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ST3000 Series

ST3000 Series

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    The Proface ST3000 Series has fewer functions than the Pro-face GP3000 Series. On the Proface ST3000 Series, when using fonts other than [Japanese Standard], [ASCII Standard], or [ASCII Stroke] font, these fonts are stored in the User Screen Area. Just like in the GP-3200 Series, you can display a cross-cursor showing the touch position in the ST3000 Series. The setting should be done in offline mode. When [Check Display Pattern] is selected in the offline mode of the AST-3501C, only 16- color patterns are displayed.

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    • Monochrome Amber/Red LCD/Blue-mode Monochrome LCD/TFT Color LCD Display

    • Graphical Touch Screen Panel Glass sizes from 3.8” to 10.4”

    • GP-Pro EX HMI Development Environment

    • No Grid Analog Touch Panel for Improved Visibility and Precise Part Placement

  • The Proface HMI Touch Screen Issues:

    Improper calibration
    Check for activation points that are offset from touch points. Calibrate the touch screen.

    Non-functioning touch screen
    Check the touch screen for damage, such as cuts or excessive wear. If there is damage, replace the terminal.

    Multiple operations cannot be conducted simultaneously. Doing soresults in an unintended operation.
    • Do not touch multiple input element simultaneously.
    • Do not rest a hand or multiple finger on the display.

ModelDescriptionStock Level
3580205-01 AST3201-A1-D24 PFXST3201AADProface ST3200 ST-3201A 3580205-01 AST3201-A1-D24 PFXST3201AAD Touch Membrane Front Overlay. 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested.Available Now
3580205-02 AST3211-A1-D24 PFXST3211AADST-3211A 3580205-02 AST3211-A1-D24 PFXST3211AAD Touch Panel Protective Film. It is brand new, good quality, a year warranty.In Stock
ST-3301B 3580207-02 AST3301-B1-D24 PFXST3301BADProface ST3000 ST-3301B 3580207-02 AST3301-B1-D24 PFXST3301BAD Touchscreen Protective Film. 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested.Email/Call
ST-3301S 3580207-01 AST3301-S1-D24 PFXST3301SADProface ST3000 ST-3301S 3580207-01 AST3301-S1-D24 PFXST3301SAD Touch Screen Monitor Front Overlay. Fully Tested-Factory Prices.Available Now
ST-3301T 3710010-01 AST3301-T1-D24 PFXST3301TADProface ST3200 ST-3301T 3710010-01 AST3301-T1-D24 PFXST3301TAD Touch Membrane Front Overlay. 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested.In Stock
3600431-02 AST3301W-B1-D24 PFXST3301BADWPro-face 3600431-02 AST3301W-B1-D24 PFXST3301BADW Protective Film Touch Panel. It is brand new, good quality, a year warranty.Email/Call
3600431-01 AST3301W-S1-D24 PFXST3301SADWProface ST3000 3600431-01 AST3301W-S1-D24 PFXST3301SADW Protective Film Touchscreen repair. Fast Shipping-365 Days Warranty.Available Now
ST-3302B 3710010-02 AST3302-B1-D24 PFXST3302BADProface ST3000 ST-3302B 3710010-02 AST3302-B1-D24 PFXST3302BAD Touch Screen Monitor Front Overlay. Fully Tested-Factory Prices.In Stock
ST-3401T 3580206-01 AST3401-T1-D24 PFXST3401TAD1TProface ST-3400 ST-3401T 3580206-01 AST3401-T1-D24 PFXST3401TAD1T Touch Membrane Front Overlay. 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested.Available Now
ST-3501C 3580208-01 AST3501-C1-AF PFXST3501CAAProface 3580208-01 AST3501-C1-AF Touch Panel Protective Film. 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
ST-3501C 3580208-02 AST3501-C1-D24 PFXST3501CADProface ST3000 3580208-02 AST3501-C1-D24 PFXST3501CAD Touch Screen Monitor Front Overlay. 12-months Warranty-Fully Tested.In Stock
ST-3501T 3580208-01 AST3501-T1-AF PFXST3501TAAProface ST3000 3580208-01 AST3501-T1-AF PFXST3501TAA Touchscreen Protective Film Repair. 365 Days Warranty-Fast Shipping.In Stock
ST-3501T 3580208-02 AST3501-T1-D24 PFXST3501TADProface 3580208-02 AST3501-T1-D24 PFXST3501TAD Touch Panel Protective Film Replacement with 365 Days Warranty-Fully Tested.Email/Call
AST3501W-T1-D24 PFXST3501TADWProface ST3000 AST3501W-T1-D24 PFXST3501TADW Touchscreen Protective Film. 365 Days Warranty-Factory Prices-Fast Shipping.In Stock
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