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6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard

6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard

6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard
6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens Membrane Keyboard
CategoriesSINUMERIK Operator Panel
Warranty6 Months
Product LineSiemens OP015 Operator Panel
SupplySinumer HMI OP015 Membrane Keyboard Plastic Case
size15 inch
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, T/T ,Credit Card, Western Union
Update TimeDec 7,2023
Detail Information

6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP015 OPERATOR PANEL Membrane Keypad Keyboard and Plastic Case Repair Replacement

Order each part separately is available

6FC53030AF506AA0 Siemens SINUMERIK HMI OP015 OPERATOR PANEL Operator Keyboard and HMI Case Cover Repair Replacement

Compliance with the connection conditions of Siemens 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Terminal Keypad
The controller is tested for compliance with the ambient conditions specified below. Trouble-free operation is only ensured if:
• These ambient conditions of 6FC5 303-0AF50-6AA0 are maintained when storing, transporting and operating the equipment.
• Original components and spare parts are used. This applies in particular to the use of specified cables and plug connectors.
• The equipment of 6FC53030AF506AA0 is correctly installed and commissioned.

The equipment of Siemens 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Keyboard Membrane may not be commissioned until it has been clearly identified that the machine in which the controller is installed, is in full conformance with the specifications in EC Directive 98/37/EC.

Requirements of DC power supply of 6FC53030AF506AA0 Membrane Keypad Switch
The DC power supply is always referenced to ground and may not be generated by an autotransformer. User interfaces are powered via a DC power supply with protective separation according to EN 61800-5-1. In the case of supply lines 10 m, protectors must be installed at the device input in order to protect against lightning (surge). The DC power supply of 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Operator Panel Keypad must be connected to the ground/shield of the NC for EMC and/or functional reasons. For EMC reasons, this connection should only be made at one point. As a rule, the connection is provided as standard in the S7-300 l/Os. In exceptional circumstances when this is not the case, the ground connection of 6FC5 303-0AF50-6AA0 Membrane Switch should be made on the grounding rail of the NC cabinet (also refer to /EMC/EMC Installation Guide).


The table below describes the parameters of the 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 Siemens OP015 HMI Parts.

Temperature: Overtemperature
Protection: IP 65
Flat Screen: 15 in TFT
Panel Cutout: 450 x 290 mm
Attachment: Tension Jacks
Design as Touch Screen: Yes
Keyboard: 8 Vertical Softkeys
Part Number: 6FC5 303-0AF50-6AA0
Height Units: 7 HU
Mounting Depth: Slight

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Siemens OP015 Part No. Description Inventory status

Siemens OP015 series HMI Manuals PDF Download:


Question: How to assemble an OP 015 6FC53030AF506AA0 and a PCU?

Answer: When combining an OP 015 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0 and PCU, it is advisable to assemble them prior to installation in an assembly panel.

Question: What is the storage environment of OP015 6FC5 303-0AF50-6AA0?

Answer: The supply air of 6FC53030AF506AA0 is without caustic gases, dusts and oils.

Question: What are the key symbols and their corresponding function keys of OP015 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0?

What are the key symbols and their corresponding function keys of OP015 6FC5303-0AF50-6AA0?

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