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HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0

HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0

HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0
HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0HMI Case Membrane Keyboard for 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0
CategoriesSINUMERIK Operator Panel
Model6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 OP010
Keypad Button MaterialMetal
Membrane MaterialPlastic
ApplicationIndustry Equipment
Place of OriginChina
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, T/T ,Credit Card, Western Union
Update TimeDec 7,2023
Detail Information

6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP010 OPERATOR PANEL Keypad Membrane and HMI Case Housing Repair Replacement

Order each part separately is available

6FC52030AF000AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP010 OPERATOR PANEL Plastic Shell Housing and 
Terminal Keypad Repair Replacement

General sequence of Siemens 6FC5 203-0AF00-0AA0 Membrane Keyboard HMI Case
1. Use the Program manager to select the desired program.
2. Select the desired program under "NC". If necessary, it must first be copied to "NC".
3. Press the "Select" softkey of 6FC52030AF000AA0. The program is selected for execution and automatically switched to the "Machine" operating area.
4. Press the "CYCLE START" key. The program of 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 Housing Terminal Keypad is started and executed.

Teaching in programs
• The "Teach-in" function of 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 Membrane Keyboard HMI Cover can be used to edit programs in the "AUTO" and "MDA" modes. You can create and modify simple traversing blocks.
• You traverse the axes manually to specific positions in order to implement simple machining sequences and make them reproducible. The positions you approach are applied.
• In "AUTO" teach-in mode, the selected program of 6FC5 203-0AF00-0AA0 Plastic Shell Membrane Keypad Switch is "taught".
• In "MDA" teach-in mode, you teach to the MDA buffer.
• External programs of 6FC5 203-0AF00-0AA0, which may have been rendered offline, can therefore be adjusted and modified according to need.

The defined user data of 6FC52030AF000AA0 Operator Panel Keypad Plastic Housing
• Data parameters(R parameters)
• Global user data(GUD)is valid in all programs of 6FC5 203-0AF00-0AA0
• Local user data (LUD)is valid in one program
• Program-global user data(PUD)is valid in one program and the called subroutines
• Channel-specific user data can be defined with a different value for each channel of 6FC52030AF000AA0 HMI Case Membrane Keypad


The table below describes the parameters of the 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 Siemens OP010 HMI Parts.

Screen Diagonal: 10.4 in TFT
Interface: Front USB Interface
Attachment: Tension Jacks
Warranty: 6-Months Warranty
Power Supply: Status LEDs
Resolution: 640 x 480 Pixel
Part Number: 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0
Degree of Protection: IP65
Depth: Small Mounting Depth
Panel Cutout: 450 x 290 mm

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Siemens OP010 series HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D sl HMI sl Universal Operatinig Manual
  • Siemens 6AV3607-1JC20-0AX1

  • FAQ:

    Question: Are there lists for tool management for Siemens SIMATIC 6FC5 203-0AF00-0AA0 OP010?

    Answer: Yes. HMI sl provides the "Tool list", "Tool wear list", "OEM tools" and "Magazine" windows for managing your tools. Tool management supports several magazines. The active magazine is displayed in the title line of each list. The various lists may have been changed by the machine manufacturer, in comparison to the following description.

    Question: Where is the Storage for programs of Siemens 6FC52030AF000AA0?

    Answer: The Possible storage locations of 6FC5203-0AF00-0AA0 are NC, Local drive, Network drives or USB drives.

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