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Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel Repair

Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel Repair

Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel Repair
Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel RepairSigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel Repair
CategoriesSigmatek HMI
ModelSigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321
Warranty365 days
ModelETT 311 and ETT 321
PartsTouch Screen Panel Glass
DisplayTFT color display SXGA, 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
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Update TimeApr 24,2024
Detail Information

Einbauterminal SIGMATEK ETT311 ETT321 Touch Screen Glass Front Overlay

Sigmatek Einbauterminal SIGMATEK ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Glass Protective Film Repair Replacement

The Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 control panel is an intelligent terminal for programming and visualization of automated processes. Process diagnosis as well as operating and monitoring automated procedures is simplified using this ETT 311 ETT 321 Protective Film Touchscreen Panel terminal. A ETT311 ETT321 Front Overlay touch screen serves as the input medium for process data and parameters. A glass touch-screen serves as the input medium for process data and parameters; the output is shown on a 5.7“ VGA TFT color display. With the LSE mask editor, graphics can be created on the PC, then stored and displayed on the terminal. The available interface connections can be used to exchange process data or configure the ETT 311 ETT 321 Front Overlay Touchscreen Panel Glass terminal. A micro-SD card serves as the storage medium for the operating system, application and application data. The integrated, high-performance bus can be used to control I/O modules directly.

VICPAS supply Sigmatek Einbauterminal ETT 311 ETT 321 touchscreen panel with protective film overlay, all of them are brand new with 365 days VICPAS warranty.


The table below describes the parameters of the Sigmatek ETT311 ETT321 Front Overlay Touchscreen Panel.

Part Number : ETT311 ETT321
Product Line: Sigmatek
Screen diagonal 5.7 in
Warranty: 365 Days Warranty
Input Power 24 VDC
Display Type: TFT color
Mounting position: Vertical
Input Type: Touchscreen
Serial interface Type: RS232
Storage -20 to 70°C

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SIGMATEK Control Panel Manuals PDF Download:

  • Sigmatek ETT-312 Controller User Manual
  • Sigmatek ETT 312 HMI Panel Datasheet

  • FAQ:

    Question:How to Cleaning SIGMATEK ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Screen Panel Glass?


    Before cleaning the touch screen, the terminal must first be turned off to avoid unin-tentionally triggering functions or commands!

    The SIGMATEK ETT 311 ETT 321 terminal's touch screen can only be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. To dampen the cloth, a screen-cleaning solution such as an antistatic foam, water with detergent or alcohol should be used. First spray the cleaning fluid on the cloth and not directly on the terminal. The cleaning solution should not be allowed to reach the terminal electronics, for example, through the ventilation slots.

    No erosive cleaning solutions, chemicals, abrasive cleansers or hard objects that can scratch or damage the touch screen may be used.

    If the terminal is soiled with toxic or acidic chemicals, quickly and carefully clean the termi-nal to prevent corrosion.

    To ensure the optimal function of the terminal, the touch screen should be cleaned at regular intervals!

    To extend the lifespan of the touch screen as much as possible, using the fingers to operate the terminal is recommended.

    Question:What are the functions of Sigmatek ETT 311 ETT 321 Touch Protective Foil?

    Answer: To extend the lifespan of the touch screen as must as possible, a protective foil is places of the touch field.
    The foil adds the following properties.
    • High chemical stability
    • Hard surface
    • Splitter protection
    • Easy to clean
    • Matt anti-reflective surface

    Question:What is the price of SIGMATEK ETT 311 ETT 321 Front Overlay and Touch Screen Panel?

    Answer: Submit a quote request, send us an email for our best price.

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