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Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K HMI Membrane Keyboard

Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K HMI Membrane Keyboard

Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K HMI Membrane Keyboard
Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K HMI Membrane KeyboardFagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K HMI Membrane Keyboard
ModelFagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K
Warranty365 Days
SupplyFagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane Keypad Switch
ModelFagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time2022/5/20
Detail Information

Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Operator Keyboard Repair Replacment Part

Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane Keyboard Repair Kit

VICPAS supply Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane Keyboard with 365 Days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.

With the data exchange between the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K and the PLC, it is possible to:
• The control of logic inputs and outputs from the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Keypad Membrane CNC by means of an exchange of information between both systems, which is done periodically and by means of specific PLC Marks and Registers.
• The transfer from the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Terminal Keypad CNC to the PLC of M, S and T auxiliary functions.
• Display screens which have been defined previously by the user, as well as generating messages and errors in the CNC, by means of specific PLC Marks.
• Read and modify internal Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane keyboard keypad CNC variables from the PLC.
• Access all PLC resources from any part-program.
• Monitor PLC resources on the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Keyboard membrane CNC screen.
• Access to all PLC variables from a computer, via DNC through the RS 232 C serial line.


The table below describes the parameters of the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane Keyboard Keypad.

Part Number: Fagor 8055i/B-M-MON-K
Backlight: LED
Warranty: 365 Days
Product Line: Fagor series
Input Power: 24VDC (+10%, -15%)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 °C

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Fagor HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Fagor 8040 Installation Manual
  • Fagor 8040MC Operating Manual
  • Fagor 8070 Operating Manual
  • Fagor 8070 Programming Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to delete programs stored in the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K CNC's RAM or in the external devices?

    Answer: To delete a program, proceed as follows:

  • 1. Press the [DELETE] softkey
  • 2. Indicate the location of the program or programs to be deleted.
  • 3. Indicate the number of the program to be deleted.
  • Select the program with the arrow keys and press [ENTER] or key in its number.
  • 4. To delete several programs, press the softkeys "TO THE END" or "TO", in the case of "TO" indicate the number of the last program to be deleted.
  • 5. Press [ENTER].
  • Only programs that can be modified ("M" attribute) can be deleted.

  • Question: What is the Fagor CNC 8055i/B-M-MON-K Membrane Keypad price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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