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Higgstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN

Higgstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN

Higgstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN
Higgstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PNHiggstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PNHiggstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PNHiggstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PNHiggstec Touch Panel T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN
CategoriesHiggstec Touch Screen
BrandHiggstec Touch Screen
Warranty365 Days
SupplyT104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Digitizer Glass
Size10.4 inch
Touch Screen TypeResistance touch screen
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card
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Update TimeDec 8,2023
Detail Information

Higgstec T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Screen Panel Glass Repair

Higgstec T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Screen Panel Replacement

A modification of our 5-wire resistive technology suitable to be used in full outdoor applications, where bright sunlight can potentially make the T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touch screen unreadable. T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Screen Monitor Higgstec's Sunlight Readable solution dramatically reduces reflectance and increases contrast ratio, while also preventing birefringence when the screen is viewed through polarizer sunglasses, making T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Screen Panel a popular choice for military, automotive and other outdoor use applications.

A polarizer and two layers of 1/4 wavelength retardation film are added to the stack-up of our 5-wire T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN resistive touch panel. In addition, the ITO coated film is made from non-PET isotropic material. When an incoming light ray passes through the touch panel it is transformed from unpolarized light into circular-polarized light. Then as it is reflected, it is transformed again from circular-polarized light into linear-polarized light. The T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Digitizer Glass HMI light ray is unable to pass back through the front polarizer, and internal reflection is eliminated. VICPAS supplies T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN HMI panel glass with VICPAS 365 days warranty and supports Urgent Worldwide Shipping.


The table below describes the parameters of the Higgstec T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touchscreen Parts.

Part Number: T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN
Display: TFT
Warranty: 365 days Warranty
Size: 10.4 inch
Light Transmittance: 80% ± 3%
Resolution: 4096 X 4096
Number of Touches: Single
Operation Temperature: -10~+70°C
Response time: ≦ 20ms
Surface Hardness: ≧ 3H

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Higgstec Touch Screen Panel HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Higgstec T102S-5RB001X-0A11R0-080FH Manual Datasheet
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  • FAQ:

    Question: Attention of Higgstec T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Panel Mounting Condition?

    (1) The gasket support of the T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touch panel must allocate outside of Viewable Area. Reserve enough clearance between T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN panel surface and enclosure for normal panel operation.
    To avoid pressing error, please retain enough space between the T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN surface panel and Bezel.
    (2) Bezel opening must not touch T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touch digitizer Viewable Area; Bezel opening must be designed between T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touchscreen panel screen Viewable Area and Active Area.
    (3) We recommend elastic material support.
    (4) Due to the conductive characteristic of the panel backside, prevent metal contact after mounting.
    (5) Do not use adhesive to bond top surface (ITO Film) of T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touch panel with enclosure.
    (6) Proper grounding of the controller at all times assures normal operation.
    (7) During assembly. Please take into consideration the variance in the different module designs, whether it would cause physical, cosmetic or functional damages to the T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN touch panel when completing the assembly.
    (8) After installation,please perform 4 point and 25-point calibration.
    Attention of Higgstec T104G-XDNA66G-3S02R0-055PN Touch Panel Mounting Condition?

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