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Membrane keyboard for XBTF023110 membrane keypad switch

Membrane keyboard for XBTF023110 membrane keypad switch

Detail Information

Schneider Magelis HMI XBTF023110 HMI Membrane Keyboard Keypad Repair Part

Schneider Magelis HMI XBTF023110 Membrane Keypad Switch Repair Kit

Magelis Schneider XBTF023110 Keypad Membrane Terminal Features:
• Terminals with LCD screen.
• STN Monochrome
• 640x480 pixels.
• 12 static function keys.
• 10 dynamic function keys.
• System and alphanumeric keys.
• Downloadable protocols.
• Printer output

The brightness and contrast of the screen can be adjusted. For Schneider Magelis XBTF023110 Membrane Keypad Keyboard terminals with keyboard, the adjustments are identical to those performed using the keyboard keys. On XBTF023110 Magelis HMI touchscreen terminals, brightness and contrast can be adjusted using the touch zones (depending on screen technology). A clearing page is provided on touchscreen terminals for de-activating the touchscreen pad in order to clear the screen surface. Simultaneously press the two opposite touch zones to re-activate the pad and exit the clearing page.


The table below describes the parameters of the XBTF023110 Schneider Magelis Membrane Keypad Switch.

Part Number: XBTF023110
Display device: STN monochrome LCD
Display diagonal: 9.5 in
Warranty: 365 Days
Product Line: Schneider XBT F Series
Rated Voltage: DC 5V 1mA
Operating Temp.: -10℃~+80℃
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
Conductive Trace: Silver or Copper
Life Cycle: 5 Million Cycles(up to)

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Schneider XBT HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Schneider Legacy Products_XBTF023110 PDF
  • Schneider MAGELiS® Operator Terminals Guide
  • Schneider MAGELiSä XBT Operator Interface Brochure
  • Telemecanique XBT-F TXBT-F Instruction Manual
  • Schneider XBT-F TXBT-F User manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: What is the size of XBTF023110 Keyboard Membrane?

    Answer: The Schneider Terminal XBTF023110 Keyboard Membrane is 9.5-inch.

    Question: What is the keys type for the Schneider XBTF023110 HMI Terminal?

    Answer: The Magelis XBT F023110 has multiple static and dynamic keys on keypad units.

    Question: Is the keyboard of the unit replaceable?

    Answer: Yes, the membrane keypad of XBTF023110 can be replaceable.

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