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6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Case Membrane Keypad Switch

6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Case Membrane Keypad Switch

6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Case Membrane Keypad Switch
6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Case Membrane Keypad Switch6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Case Membrane Keypad Switch
CategoriesSINUMERIK Operator Panel
Model6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 OP010FS
Keypad Button MaterialMetal
Membrane MaterialPlastic
ApplicationIndustry Equipment
Place of OriginChina
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, T/T ,Credit Card, Western Union
Update TimeDec 7,2023
Detail Information

6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP010FS OPERATOR PANEL Terminal Keypad and HMI Case Cover Repair Replacement

6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP010FS OPERATOR PANEL Plastic Shell and 
Membrane Keypad Repair Replacement

• Do not touch live units or terminals. Otherwise electric shock or malfunction could result.
• Do not touch any current-carrying parts of 6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0 Terminal Keypad HMI Case even if you have shut off power to them, until at least 5 minutes have passed (to let any residual change go out). Otherwise electric shock or malfunction could result.
• Take care not to damage, pull on, or pinch the cables of 6FC52470AA251AA0. Otherwise electric shock could result.
• Do not touch any rotating parts of 6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Shell Membrane Switch before you shut off power to them. Otherwise injury could result.
• Never attempt to modify the product Otherwise electric shock, a fire, or damage could result.
• Close the upper and lower covers before switching on the input power of 6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 Membrane Keypad Switch HMI Housing. Otherwise electric shock could result.
• Provide an additional emergency stop button outside the product. This is a necessary safety precaution.

• Ensure that the environmental requirements of 6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0 Plastic Cover Operator Panel Keypad are fully met. A fire, electric shock, or malfunction could result if the product were operated in excessively hot, humid, dusty, corrosive, vibration-, or shock-ridden conditions.
• The environmental requirements of 6FC52470AA251AA0 are these:
-The atmosphere must be free of corrosive gas or vapor.
-There must be no risk of being splashed with machining oil or organic solvent.
-The relative humidity must be between10 and 90%with no dew.
-The ambient temperature around the control panes of 6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0 HMI Case Operator Keyboard must be between 5 and 30C. The control panels must be protected from freezing, direct sunlight, heat sources, or the elements.
-Floor vibration of 6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0 must not be more than 4.9m/s-.
• Take care so that no wire chips or other foreign matter would enter the product. Otherwise a fire, damage, or malfunction could result.
• When using the programming functions of 6FC52470AA251AA0 Membrane Keyboard Keypad Plastic Case, always follow the instructions given in the relevant manuals. Otherwise injury or malfunction could result.


The table below describes the parameters of the 6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0 Siemens OP010FS HMI Parts.

Interface: Front USB interface
Combination: TCU or PCU
Key Level: Second
Temperature: Overtemperature
Part Number: 6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0
Height Units: 7 HU
Mounting Format: 19''
Attachment: Tension Jacks
Interface: Front USB
Protection: IP 54

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Siemens OP010FS series HMI Manuals PDF Download:


Question: What is the common operating screen of 6FC5247-0AA25-1AA0?

Common operating area is provided for Yaskawa Siemens CNC.
Two different screens in common operating area are as follows.
• All position screen to display the five different types of position data.
• Run time display screen to display five different types of timer relating to run operation.

Question: What is the basic display of 6FC5 247-0AA25-1AA0?

• Number of variables in Macro variable screen is 26. (as 2 column x 13 lines.)
• "INS"is displayed in insert mode at the bottom right hand corner in the window.
• "EDT"is displayed in entering values at the bottom right hand corner in the window.

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