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Industrial Monitor

Industrial Monitor
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    The ESA Industrial Monitor include ET5000LX, SC Series, XM7 Industrial Monitor, XS7 Panel IPC, XT Series, XV715, EW100AA Series, EW100AB, EW100AC, EW200, EW300, EW600, ESAware series, This line of industrial monitor combines innovative and elegant design with the highest automation performances. Engineered. LCD wide screen and Resistive and capacitive touch screen;Multi Video input and Multi touch screen output; Reduced thickness for greater ergonomics.
    VICPAS supply all kind of touch panel, protective film and LCD Display for ESA Industrial monitor Terminals replacement. All of them are brand news and support 365 Days VICPAS Warranty.

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    • Suppy Touch Screen Panel, Front overlay and LCD dispaly for ESA Industrial Monitor terminals Replacement

    • Wide choice of LCD and touch screen from 5.7” to 19”

    • Control elements: touchscreen

    • LCD 4:3 with LED backlit

    • Multi inputs for video signals and Multi outputs for touch screen

    • Front bezel in aluminum finishes and Frontal USB on aluminum version

    • IP66 protection degree

    • CPU Fan Intel® Core™ 2G Intel® Celeron B810 1.6GHz, Intel® Core i3-2330E 2.2 GHz, i5-2510E 2.5 GHz, i7-2710QE 2.1GHz

  • The ESA Industrial monitor series mostly features?

    Data collection and processing

    The operator panels in the industrial monitot range can be connected to a production plantand the production data can be exported directly to a remote PC throughthe integrated Ethernet port. Just indicate the names of the variables to bemonitored and, when necessary, their values are automatically read by thePLC and processed directly in a CSV file. In addition, the file can be savedon removable media devices automatically or on a shared folder on aremote PC. It’s also possible, directly from HMI panels, to export any datatoward the most common relational databases, such as SQL Server.

    Total control wherever you go

    All your production plants are constantly under control, withoutgeographical constraints and completely safe. Malfunctions andtemporary unavailability may cause serious production losses; therefore, atimely intervention is essential. Thanks to the ESA solution you can monitorevery industrial plant in real time with no limitation whatsoever andfrom anywhere in the world.


Industrial Monitor

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