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Fujitsu Touch Glass N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW

Fujitsu Touch Glass N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW

Fujitsu Touch Glass N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW
CategoriesFujitsu Touch Screen
ModelN010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW
Touch screen panel typeResistance touch screen
Size15 inch
Shipping2-4 workdays
Warranty365 Days
BrandFujitsu Touch Screen
Supply PartsN010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update TimeDec 6,2023
Detail Information

Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW MMI Touch Glass Replacement Repair

Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW Touch Screen Panel Replacement

Please pay attention for the matter as stated below at mounting design of Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW touch panel & enclosure:
1. Enclosure support to fix Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW touch panel glass must be out of view (transparent) area. (Do not design enclosure presses the view area to protect from miss input).
2. Enclosure edge must be between view area & guaranteed active area. (Enclosure edge must not touch with view area).
3. We recommend the material of support to fix Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW touch screen panel is an elastic material.
4. Do not bond top surface (film) of Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW panel glass with enclosure.
5. The corner parts (fig.*) have conductivity. Do not touch any metal part after mounting.
6. Special design is required for water resistance use.
7. Cleaning Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW Touch Digitizer by Air gun, pressure 2kg/cm2 below is suggested. This is preventing FPC to peel off when air is blowing to FPC from N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW touch screen monitor side.
8. The mounting structure must have a reserved space for the FPC tail and never touch or squeeze the FPC by case or other components preventing FPC to peel off. Assembly space is recommended at least 4mm.

VICPAS supply Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW touch panel glass with 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.


The table below describes the parameters of the Fujitsu N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW HMI Touch Membrane.

Touch Size: 15 inch
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Number of Touches: Single
Storage Temperature: -20˚C to 70˚C
Operating Temperature: -5˚C to 60˚C
Product Line: Fujitsu Touch Panel
Tail Options: FPC tail
Response time: ≦ 30ms
Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Operating Humidity: 20% to 85% RH

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Fujitsu Touch Screen Panel Manuals Download:

  • Fujitsu N010-0516-T947 PDF
  • Fujitsu N010-0518-T342 PDF
  • Fujitsu 4_wire_standard Data Sheet

  • Common misspellings: 

    N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-018-X264/01-TW
    N10-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW
    N010-0518-x262/01-TW N100-0518-X264/01-TW
    N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-05l8-X264/01-TW
    N010-0518-x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/o1-TW
    N010-0518--x262/01-TW N010-0518-X264/01-TW
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