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Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001

Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001

Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001
Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001Abon Touch Digitizer A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001
CategoriesAbon Touch Glass
ModelA-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001
BrandAbon Touch Screen
Warranty365 Days
SupplyAbon Touch Digitizer Glass Replacement Spare Part
Size17 inch
Touch Screen TypeResistance touch panel
Part NumberA-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update TimeFeb 27,2024
Detail Information

A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 Abon Touch Screen Monitor Replacement

AbonTouch A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 Touch Screen Panel Replacement

VICPAS supply AbonTouch A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 HMI panel glass with VICPAS 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping. AbonTouch A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 Abon Touch Glass can be operated by stylus, finger or gloves. The analogue resistive 5-wire A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 touch screens provide excellent performance in accuracy, sensitivity and give reliable operation, making these industrial A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 touch screens a perfect addition to any digital display or collection.

AbonTouch A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 5-Wires Resistive Touch Screen Features:
●High temperature process
●Strong pollution resistance
●Welding treatment on connection cable
●Narrow frame design
●Stable and no drift
●Palm rejection function is optional
●Accurate linearity
●Multiple touch input modes(finger, stylus)
●Long Product life


The table below describes the parameters of the A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218122001 Abon Touchscreen HMI Parts.

Activation Force: ≦80g(Stylus=R8)
Life Time: 10~35 million touches
Product Line: Abon Touch Panel
Touch Size: 17 inch
Transmittance: ≥ 80 ± 5%, light transmission
Connection Tail: FFC or FPC (Optional)
Operation Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
Top Layer: Polyester film
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

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Abon Touch Screen Panel HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • AbonTouch AB-1517003021218122001 Manuals
  • Abontouch AB-1517003161118122001 A-15170-0316 PDF
  • AbonTouch AB-1517003171128122001 A-15170-0317 PDF
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  • Common misspellings: 

    A-1570-0302 AB-1517003021218122001
    A-15170-0302 AB-1157003021218122001
    A-15170-0302 AB-1517003021218l22001
    A-15170-03002 AB-1517003021218122001
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