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Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Digitizer

Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Digitizer

Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Digitizer
Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch DigitizerHiggstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Digitizer
CategoriesHiggstec Touch Screen
BrandHiggstec Touch Screen
Warranty365 Days
SupplyT105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touchscreen Panel
Size10.4 inch
Touch Screen TypeResistance touch screen
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Screen Panel Repair

Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Screen Panel Replacement

VICPAS supply T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN touch panel glass with VICPAS 365 days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping. Higgstec 5-Wire Resistive T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN HMI Panel Glass Features: High temperature production process for ultra-durability. Soldered FFC tail for excellent pulling strength. FPC tail can be customized for length, location and shape.

Benefits of Higgstec 5-Wire Resistive T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Screen Panel Glass:
(1) Durability
Tested for up 35 million touches. The T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Digitizer Glass high-temperature production process ensures excellent durability even in harsh operating temperatures.
(2) Operation
Precise linearity, stable and no drifting. Versatile input: fingers, gloves, passive stylus.
(3) Mechanical
T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touchscreen Panel 5-Wire resistive design ensures long-lasting stability and functionality even if surface is scratched or broken.


The table below describes the parameters of the Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Spare Parts.

Part Number: T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN
Size: 10.4 inch
Display: TFT
Warranty: 365 days Warranty
Light Transmittance: 80% ± 3%
Resolution: 4096 X 4096
Number of Touches: Single
Surface Hardness: ≧ 3H
Response time: ≦ 20ms
Operation Temperature: -10~+70°C

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Higgstec Touch Screen Panel HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Higgstec T104S-5RBB27X-0A18R0-385FH Manual Datasheet
  • Higgstec T104S-5RBE06X-0A11R0-080FH Manual Datasheet

  • FAQ:

    Question: What is the display size of the Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN Touch Screen Monitor?

    Answer:The T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN touchscreen panel is 10.4 inch.

    Question: What is the Higgstec T105E-5RBE01N-0A18R0-070QN HMI parts Touch Screen Panel Glass price?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

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