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LS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Panel

LS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Panel

LS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Panel
LS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen PanelLS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen PanelLS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen PanelLS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen PanelLS eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Panel
CategoriesLS Electric
Touch screen tapesResistance touch screen
Warranty365 Days
Shipping2-3 workdays
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Update TimeMar 2,2024
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LS-electric eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A eXP40-TTE/DC Touch Screen Front Overlay Repair

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LS electric eXP Series eXP40-TTE/DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Protective Film Repair Replacement

VICPAS is dedicated to delivering touchscreen and protective film solutions for LS ELECTRIC eXP Series eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A HMI Touch Glass Protective Film human-machine interfaces, catering to your needs in the industrial sector. We understand the critical role of equipment stability in industrial operations, and our products are designed to provide reliability and exceptional performance.

Our LS ELECTRIC eXP Series eXP40-TTE/DC Front Overlays Touch Membranes are widely utilized across various industries, including manufacturing and automation control, among others. Regardless of your equipment's application, our eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A Touch Screen Panels and Front Overlays products guarantee the stable operation of your devices.

VICPAS offers professional technical support to assist you in overcoming challenges during equipment installation and maintenance. Our efficient delivery and dependable after-sales service further enhance your satisfaction. Whether you require replacement parts or seek to enhance your equipment's performance, VICPAS is your reliable partner.


The table below describes the parameters of the LS electric eXP40-TTE-DC HB069A-NVNBB87 0HAHFWN-A HMI Panel Glass Front Overlay HMI.

Brand: LS electric
Display Version: TFT
Product Line: LS-electric eXP
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty
Backlight Duration: 20,000 hours
Display Size: 7"
Operation Type: Touch screen
Touchscreen: Analog Resistive
Voltage Supply: 24 VDC

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LS Electric Manuals PDF Download:

  • Factory Automation_Catalog_EN_202205
  • iXP Series_2021.08.24
  • XGT Panel HW Manual_iXP_eng_V1.4
  • eXP Series User Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: Is there a temperature range in which LS ELECTRIC eXP Series HMIs operate effectively?

    Answer: LS ELECTRIC eXP Series HMIs are designed to operate within a specific temperature range, typically between -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F). Operating outside this range may affect performance.

    Question: When touching the screen it reacts in a different area or it may not react at all?

    < Cause >
    (1) Touch's Calibration setting is not proper.
    (2) Touch panel may be a break down down.
    < Solution >
    (1) Redo Calibration setting about touch touch.
    (2) It you can't go to setting menu, connect mouse to USB port and use mouse.

    Question: Can LS ELECTRIC eXP Series HMIs be integrated with third-party automation systems or PLCs?

    Answer: Yes, LS ELECTRIC eXP Series HMIs are often designed to work seamlessly with a variety of third-party automation systems and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Compatibility details can be found in the product documentation.

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