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Vicpas took part the Paypal eCommerce Day on September 5. 2017.

Vicpas took part the Paypal eCommerce Day on September 5. 2017.

Sep 8,2017

Paypal 2017 eCommerce Day of China. 

New Money New Journey. CEO Dan Schulman Joined and shared the mission of Paypal. Guangzhou Vicpas Touch Technology Co.,Ltd was invited to took part this meeting as the Paypal Golden Key Supplier of touchscreen, Touch panel, Graphic membrane keypad and display for HMI touch panel repair, Electric repair and automation repair.

The world's leading open electronic payment platform PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) was held in Shenzhen in September 6th to work together and win-win new payment, the new Silk Road "as the theme of the sixth session of the PayPal Chinese cross-border electricity supplier conference. The first visit Chinese PayPal president and chief executive officer Mr. Dan Schulman PayPal on behalf of China articles in office, the guests and the scene more than 700 cross-border electricity businesses, government representatives, and industry partners, to discuss the background of the global digital economy changing, new opportunities and new challenges faced by the China cross-border electricity supplier, while sharing the new value PayPal services bring to China merchants, looking forward to the future development of cross-border electricity supplier industry Chinese.

"New payment" era, China's cross-border electricity supplier promising

From the beginning of 2014, the electronic commerce after several years of rapid development, is playing an increasingly important role in the global economy; and in China, and in recent years, the traditional foreign trade growth slowed in stark contrast, cross-border electricity has become an important driving force to pull the import and export trade growth.

In 2016, a total of Chinese cross-border commercial transactions reached 6 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 23%; according to PayPal-Ipsos released the "third annual global cross-border trade report", Chinese for the first time to become the world's favorite online shopping consumers scouring the sea state in 2016. Over the past 12 months, 31% of PayPal consumers have been shopping on Chinese websites. In the "The Belt and Road" strategy continues to advance, Chinese enterprises "going out" continues to accelerate the pace of the background, China cross-border electricity supplier development prospects in the global market optimism.

In the cross-border electricity supplier conference, PayPal president and chief executive officer Mr. Dan Schulman combined with the current development of China cross-border electricity supplier, shared vision, PayPal on financial technology, electronic payment, inclusive financial issues such as the view to the guests, and stressed that the Chinese market for the importance of PayPal: "PayPal is one of the China it is important and stable business market. We are confident that the Chinese merchants will expand their global business and the potential development potential of cross-border electricity supplier industry. We are pleased to be able to help the Chinese businesses of different sizes achieve sustainable growth and achieve success in the ongoing wave of digital commerce. PayPal global consumer user scale, user first products, and continuously expand the partnership provides exciting opportunities for us to further help businesses succeed in the global market China. "

The latest value-added services overweight new payments

As a popular cross-border China merchants trust payment electronic wallet, PayPal in strengthening the core business, to provide one-stop cross-border payment solutions for users at the same time, also continue to expand services to provide more powerful support for commercial business development. In this year's cross-border electricity supplier conference, facing the huge opportunity of changing industry trends and "The Belt and Road" under the background of PayPal, brings two new value-added services for China cross-border electricity supplier, further help businesses improve business competitiveness Chinese:

Fast scene payment: the service will also be applied to both the PC side and mobile devices, to help cross border electricity providers to provide more convenient payment experience for global consumers. At PC end, PayPal fast loading scenarios payment function will support the business pages, consumers in the same shopping website, only by a number of buttons to achieve the dynamic checkout, the button can also be according to the needs of businesses, to customize the size, shape and color; while in the mobile terminal, further upgraded One TouchTM function so, consumers through a few simple clicks on the mobile phone can page or order confirmation and payment to complete mobile phone App. The escalating situational payment function will further enhance the transaction conversion rate of the merchant through streamlining the payment process. Since its launch, the world has more than 5 million 500 thousand merchants and more than 75% of the U.S. IR100 merchant (Internet retail 100 strong) equipped with this product, while more than 60 million of global consumers choose to use One TouchTM function.

• PayPal merchant WeChat account: the new merchant WeChat account function, will allow Chinese merchants in the PayPal foreign trade to help WeChat public number to bind their PayPal merchant account. Through "into the micro - signal - - PayPal login account authorization confirmation" and other simple operations, you can easily query the PayPal account balance and transaction details in public, menu bar, convenient merchant account dynamic master whenever and wherever possible.

"After nearly ten years of rapid development, China's cross-border electricity supplier has gradually become the main driving force of import and export trade growth. Vice president of PayPal North Asia and general manager Mr. Hu Baidi said, "PayPal has always been concerned about the challenges and demands of China businesses face in cross-border business, we hope that through the introduction of new value-added services to help businesses Chinese better solve the transaction conversion rate and capital management and other practical problems in business development and management, grasp the upgrade the initiative, so as to achieve long-term development in the myriads of changes in global trade. "

As an annual foreign trade industry event, PayPal cross-border electricity supplier conference has been held for six consecutive years. PayPal always listen to the views of China businesses, to provide forward-looking industry insight for users at the same time, continue to introduce products and services -- the conference on scene payment and PayPal merchant WeChat account service upgrade, and the seller / buyer guarantee of RMB, fast cash, PayPal.Me and many other classic products the combination of a full range of China help businesses solve encountered in all aspects of cross-border transactions in the pain points and problems. In addition, for Chinese merchants in the cross-border electricity supplier ecosystem encountered operational challenges, PayPal also offers a range of value-added services. For example, in Yiwu, Suzhou, Xiamen, Changsha dozens of cross-border electricity supplier hot city, held regularly for the line merchants conference, share of cross-border electricity supplier Raiders and solutions to help businesses to better grasp the global opportunities.

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