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Operator Panel Keypad 2707-V40P2NR Replacement

Operator Panel Keypad 2707-V40P2NR Replacement

Operator Panel Keypad 2707-V40P2NR Replacement
Operator Panel Keypad 2707-V40P2NR ReplacementOperator Panel Keypad 2707-V40P2NR Replacement
CategoriesAllen Bradley membrane keyboard
Warranty180 Days
BrandRockwell Automation Allen Bradley
Product LineDTAM Plus
SupplyDTAM Plus Terminals Membrane keypad
PartsKeypad Switch Repair LCD Display
Terms of PaymentWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, PayPal, Credit Card
Update Time2022/7/7
Detail Information

2707-V40P2NR DTAM Plus Terminals Switch Membrane and LCD Screen Repair Replacement

2707-V40P2NR DTAM Plus Terminals Membrane Keypad Keyboard and LCD Display Repair Replacement

DTAM 2707-V40P2NR Application screens can have a variety of appearances. The DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR can display seven types of screens.
• Menu and Sub-Menu Screens
• Security Screens
• Data Display Screens
• Data Entry Screens
• Recipe Screens
• Bargraph Screens
• Alarm Screens

The DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR provides several options for changing the screen displays:
• Screen links
• Advisor option

The DTAM Plus Term option on the Function Menu lets you set communication and display parameters for using the DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR in terminal mode. Terminal Mode disables execution of the application program and enables the DTAM Plus to function as a terminal device. In DTAM Plus Terminal mode, the DTAM Plus displays any ASCII data received through the communications port. The ASCII codes associated with the keys on the DTAM Plus keypads are transmitted through the communications port when a key is pressed. To activate terminal mode, you must set DIP switch SW1-5 to ON and reset the device. The 2707-V40P2NR display is cleared and ready to display received data.

The terminal 2707-V40P2NR must be mounted in a panel or enclosure to protect the internal circuitry. The terminal 2707-V40P2NR meets NEMA Type 4, 12, 13 (indoor use only) or 4X (indoor 2707-V40P2N, -V40P2NR) ratings only when mounted in a panel or enclosure with the equivalent rating.

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The table below describes the parameters of the DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR terminals Parts.

Part Number : 2707-V40P2NR
Software FactoryTalk
Display ColorAmber
Warranty: 180 days Warranty
Product Line:DTAM Plus
Input Type:Keypad
Mounting position: vertical
Communication: Ethernet and RS-232

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Allen Bradley DTAM Plus Manuals PDF Download:

  • DTAM Programming Software Programming Manual
  • Allen Bradley DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR Technical Data
  • DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR Operator Interface Module Installation Instructions
  • DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR Getting Started User Manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to connect the DTAM Plus terminal 2707-V40P2NR to an RS-485 device?

    1. Make sure that the power to the DTAM Plus is off.
    2. Use the proper cabling to connect the DTAM Plus communications port to the port of the controller (PLC-5 channel 0 or SLC 5/03 or SLC 5/04 RS-232 port).
    • Use cable, Catalog No. 2707-NC4 for PLC-5 channel 0 RS-422 connection
    • Use cable, Catalog No. 2707-NC5 for PLC-5 channel 0 RS-232 connection. The 2707-NC5 cable converts the signals from the RS-485 port to RS-232 levels.
    • Use cable, Catalog No. 1747-CP3 for SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 port connection
    If you need to make your own cable, refer to the connection diagrams in Appendix B. The maximum cable length is 200 feet (60.8 meters). Important: The DH-485 network cable requires proper shielding, grounding, and termination. Refer to Data Highway / Data Highway Plus / Data Highway-485 Cable Installation Manual (Pub. No. 1770-6.2.2).
    3. The DH-485 connectors are not electrically isolated. If electrical isolation is required, use Link Couplers (Catalog No. 1747-AIC) shown above.
    How to connect the DTAM Plus terminal 2707-V40P2NR to an RS-485 device?
    4. Make sure that the communication parameters of the DTAM Plus terminal match the host device.
    5. Apply power and verify that communications are established.

    Question: How to reset the Rockwell Allen Bradley DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR?

    1. From the Function Menu, select Reset [4].
    How to reset the Rockwell Allen Bradley DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR?
    This screen appears:
    How to reset the Rockwell Allen Bradley DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2NR?
    2. Press [Y] on the keypad to initiate the reset.
    The DTAM Plus resets. This has the same effect as turning the power off and on. The DTAM Plus performs the self diagnostic tests and powerup displays as described in the previous section.

    Question: What is the 2707-V40P2NR DTAM Plus HMI parts price?

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