged in HMI accessories industry for 15 years since 2004, serving more than 5000 industry customers from 110 countries.

VICPAS HMI Parts Center supply all DMC Touchscreen for repair replacement. All of them are brand new and support 365 days VICPAS Warranty. Cantact Now for Best Prices

How to select the right DMC Touch Screen Panel?

In this table, list all the Part No. of Exor UniOP HMI. You can call up the search box by holding down the keyboard Ctrl+F and enter the model you want to find. Then send inquiries to VICPAS for more product details and price.

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.Part No. Part No.
48-F-4-104-006 ST-9231E4 TP-3220S4 TP-3328S1F0 TP-3420S1F0
CST-150A110A TP-3131S3F0 TP-3230S1F0 TP-3341S1F0 TP-3440S1F0
CST-170A110A TP-3153S1F0 TP-3233S4F0 TP-3342S1F0 TP-3502S1F0
CST-190A110A TP-3180S1F0 TP-3277S1F0 TP-3377S1F0 TP-3511S1F0
CST-201A203A TP-3184S1F0 TP-3289S4 TP-3378S1F0 TP-3512S1F0
DMC T2760S1 TP-3214S1F0 TP-3305S1F0 TP-3391S1F0 TP-3513S1F0
DMC-T2671S1 TP-3219S1F0 TP-3325S1F0 TP-3392S1F0 TP-3514S1F0
ST-9231E1 TP-3516S1F0 TP-3327S1F0 TP-3393S1F0 TP-3515S1F0
ST-9231E2 TP-3523S1F0 TP-3544S1F0 TP-3394S1F0 TP-3580S1F0
ST-9231E3 TP-3540S1F0 TP-3569S2F0 TP-3581S2F0 TP-3580S2F0
TP-3704S1F0 TP-3697S2F0 TP-3570S2F0 TP-3619S1F0 TP-3715S1F0
TP-3910S1F0 TP-3756S1F0 TP-3750S1F0 TP-3747S1F0 TP-3718S1F0
YCS-057A110A TP-3757S1F0 TP-3754S1F0 TP-3748S1F0 TP-3719S1F0
YCS-065A110A YCS-084A110A YCS-121A110A YCS-150B110A TP-3731S1F0
YCS-070A110A YCS-104A110A YCS-150A110A YCS-170A200A YCS-190A200A

  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for AST ATP series

    AST / ATP Series

  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for qst series

    QST Series

  • dmc resistive touch screen glass reapir for fst series

    FST Series

VICPAS Resistive Touch Screen Mounting Guidance

*Refer to the suggested structure and mounting precautions in this document at mounting the touch screens. Appropriate structure differs according to touch screen size, LCD, chassis design, usage environment and so on. Please conduct the evaluation with actual products at the trial stage, and confirm that your structure is appropriate prior to fixing the structure design.

1. Suggested Touch Screen Mounting Structure for Film/Glass Type

Suggested Touch Screen Mounting Structure for Film/Glass Type

2. Mounting Precautions

Bezel Edge (Fig.1&2)

A. Bezel Edge (Fig.1&2)

Bezel edge is suggested to be positioned in the area between active area and viewing area (L1a). If the bezel edge overlaps the active area, it may cause a false input when the bezel is pressed.

Input Inhibited Aera (refer to the section d.) is structurally weak against pressure. If the distance between active area and viewing area (L1a) is 2.0mm or longer, the bezel edge (l1b) is recommended to be longer than 2.0mm so that the Input Inhibited Area will be protected by the bezel.

Gap between Bezel and Touch Screen (Fig.1&3)

B. Gap between Bezel and Touch Screen (Fig.1&3)

A gap between bottom of the bezel and the touch screen surface (L2) needs to be longer than 0.5mm. Otherwise, the bezel edge may cause false input when the bezel is pressed

C. Area between Active Area and Viewing Area (Fig.1&3)

If the area between the active area and viewing area (L1a) is pressed, false input may be caused. Do not touch this area. (Fig.3)

Input Inhibited Area (Fig.1&4)

D. Input Inhibited Area (Fig.1&4)

2.0mm from the edge of the insulation area toward the viewing area (Input Inhibited Area) is structurally weak against pressure., epsecially by a pen. If this area is touched by a pen, the film may get stretcehd and the touch scree gets broken, Do not touch on this area directly.

Cushion (Gasket) (Fig1&5)

E. Cushion (Gasket) (Fig1&5)

If a cushion is used between the bezel and the touch screen surface, the cushion must be free enough to absorb the expansion and contraction difference between the bezel and the touch screen surface. If the cushion is squashed too hard, the expansion and contraction difference may cause the distortion to the touch screen surface.

The cushion must be positioned more than 1.0mm (L3) outward from an inside of the insulation area. (Refer to L3 Fig.5 & the drawing)

Tolerance (Fig.6)

F. Tolerance (Fig.6)

There is a tolerance of 0.2 to 0.3mm for the dimensions of the touch screen and the FPC connector cable. A gap must 0.2~0.3mm Case be made to absorb the tolerance in the case and the connector.

FPC Connector Cable (Fig.7)

G. FPC Connector Cable (Fig.7)

The FPC connector cable must not be forcibly stressed or bent too hard to avoid the conduction in the insulated area and wire breaking.

Mounting Touch Screen (Fig.8)

H. Mounting Touch Screen (Fig.8)

Touch screen must be held from the bottom, such as the structure gluing the touch screen onto the display. If the touch screen is glued to the bezel, the adhesion between the top and bottom electrode is stressed and may come off.

Air Vent (Fig.9)

I. Air Vent (Fig.9)

Some touch screens have the air vent to equalize the inside air pressure to the outside one. The air vent must not be covered, and liquid contact must be avoided as the liquid may be absorbed if the liquid is accumulated near the air vent. The top electrode film must not be swelled by the air pressure from inside of the case.

VICPAS Resistive Touchscreen

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