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T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch Screen

T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch Screen

T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch Screen
T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch ScreenT070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch ScreenT070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Higgstec Touch Screen
CategoriesHiggstec Touch Screen
BrandHiggstec Touch Screen
Display Size7 inch
Warranty365 Days
Shipping2-4 workdays
Supply PartsT070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touchscreen Panel
Touch screen panel typeResistance touch screen
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, T/T ,Credit Card, Western Union
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Update TimeMar 4,2024
Detail Information

Higgstec Touch Screen T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Repair Replacement

Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH HMI Panel Glass repair replacement

Benefits of Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH True Flat Resistive Touch Digitizer Glass Solution
(1) Appearance
Flush zero-bezel surface, more visually attractive surface, more visually attractive, more customization and easier to keep clean, prevents dirt/ dust build-up or water to enter via bezel
(2) Durability
Tested for up 35 million touches. Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touchscreen Panel Glass High-temperature production process ensures excellent durability even in harsh operating temperatures.
(3) Operation
Precise linearity, stable and no drifting. Versatile input: fingers, gloves, passive stylus.
(4) Mechanical
Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touch Screen Monitor 5-Wire resistive design ensures long-lasting stability and functionality even if surface is scratched or broken. Hotkey buttons can be incorporated onto front bezel.

Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH True Flat Resistive touch solution combines the simplicity, versatility and durability of our 5-wire resistive technology with an attractive zero-bezel design. The flush surface is easier to clean and there will be no dust or dirt buildup or water leakage into the bezel, making it an excellent solution for sterile or dust free environments such as medical clinics, scientific laboratories, restaurants or food processing areas. What's more, you now also incorporate features such as logos or hotkey buttons on the cover design.


The table below describes the parameters of the Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touch Panel Spare Part.

Number of Touches: Single
Product Line: Higgstec
Interface: USB / RS232 / COMBO
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Touch Activation Force: Stylus ≦ 50g
Display Size: 7 inch
Linearity: X ≦ 1.5%, Y ≦ 1.5%
Tail Options: FFC/ FPC tail
Resolution: 4096 X 4096
Response time: ≦ 20ms

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Higgstec Touch Screen Panel HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Higgstec T070S-5RB003N-0A11R0-080FH Manual Datasheet
  • Higgstec T070S-5RB003X-0A11R0-080FH Manual Datasheet
  • Higgstec T070S-5RB018X-0A11R0-080FH Manual Datasheet

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to test Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touch Screen Panel Glass?

    Linearity Condition
    Step 1: short RT and RL (or short RL and LL).
    Step 2: apply voltage DC 5V.
    Step 3: short LT and LL (or short RT and LT).
    Step 4: apply grounding.
    Step 5: draw points along LX and LY at 5.0mm intervals within pattern area and detect the voltage at SG.
    Step 6: measure the voltage differences between RT and LT (or RT and RL)
    How to test Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touch Screen Panel Glass?
    How to test Higgstec T070S-5RBH03N-0A11R0-080FH Touch Screen Panel Glass?

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