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John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel Repair

John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel Repair

John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel Repair
John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel RepairJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel RepairJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel RepairJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel RepairJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display Touch Screen Panel Repair
CategoriesJohn Deere
ModelJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display
BrandJohn Deere
Warranty365 Days
Product LineJohn Deere GS2 1800 Display
SupplyJohn Deere GreenStar 1800 Monitor Touch Screen LCD
SupplyGreenStar 1800 Monitor LCD Display
PartsTouch Screen Panel LCD Display
Diagonal screen size7'' touchscreen
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update Time2021-09-19
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Supply John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touchscreen Panel LCD Display for Repair Replacement

John Deere GS2 1800 Display Touchscreen Panel LCD Display for Repair Replacement

VICPAS supply touch screen panel and Lcd display for John Deere GS2 1800 Display repair replacement, all of them are brand new with 365 days VICPAS warranty.

The GS2 1800 is a 17.8 cm (7 in.) LCD display that features state-of-the art, full-color screens and allows the operator to manage the applications for their GreenStarsystems.

Software included in base equipment includes:

  • • Basic Performance Monitor: Monitor machine data such as vehicle speed, fuel efficiency, and acres covered.
  • • ISOBUS compatibility: Compatible with ISOBUS implements, including SeedStar 2
  • • GreenStar 2 Rate Controller compatibility (Single Product Only)

One function of the GS2 1800 is to operate as an ISO virtual terminal. This means any brand of implement thatis an ISOBUS Virtual Implement can be plugged in andrun through the GS2 1800 display. One example of an ISOBUS implement is the Seed Star 2 system for new John Deere planters and air seeding equipment. The GS2 1800 is considered the entry-level display for the Seed Star 2 systems.

An integrated display control features a scroll wheel along with check, cancel, menu, and home buttons. Users can easily toggle between multiple home pages to monitor more than one field of activity. The letter keys correspond with soft keys on the display and allow quick one-touch operation.

The GS2 1800 Display is compatible with all John Deere Green Star Ready vehicles, as well as vehicles outfitted with Green Star field install kits.

More information about John Deere GS2 1800 Display Monitor download the GreenStar 2600 Monitor display operator's Manual PDF

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The table below describes the parameters/Specifications of the John Deere GS2 1800 Display Monitor Touchscreen Panel Glass LCD Display.

Part Number : GS2 1800 Displa
Product Line:John Deere
Screen diagonal7''
Warranty: 365 Days Warranty
Input Power24 VDC
Operating Temperature Range:-20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F)
Storage Temperature Range:-40° to 85° C (-40° to 185° F)
Input Type: Touchscreen
FormatWindows FAT or FAT32.
ConnectivityUSB 2.0

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John Deere GreenStar 2100 Monitor Manual Brochure PDF Download:

  • John Deere 1800 monitor operator service manual
  • John Deere GS2 1800 Display operators manuals
  • John Deere GS2 1800 Display datasheel

  • FAQ:

    Question:How to Turning The John Deere GS2 1800 Display On/Off Monitor

    Answer:The display will turn on and off with the vehicle key switch.

    There is no on/off switch on the GS2 1800 because it must remain powered in order to display vehicle or implement system alarm messages whenever required. The display can be put into dim mode for transport by selecting the Home button for 4 seconds. Selecting any button will bring the display out of transport mode.

    The display saves some types of settings and data automatically and the rest are saved during PROPER SHUTDOWN and also during data transfer to a USB drive. Proper shutdown is accomplished by turning off the vehicle key switch. The Status LED remains orange until the display is shutdown.

    Unplugging the harness before the LED light is black may result in loss of data and settings.

    • Warm boot - occurs when the display has been operated in the last 21 days and has NOT lost unswitched power anytime during the last 6 hours. Warm boot is indicated by a yellow progress bar with a green outline.

    • Cold boot - may take longer for the display to power up (around 30 seconds). Cold boot is indicated by a green progress bar with a yellow outline.

    Question:How to use Screen Protector in John Deere GreenStar 1800 Display?

    Answer:The use of a screen protector is recommended to preventwear to the touchscreen surface. Screen protector kits,made specifically for GS2 displays, can be purchasedthrough your local John Deere dealer.

    Screen protector has been preinstalled on the touch panel of your display. Removing protector reduces thesunlight readability of the display. Please see instructions for replacement when necessary.

    Question: What is the John Deere GreenStar 1800 Monitor touchscreen keypad price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

    Common Other Names

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    john deere gs2 1800 display

    john deere 1800 greenstar display gs2

    john deere 1800

    1800 display john deere

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    gs2 1800 display

    jd 1800 display

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