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CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass Repair

CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass Repair

CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass Repair
CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass RepairCP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass RepairCP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass RepairCP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass RepairCP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Front Overlay Glass Repair
CategoriesControl Panel 600
ModelCP607-B 1SAP507100R2001
Warranty365 Days
Product LineControl Panel 600 Series
TypesProtective Film and Touch Digitizer Glass
Shipping2-3 workdays
Size7 inches
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update TimeJune 8,2023
Detail Information

ABB Control Panel 600 Series CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Resistive Touch Screen Front Overlay Repair

Order each part separately is available

ABB CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Touch Panel Glass Front Overlay Replacement

System Settings includes options for basic settings of the device:

Language: Configure language used for System Setting menu only.

System: Show informations about platform, status and timers (like System on time, backlight on time).

Logs: enable persistent log for BSP and allows to export it.

Date & Time: change the device date and time, including time zone and NTP Server.

Network: configure IP Address of Ethernet interface and the other network settings like DNS, Gateway, DHCP, Hostname.

Services: enable/disable services. Example of services are OpenSSH server, Cloud services, SNMP and logging.

The update of Main OS is available only in System Mode, the update of Config OS is only in User Mode.

Restart: restart the device. “Main OS” option restarts as per default in User Mode, “Config OS” option restart panel directly into System Settings in System Mode.

Authentication: configure password for administrator (“admin”) and for the standard user (“user”). Administrator has full access to System Settings (updates of BSP and other system components). Standard user has some limitations.

Display: adjust brightness, configure automatic backlight turnoff and select CP600 orientation (90°, 180°, 270° and 360°).

VICPAS supply ABB Control Panel 600 Series CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 HMI Touch Panel and Protective Film with 365 Days warranty and support Urgent Worldwide Shipping.


The table below describes the parameters of the CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Control Panel 600 Series.

Part Number: CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001
Display Type: TFT-Color
Display Resolution: 800 × 480 pixels
Ambient Humidity: 20 - 90% RH non-condensed
Warranty: 365 Days
Touch Design: ABB design passepartout
Touch Type: Resistive touch screen, 4 wires
Material: Glass, covered by plastic film
Backlight: LED
Diagonal (inches): 7” widescreen

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Control Panel 600 Series HMI Description Inventory status

Control Panel 600 HMI Manuals PDF Download:

  • Data sheet CP607
  • Installation instruction CP604, CP607, CP610
  • Operating instruction CP600-eCo CP604(-B), CP607(-B), CP610(-B)

  • FAQ:

    Question: What is the price of CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Touch Screen Glass and Front Overlay?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

    Question: What is the size of the CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Resistive Touch Panel?

    Answer: The CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 Touch Digitizer Monitor is 7-inch.

    Question: How the CP600-eCo control panel calibrates the interface?


    1) Use the “tap-tap” procedure at boot (this procedure consists in tapping the surface of the CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 touchscreen during the device power-up phase. Tapping frequency must be high. You have to start tapping the CP607-B 1SAP507100R2001 touchscreen as soon as power has been applied to the device). When the sequence has been recognized, the system shows the message:“TAP-TAP DETECTED”.

    2) Release touch and wait few seconds until the message “ENTERING SYSTEM SETTINGS” appears.

    3) Press and hold touch for few seconds for selecting “TOUCHSCREEN CALIBRATION”.

    Common misspellings: 

    CP07-B 1SAP507100R2001
    CP607-B 1SAP57100R2001
    CP670-B 1SAP507100R2001
    CP607-B 1SAP5071002R001
    CP6077-B 1SAP507100R2001

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